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ISSUE 44  |  MAY 13, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 44.

When putting together this week’s issue of Embroidery News, we were looking for a theme name.  In this issue and last week’s we look at Crewel Embroidery and below you’ll find some terrific projects, designers and resources.  That said we quite liked the theme of ‘Knick-Knacks’ which felt like it captured the fun quirky range of projects featured.  We checked the internet as to the definition of knick-knacks, and suddenly we all became very, VERY upset:

knick-knack | Pronunciation: /ˈnɪknak/  (also nick-nack) NOUN ‘Small worthless objects, especially household ornaments:

Did you see what they are calling our household objects?  Worthless!!  Beg your pardon, but if we spend countless hours pouring our heart and soul into making the most wonderful, colourful, fanciful and beautiful knick-knacks with our needle and thread, kind sir, they are most certainly NOT worthless!

In light of this discovery, we have decided to proceed with our theme of ‘knick-knacks’ for this week, safe in the knowledge that we have discovered a significant error in the internet and should anyone know to whom we need to send our objection, we shall do so forthwith!

Please find below some enchanting needlework knick-knacks that are anything but worthless!


This week Lorraine Bruce from Mansfield in Victoria Australia, shares her story of courage and perseverance:

“My story with Inspirations Magazine goes back to when it very first started and during those early years I was struggling with a chronic pain condition with the associated depression and the beautiful magazines were a great comfort.

Magnolia by Trish Burr – Inspirations issue #68

The very personal touches, wonderful letters and the feeling of belonging were a support that goes beyond words. They also gave me something beautiful to think about, challenges to conquer and the sheer joy of achieving a finished item I would never have thought possible

My embroideries were admired and became much sought after gifts which did wonders for my spirit.  I learned to manage the pain and when that was under control the depression slowly lifted.  Then about 6 months before issue 71 I had an injury which I was told would prevent my stitching ever again.  Well, they were wrong!!  I have starting to stitch again, encouraged once again by the beautiful magazines.

Spring Sonnet by Anna Scott – Inspirations issue #68

I am extremely happy to be able to stitch, even though it is still only a little at a time, so thank you for all the happy days and I hope that, although I am now 77, there will be many more copies of Inspirations added to my bookcase!  Lorraine Bruce

Lorraine, we love your fighting spirit and it’s so awesome that nothing was going to keep you from stitching.  We’re honoured that Inspirations magazine has helped play a role in your victory overcoming pain and depression. 

If you have a story about the benefits of needlework you would like to share, email us at


STITCH YOUR HEART OUT 2016 – Entries Now Open!

The biennial “Stitch Your Heart Out” needlework challenge is open to ANY SKILL LEVEL, ANY TECHNIQUE, USING ANY MATERIALS and you don't need to attend Beating Around the Bush to enter – it’s for everyone!

Whether it’s your own design or someone else’s and with amazing prizes on offer, this is a needlework challenge for every stitcher and their needle. New or existing projects, there is a category just right for you.

GRAND PRIZE - A full set of magnificent Au Ver à Soie, Soie d’Alger silk threads valued at more than AU$3,500 will be awarded to the overall winner.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share your talents with fellow stitcher’s so don’t be shy – we want to see your work!

For more information, including how to enter, download the entry form HERE


When exploring the technique Crewel Embroidery, any write up would be terribly incomplete without featuring Hazel Blomkamp from South Africa who is one of the great modern day needle artisans specialising in Crewel embroidery and Jacobean designs.  Hazel has been instrumental over recent years in raising the profile of crewel work with her prolific catalogue of stunning designs, masterfully stitched pieces and her bestselling books.

This week we have a real treat for you as we take a closer look at Hazel’s project from issue #90 Small Change’.

‘Small Change’ by Hazel Blomkamp – Issue #90

There are so many things to like about this project it’s hard to know where to begin!  This delicious coin purse is stitched onto black cotton fabric, with a lavish stylised flower worked using traditional crewel techniques and an intricate needlelace filling that is woven with silk ribbon and metallic thread.

The material is ingeniously secured onto the silver metal frame with a row of crystal beads, with the lower edge of the purse finished with a pretty beaded picot edge.

