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ISSUE 8   |   July 31, 2015

Hi <<First Name>>,

Another week, & another issue of Embroidery News bursting at the seams. Did you celebrate World Embroidery Day on the 30th? We’d love to hear about what you did and maybe even see pictures of what you got up to.

No space for a long introduction today, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this issue and keep your eye out for the sneak peak of Inspirations #87 below.


Most importantly – keep sending in your photos and stories of your projects. So many people are impacted positively by what they see and read in Embroidery News and Inspirations, it actually inspires them to move from a state of passive to active and all at once their needles are weaving through fabric once again.

So keep on Stitching it's working!

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A couple of weekends ago, Inspirations exhibited at the local Adelaide Sewing Stitching and Hand Craft Show and apart from enjoying the usual hustle and bustle that any fair brings, one of our favourite parts was catching up with some of our many needlework industry friends who are supporters of Inspirations.

The Inspirations stand was adorned in pink and shining bright per usual. Nelson the dog and his playful blanket from the Inspirations Issue #86 Nancy Lee project ‘My Best Friend’ was one of the more popular displays on our stand. Then again any time we turn up and put projects featured from Inspirations on display, a crowd soon gathers.


Simon & Maureen Laughlin from Needlework Tours had a booth opposite ours and we can tell you first hand that at every quiet moment, Maureen was busy at work knitting away on her latest creation.


If you have ever considered going on a needlework tour, Simon & Maureen are some of the best tour hosts going round, so check out their website and book yourself in for an unforgettable experience today. Click here for more.



In Embroidery News Issue 3 we announced Michele Hill’s new bookAfternoon Tea With May Morris’ is now available.

Michele was at the fair to sign copies and shared a stand with embroiderer extraordinaire Anna Scott. Their stand was full of laughter, stitching and beautiful projects and quilts for sale.

Check out Anna’s sensational designs by clicking here.
For Michele Hill’s book and quilts click here


Our good friends at Create In Stitch had all the usual ‘show specials’ that bargain hunters love to find. Simela and Di were run off their feet, but if you weren’t lucky enough to snap up a deal on the day, they still have great specials available online. Check out their sales here!



View Jenny’s work here.


A real treat for those attending the show, was to find Jenny and her husband Ron McWhinney at their booth full of Jenny’s gorgeous designs, kits, and projects. Jenny was sharing with us her other great love besides sitching – painting, and had on display her famous Woodlands project, both the stitched and the painted version.

Also a reminder you can still book places on our Mekong Masterclass 2015 cruise with Jenny. Click here for details.


Yet another famous stitcher was at the fair – Judith Coombe. In issue 3 of Embroidery News Elizabeth from the UK shared with us her version of Judith’s project ‘Hanako’s Dream’ which was featured in Inspirations Issue 47.


What some of you may not know is that Hanako is actually a painting of Judith’s daughter-in-law, so it was lovely to chat with Judith and her sister Barbara (left) who was helping her at the fair, and see the original Hanako project on display.

To see more of Judith’s work, you can visit her website here


Denise Claessen lives in Sunshine, Victoria, Australia. The only thing more amazing than the Trish Burr Rose Denise skilfully stitched, is the fact she made it for a friend as a birthday gift! That’s a very special gift indeed… but did Denise’s friend like it? Let’s ask Denise: “Well she was thrilled with the finished project. I also sent a picture to Trish Burr who was pleased to see it. I love embroidery and also quilting. I love the projects in your magazine and look forward to the next edition. Thank you.” No thank YOU Denise for sharing your stunning project, well done.

Embroidery News Issue 2 also featured a Trish Burr rose which was sent in from Ria Sintnicolaas from Holland. This week Ria is back with a terrific thread painting of a Wolf, a theme that is becoming somewhat of a family tradition for her: “Ever since the age of 8 my daughter has loved wolves. Even though she is now 30 I made this into a small pillow for her and her youngest daughter 3, is now also a fan of wolves.” Thanks Rita – sounds like you’ll be kept busy stitching wolves and more wolves for the foreseeable future!

While keeping on the themes of animals, Cathy Cihak from Ottawa in Illinois USA has sent in this adorable bunny blanket she just finished.

Here is a picture of the Bunny blanket I made, it’s my second bunny blanket in 8 years. With so many lovely blankets to choose from, I will need to live a hundred years more to do all that I want from your magazine!

