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ISSUE 52  |  July 8, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 52.

And finally it arrived… and it is as beautiful as we had hoped!

Our singular mission is ‘inspiring the world’s most beautiful needlework’ and we’re always striving to bring you, our amazingly wonderful community, the tools and motivation to stitch your best. 

In our office we are surrounded by beautiful things, projects, magazines, posters, books, needles and threads… it’s hard not to be inspired to stitch when everywhere you look there is beauty. Today, with the release of the new Inspirations 16 month wall calendar, we now have yet another thing of beauty to hang on our wall.

You too can now be surrounded by beauty and marvel at the glorious projects featured in the world’s most beautiful needlework calendar.  But more about that below as well as our usual potpourri of needlework wonders for you to enjoy in this week’s Embroidery News.

REMINDERWorld Embroidery Day is coming up on July 30th and presents a terrific opportunity for us as a community to take our stitching to the world.  Plan to get together with friends, family or even strangers and share with them your passion for needlework – you’ll be amazed at what can happen. 

Do you have something to share?  We’d love to hear from you!  Email us at


In Issue 48 of Embroidery News, we celebrated the fact that the internet allows us to live as a global community more effortlessly than ever before and that it really is a small world after all!

To that end, we recently heard from Natalia Nyrova who is the International Cooperation Project Manager from the Golden Needle Club in Khabarovsk, Russia who is looking to do just that – connect with, and live as part of, the global needlework community. 

‘We are the Golden Needle Embroidery and Lace Making Club from Khabarovsk in Russia. We got to know about Inspirations Magazine thanks to the wonderful patterns that are reprinted in some Russian magazines. We hope to develop a cooperation between our Russian embroidery and needlework community and members of the Embroidery News Community.’

Whilst Natalia has offered to share information about Russian embroidery, handmade lace and lace makers in their community through Embroidery News, I know she’d love to hear directly from anyone in the Embroidery News Community who would like to make Russia a part their own global community. Natalia can be contacted by email at

We look forward to sharing more instalments of ‘From Russia with Love’ in future issues of Embroidery News and would love to hear about the connections you make with Natalia and the Golden Needle Club . . .

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Today we are celebrating the official release of the brand new Inspirations 2016/17 wall calendar. 

As mentioned in our intro, we are passionate about inspiring everyone to take up their needles and stitch and by creating a monthly wall calendar our hope is you can now enjoy a stunning project every month as it softly calls to you ‘stitch me!’.

After all, Inspirations is not just about admiring beautiful needlework, it’s about showing you a piece and filling you with excitement as we declare, look at what you can stitch!

One of the more difficult challenges in putting this calendar together was choosing the projects for each month from our vast gallery.  Inspiration has amassed well over 650 projects across the 90 issues to date and while we were very spoiled for choice, whittling our collective lists down to the final 16 was not easy!

So the next question is, did we create a 16-month calendar because we couldn’t all agree on just 12?  No comment! Suffice to say you are the beneficiaries of any indecision as our calendar starts in September this year (2016) and runs all the way through to December next year (2017), so for only AU$19.95 it represents terrific value for money – and it is gorgeous!

We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do and best of all you can order your copy today through our website HERE.


If you’ve been thinking about stitching a project from Inspirations issue #90, kits for most projects are still available but only for a limited time. 


‘Tea for Two’ by Lesley Turpin-Delport and Nikki Delport-Wepener is a set of delightful teacups featuring two different designs, White Chrysanthemum and Plum Blossom with Lesley creating one and Nikki the other to form a perfect matching pair.

Kit includes fabric, threads and needle.
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‘Resting Place’ by Kim Beamish is a perfect grid of wrapped bars filling the centre of this charming white linen mat.

Kit includes ZWEIGART fabric, threads and needle.
To purchase click HERE.

Browse our complete range of Inspirations Kits HERE.


This week we continue unpacking both Carol and Shirley’s conversations about needle sizes, lights and magnifying glasses, satin stitch success and the annoying lines embroidery hoops can leave on our work, so read on as there’s bound to be a tip even the most experienced embroiderer can add to their repertoire!

In regards to needle sizes, Roberta Kenney from Pennsylvania suggests that ‘judging the size of a needle to use will depend on the number of threads the pattern calls for. If you use the floss or yarn as it comes from the skein, you want a needle with a large enough eye to accommodate the thread with the least amount of wear. So, the fewer the number of threads you use from the skein, the smaller the eye you can choose. Save the smallest eyes for use with one thread of cotton or silk floss.’

Elaine Ransom from Cranbrook in British Columbia declares that both extra light and stronger reading glasses will certainly make a difference with visibility and passes on Hazel Blomkamp’s suggestion from her book Crewel Intentions, ‘use easily obtained reading glasses of 1.00 or 1.50, even placing them over your prescription lenses if you use them.’

Now that we’ve improved our visibility with needlework in general, we move on to perfecting our satin stitches . . .

Elaine added that ‘keeping the edge of satin stitch smooth is helped by outlining the area in stem stitch or split stitch - and a lot of practice helps as well! Drawing in the directional lines needed with a washout marker helps control the slant. For some shapes it is better to start in the middle and work outward.’

image courtesy

Chris shared an excellent tip she learnt from Mary Corbet Use only one thread through the needle for perfect (!) satin stitch. This means that if you want heavier stitches you should use perlé thread or similar in the appropriate weight rather than adding strands of floss.  I found that this really did help to improve my satin stitching.’