Small Change’ is both small in name and in size with the finished purse measuring 12cm x 9cm (4 ¾” x 3 ½”) making it a perfect introduction to crewel work, or a quick ‘get in and get it done’ piece to stitch as a gift or a treat for yourself.  Ellaine Bronsert from our editorial team has been hard at work lately developing a new way of presenting step by steps for the magazine.  We’ll write more about that in coming issues of EN, but if you are thinking about trying Crewel work for the first time, the step by step instructions for this project are second to none with every single element of the lace filling covered off in intricate detail.

The other element of ‘Small Change’ you will love is the fact it is so functional.  Yes, you can use it for a coin purse as its name suggests, but the options are endless.  For those of us embracing the move away from cash to plastic, we tested ‘Small Change’ for you and it will comfortably hold 5 or more credit cards/driver license etc.  Tissues can easily be stored inside as can your keys be safely tucked away.  It’s just a great all-rounder!

Here are 5 ways you can enjoy Hazel’s work:

1/. – Stitch Your Own ‘Small Change’ With An Inspirations Kit

The ‘Small Change’ kit includes

Purse frame

Purchase your kit today by clicking HERE.

2/. – Purchase a copy of Inspirations issue #90

Inspirations Issue #90

Includes ‘Small Change’ by Hazel Blomkamp as well as the following projects:

Modern Crewel
Honey Bee
Resting Place
Tea for Two
Garden Fresh

Click HERE to order.

3/. – Enjoy Hazel’s fabulous projects from past issues of Inspirations

Many of Hazel’s projects have appeared in Inspirations Magazine over the years, all of which are still available for purchase as follows:


‘Masterpiece’ (seen above, bottom right) issue #70 – Purchase HERE
‘Magnifique’ (seen above, top right) issue #77 – Purchase HERE
‘Sweet Savour’ (seen below) issue #78 – Purchase HERE
‘Papermate’ (seen above, top left) issue #84 – Purchase HERE
‘Jacobus Rex’ (seen above, bottom left) issue #87 – Purchase HERE

‘Sweet Savour’ by Hazel Blomkamp issue #78


‘Masterpiece’ issue #70 – Purchase Pattern HERE

4/. – Take A Class With Hazel At Beating Around The Bush 2016

Hazel is teaching the Inspirations project, ‘Jacobus Rex’ this year, plus the magnificent ‘Mandala Musings’ and ‘Tumbleweeds 2’. Book a class with her today by clicking HERE.

5/. – Purchase A Copy Of Hazel’s New Book

Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork’ is a brand new book from Hazel which is reviewed in Inspirations Magazine’s ‘Cutting Edge’ in issue #90.

Hazel’s passion for using innovative and interesting ways to utilise needlework stitches is well known to those familiar with her beautiful embroidery and in this book she ventures into the world of patchwork and more specifically, crazy patch.

Check out page 12 in issue #90 for the full review, or to purchase a copy of the book click HERE.


Kits for the beautiful project 'Love Letters' by Elisabetta Sforza from issue #89 are now in stock. 

With only 10 available, these are the final units for this project so place your order today.

Click HERE.

New kits from Inspirations issue #90 recently featured include:

‘Modern Crewel’
by Susan Porter

Traditional design stitched with contemporary colours.

‘Garden Fresh’
 by Julie Kniedl

Fabulous three-dimensional
corn cob.

To purchase click HERE


To purchase click HERE


Last week, Can You Help? unpacked our next lot of conversation starters from Suzanne Elderman who is looking for a Linen Batiste supplier, Joan Lessard who is hoping to find an online thread painting class and Jenny Leigh who is wanting to indulge her love of Temari when she visits Japan later this year. Again Embroidery News Community, your responses were overwhelming! We thank you for being so willing to share your time and knowledge with us – it is your input that helps make Embroidery News what it is.

Linen Batiste from Burgundy Delights

This week we begin Can You Help? by pointing Suzanne in the direction of Linen Batiste suppliers.

Roberta Kenney has purchased linen from with success. This online shop carries a variety of linens and will happily send swatches to ensure what you are ordering is exactly what you’re after. Roberta also recommends who stock a range of fabrics for French hand sewing.

Martha Pullen fabric from Etsy’s HeirloomSewingStore

Jacqueline Blanot from France purchases her very fine, almost transparent Linen Batiste from Montanus und Hirth, a retail shop in Germany, however believes the manufacturer, also located in Germany, is Weberei Wedingen which can be found HERE.

Weberei Wedingen 

Tanja Berlin’s Morning Glories from

From Linen Batiste for Suzanne to Thread Painting for Joan . . .