First a wolf, then a rabbit and now to a lizardbut this is no ordinary lizard. Lynn Gibson is a member of the New South Wales Embroiderers Guild in Australia, and we’ll let her help you get further acquainted with the lizard:

I would like to introduce myself and Lizzy to you. Lizzy is a frilled neck lizard and is embroidered out of a real "shed snake skin", which gives him a very natural look. The neck and head is stumpwork while the flowering gum leaves are of organza, as well as needlelace, with a variety of stitches to enhance the design. I started embroidery around 20 years ago and find Stumpwork and surface embroidery very interesting and rewarding, particularly with different and challenging textures. I hope you enjoy my sharing ‘Lizzy’ with you.

Thank you Lynn – Lizzy is just stunning and we’re thrilled to feature him in Embroidery News.

At Embroidery News, we’ve been talking about adding a new segment called ‘Memory Lane’ which would take a look back over the 20 plus years of Inspirations including the more memorable projects, photos, articles and general events that have happened along the way.

This project below by Helen Lyytikainen from Greenwith in South Australia is a little taste of what that segment might look like. You see Helen has sent in her completed project ‘Sweet Nell’ which at first some of us didn’t recognise as an Inspirations project, but thanks to the eagle eyes of Ellaine, she pointed out ‘Sweet Nell’ is from Inspirations Issue 02! Helen had purchased a kit from when that issue was first released back in 1994 and only just now, some 21 years later, had the opportunity to get it out and stitch it.

Helen tells us more:

'Here are a couple of items I have just finished. The first is "Sweet Nell" needle case the kit for which I purchased many years ago but never made. I have been retired for several years now and am slowly getting around to completing my stash of kits. This kit had enough materials to complete two needle cases, so I gave one to a good friend of mine for her 70th birthday. She really loved it!

The second item is a paper weight which I purchased at the Country Bumpkin stand at The Sewing Stitching and Hand Crafts Show two years ago. After much thinking about what to put in it I decided I'd attempt to make a tiny tatted "garden'. I found the ideas for the flowers in several Anna Burda magazines from the 1980's. I am quite pleased with my finished articles. Hope you like them too!'

Thank you for the ride in the time machine Helen… we loved it.

To finish What Are You Stitching this week, we had such a great response to Margaret Attrill’s Hardanger projects in Embroidery News Issue 6, many of you wanted to know where you can buy the designs featured. Well we asked Margaret that exact question and here is her answer:

“They are mainly my own projects. I start with finding an outside that I like and then change all the inside stitchings, so there is no pattern that I can give anyone as it is all in my head. If anyone would like to contact me as to my stitching please pass on my email address.”

If you would like to get in contact with Margaret, please email us at
and we’ll provide her contact details for you.

As an alternative, Ellaine has put together a list of Hardanger projects which have featured in Inspirations over the years for those of you who might be interested:


*Kits available for purchase by clicking here

> Threads of Time (mat) by Yvette Stanton - Inspirations Issue #38
> Delicate Shadow (hand towel) by Yvette Stanton - Inspirations Issue #45
> Classic White (mat) by Kim Beamish - Inspirations Issue #59
> Bianca (mat) by Patricia Giroalmi - Inspirations Issue #66
> Treasure chest (box lid) by Yvette Stanton - Inspirations Issue #73
> Queen of Hearts by Kim Beamish - Inspirations Issue #86*

What are you stitching? 

Send us your photos, details about your project, where you live and a little about yourself to:


In anticipation of Inspirations Issue #87 release in a few weeks, as promised we have prepared a few teaser images to whet your appetite. PLEASE NOTE: These images are close up photos of segments of the project only and do not show the full project which features in the magazine.

1. Natural Beauty by Fiona Hibbett – 18th century naturalists study interpreted in stitch.
2. Meadow Bloom by Anna Scott – Crewel cushion with pretty coordinating print fabric
3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Vivienne Cox – Superb evening bag with Elizabethan inspired flowers.



More sneak peeks next week…


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This week we celebrated the milestone of reaching 20,000 likes on our Facebook Page! Occasions like this call for celebrations such as singing and dancing (although dancing with needles in hand can be dangerous) and of course there are the all-important Thank You’s required.

We know many of you marvel at the spectacular images we post… after all it is the World’s Most Beautiful Embroidery FB Page! The person that makes all the magic happen behind the scenes is none other than our Subscription Manager Sue Forrest. THANK YOU Sue for your tireless online treasure hunting to find all those beautiful images, you do an awesome job.

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So inspirational!




Gorgeous dress 



"I cannot count my day complete ‘til needle, thread & fabric meet."
~ Author Unknown ~


What: Embroiderers Guild of South Australia - Iconic Textile Art Exhibition
When: 1 to 15 Aug
Where: Mile End, South Australia
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Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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