Tanja Berlin’s website was suggested by a number of our Embroidery News Community, including Sue Batt and Nancy Deibner. Offering classes and kits suitable for beginner through to advanced stitchers, both Tanja’s classes and kits came highly recommended.  Tanja’s kits include extensive step by step instructions and photographs and Tanja offers ongoing assistance and critiques with each kit purchased.

Morning Glories’, an advanced Needle Painting class, will run online from Sep 16 through to Jan 17, with registrations opening in July. Find out more about Tanja’s offerings at

We finish this week’s Can You Help? in Japan as we help make Jenny Leigh’s trip a true ‘Destination Temari Adventure’ . . .

Marilyn Reilley from the USA suggests that ‘Jenny Google Barbara Suess who is a certified teacher of Tamari.  I believe she has been to Japan for instruction and may be able to point Jenny in the right direction for shopping. I really look forward to each issue of Inspirations Magazine and the Embroidery News emails.’ Barbara’s website is

Ruth Davies suggests another website – www.temarikai.comThis is a fabulous resource for all things Temari. I learnt a lot about making them from the contacts I made from there. On their resources page they have a link to the Japanese Temari association as well as their Museum/Gallery in Tokyo. It has a shop that sells supplies in addition to selling completed Temari.’

Well Suzanne, Joan and Jenny, I do hope the input from our Embroidery News Community has helped point each of you in the right direction!

Embroidery News Community, when it comes to your needlework is there something that you need to be pointed in the right direction for? Why not email your conversation starter to You never know which direction our community will point in!



‘Kakisubata’ by Margaret Lee – issue #74

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #74, featuring this elegant and refined Japanese embroidery study worked in lustrous silk by Margaret Lee, are now available for purchase.

Inspirations issue 74 celebrates an international readership, showcasing the work of designers from around the world, including contributors from Russia, France, Italy and South Africa.

Featuring eleven gorgeous projects, including a bright embroidered linen tote, irresistible wool blanket, exquisite Punto Antico ring cushion and more.  Plus, this issue also looks at the recreation of magnificent medieval tapestries at Stirling Castle.

To purchase a printed copy of issue #74, click HERE.


All of the incredible pieces found in this new book by Hazel Blomkamp are made with only a needle, thread, fabric, ribbons and beads. You can even learn to use embroidery to create your own patchwork pieces from scratch. Be inspired to combine all your needlework skills in new & exciting ways!

To purchase a copy click HERE.


The entire collection of the bestselling A-Z series is currently being refreshed and A-Z Crewel Embroidery has now been added to our website.

A-Z of Crewel Embroidery is the perfect reference book for crewel work and is overflowing with hundreds of step-by-step photographs and invaluable hints for creating over 16 original designs in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Incorporating all the original award winning photography and crystal clear instructional tutorials, now with new easy to read layouts and Flexi-Binding, these refreshed titles are a must have for any needlework enthusiast.

To purchase your copy today, click HERE.

Beautiful Needlework. Sold Here.


We have a real mixture of different projects and stitching techniques for you to enjoy this week, and Nancy McGregor from Toronto in Canada gets us started with a whimsical flower fairy…

‘Good Day, I have been a subscriber to Inspirations for several years, but this is my first time writing in.  I embroidered for a few years when I was a young girl but did not start up again until about 5 years ago.  I particularly enjoy researching Medieval, Renaissance and Jacobean designs and costumes. As I also make jewellery and love beading, I try to incorporate these into my stitching.

Here are two projects - the first shows my version of the Flower Fairy from Inspirations Issue 57.  Below is a photo of two little silk lavender pillows I made for my sisters-in-law, I made the bead components separately and sewed them onto the pillows. I hope you enjoy them! Nancy McGregor.’

Firstly, thank you for writing in Nancy, we’re so glad you did, we can now share your delightful needlework with everyone, it’s so great to see what you’ve been up to.  Your flower fairy is terrific and the silk lavender pillows are gorgeous, no doubt your sister-in-law loved themGreat job.

Next up is June with a collection of some excellent projects she’s been hard at work on;

‘Hello my name is June Hooper, I live in Western Australia and I thought you might like to see some of my work.

‘My first attempt at thread painting is the mouse design you can see top left. From there I decided I would have a go at the lovely poppies from the project ‘Poppy’ by Susan O’Connor featured on the front cover of Inspirations issue #85.  The photo which appears top right is one of the pure silk embroidered Hussif’s I am making for each of my first 5 granddaughters for their 18th birthdays. I have two more to make in next 3 years.

The final photo below is of a jewellery wrap I made for a niece.  Regards June Hooper.’

June you have given us so much to admire and all of your work is just beautiful, but we think our favourite piece, purely for sentimental reasons, is the embroidered Hussif you have monogrammed for your granddaughters. What a truly wonderful idea and a precious tradition you have created for them.

Now we have Nermine who has also been hard at work stitching up a storm:

‘My name is Nermine Gendy and I live in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.  I have been stitching since 2011 and was lucky to have Lexi Cooper, Bev Tully and Helan Pearce as my amazing embroidery teachers along with the inspiration from the most beautifully talented Helen Eriksson.

Above is a beaded brooch I created which is designed by Helan Pearce.  Below is my needle book which is made from a design by Helen Eriksson.

Thank you. Regards Nermine Gendy.’

That is some really beautiful needlework Nermine with some great use of colour, yet as ornate as both your pieces are, they are also completely functional so you can get some great use out of them.

Our final project this week comes from Kathleen Weston in the USA:

‘Good morning, This is the piece that I just finished and I thought you might like to see it.  The project is "Berry Bandits" and the designer is Barbara Jackson of Tristanbrooks.   My sister-in-law, Robin, loves all things bird themed and is trying to convince me that my Berry Bandit needs to become my Christmas gift to her!

You featured a strawberries themed Barbara Jackson project with a matching needle case in Inspirations issue 67.  I have that project all kitted up ready to go and will be starting that project next.

Kathleen in The Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) USA’

Oh Kathleen that is so gorgeous, it is no wonder your sister-in-law was trying to get it gifted to herself, we’d all like one please! Such a cute design and you have brought it to life with some terrific needlework skills, well done.

The Barbara Jackson project Kathleen referred to from issue #67 is called ‘Woodland Berries’ and you can now purchase it as a digital download by clicking HERE.

What Are YOU Stitching?  We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to


‘In Plain Sight’ by June Goodwin

Pretty crewel glasses case from
Inspirations issue #67.

‘Warm Wishes’ by Anna Scott

Brighten your day with this vibrant linen scarf from issue #72.

To purchase click HERE


To purchase click HERE

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Printed copies of Inspirations issue #76, featuring this crisp white tablecloth stitched in traditional Mountmellick embroidery by Deborah Love, are now available for purchase.

There are so many inspiring projects in this issue including a sweet scissor fob, dainty snowdrop embroidered in stumpwork by world renowned designer Jenny Aiden-Christie, a velvet scarf perfect for Christmas, a captivating life-like study of a family of superb fairy wrens, a striking applique cushion, a classic blackwork pincushion, adorable cushion decorated with teddy bears, a beautiful goldwork piece and an exquisite thimble holder.

To purchase a printed copy of issue #76, click HERE


...the fabulous things you can do with embroidery! Need inspiration? Turn the pages of issue 90 to find enticing three dimensional work, a contemporary take on traditional styles of embroidery, and beautiful
pieces that keep time-honoured techniques alive.

To order click HERE


by Robyn Rich

Sewing tidy featuring a pretty parterre garden.

Hugs & Kisses’
by Libby Vater

Basinet rug with a cute appliqued rabbit in a cottage garden.

To purchase click HERE


To purchase click HERE


Wow what a quilt!


By Elisabetta


Tea cosies


" Eat, sleep, stitch. Repeat."
~ Adapted from Craftaholics Anonymous ~


What: Catwalk | Rijksmuseum Fashion Collection
When: to 16 May
Where: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam | Postbus 74888 1070 DN Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Details: Click HERE

What: Contemporary Textile Exhibition by Five Artists Inspired by Five Countries
Where: The Studio Gallery @ Worthing Museum & Art Gallery | Chapel Road Worthing, West Sussex
When: to 21 May (Workshops Available on 14 May)
Details: Click HERE / 07787 361 175

What: What’s the Point? Embroidery as Art | Exhibition, Gallery Talks & Classes
Where: Lemoyne Center for the Visual Arts | 125 North Gadsden Street Tallahassee, Florida
When: to 28 May

What: RSN | Peacocks & Pomegranates Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When : to 22 Jul
Details: Click HERE

What: Merseyside Embroiderers Guild | Diamond Anniversary
Where: Liverpool Anglican Cathedral UK
When: 29 May to 3 Jun
Details: Click HERE

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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