Weights of Perle Cotton courtesy of

Suzanne Eder from Bartlesville in Oklahoma suggests ‘starting in the middle or widest part, with what will be the longest stitch and continue completing one half before returning to the middle to work the other half.’

Janet Burgess from Brisbane in Queensland thinks that ‘many embroiderers fear the beautiful satin stitch. It is really quite simple. If you are working on a leaf for example, simply stitch in direction lines before you begin, and then follow these as you stitch. Relax your tension and 'feel' the stitch as you go. Placement of your needle is also very important. Holding the needle vertically, place it straight down into the fabric. If you wish to 'turn' the stitch, just direct the needle into the fabric at a slight angle. Don't crowd the stitches together either. You will be surprised to see how beautifully they sit with a tiny space between them. When you master a stitch, it is such a wonderful feeling. So try these little tips and I'm sure you will begin to love the rhythm of the satin stitch.’

Further to finding your satin stitch rhythm, Roberta Kenney suggests ‘putting your favorite music on and listening to it as you stitch - it helps to establish a rhythm that will help to keep the stitches even.’ Roberta emphasises, however, that ‘while using a laying tool will help and that eventually satin stitches do become even with practice, but can be maddening!’

In regards to the annoying lines embroidery hoops can leave on our work, Elaine Ransom had something to add to this conversation as well – ‘wrap the inner hoop with hem ribbon or even a thin lace edging helps with the hoop marks. I haven't had to wrap the outer ring although that can be done as well.’

image courtesy of

Roberta Kenney added, ‘the only way I have found and been taught to minimize hoop lines is to wrap BOTH rings with bias tape or bias strips of muslin. This works if your hoop has a screw adjustment whether wood or plastic. However, you should continue to remove the piece at the end of each work session. Depending on the fabric (natural or hand dyed) white vinegar on a damp cloth may help to remove any line before blocking it (that is an old trick I used on permapressed slacks for my boys when their trousers needed to be re-hemmed). There is also a product available from Nordic Needle called ‘Grime Guards’. Basically it’s an elasticized sock that fits a stretcher bar edge or frame to keep the edge of the work clean.’

Image courtesy of

Carol and Shirley, I’m sure you’re now both set up for much success as you each embark on your separate needlework journeys! We’d love to share your progress with the embroidery News Community so they can see the difference the tips they’ve shared have made, so please email us updates at


Now Available!
Inspirations Brand New 2016/17 Calendar

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Inspirations Issue #44 Now Added

‘La Vie en Rose’ by Kris Richards– issue #44

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #44, featuring this elegant cushion with delicate roses by Kris Richards, are now available for purchase.

‘Things are not done beautifully; the beauty is an integral part of their being done – Robert Henri’

Issue 44 is an extra special beautiful issue with a gorgeous evening bag, a cute and cosy blanket perfect for beginners, a goldwork masterclass, and much, much more.

To purchase a printed copy of issue #44, click HERE.


Washing Day’ by Nettie Morris

Spectacular thread painted study.

Serenade’ by Gisèle Carrières

Exquisite embroidered study of flowers and a butterfly.

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Beautiful Needlework.  Sold


We have two new contributors and two returning contributors to ‘What Are You Stitching’ this week.  First up Michelle Sutherland from New Zealand is showing us her work for the first time (Welcome Michelle!) but as you can tell by the quality of her piece, this gal has been stitching for quite some time…

‘Hi, I wanted to share with you my own design of The Very Hungry Caterpillar from the book by Eric Carle that I have turned into a baby blanket stitched in long/short stitch in Appletons crewel wool on cashmere.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand and have been interested in handcrafts since I was very young.  Both my grandmothers were interested in crafts - one was creative, trying all sorts of art using threads, wool and collectible foliage that could be glued and stitched onto paper or card.  The other one was a detailed embroider making the most exquisite hand stitched tablecloths using DMC cottons. 

I am a blend of both.  I particularly enjoy hand embroidery using DMC cottons and crewel embroidery using Appleton's wool.  I love making individual cot blankets for friends and have made many of the blankets featured in Inspirations Magazine, along with some own designs such as Noddy and Big Ears in their bright yellow car and Buzzy Bee (a real New Zealand icon).  Most recently I finished the Royal Persian Blossom crewel embroidery by Talliaferro.  I'm about to start the La Serenissima design by Talliaferro.  Both will be made into cushions.  Regards Michelle.’

Michelle that is just adorable!  How clever are you? Your caterpillar is of perfect resemblance to the 1969 original and your colour choices are spot on.  Needless to say the recipient of your blanket is one very spoiled boy or girl.  We can’t wait to see more of your work.

Another very popular children’s character is Humpty Dumpty and Ann Notley from the UK has sent us a follow up project from one we included in our Easter issue of Embroidery News:

‘Dear Embroidery News, after seeing Mary Laidlaw’s Humpty Dumpty piece (see above) back in EN issue 37, I got my own Humpty out and took a photo to send in (see below).  He is 10 years old now, but what fun it was stitching it!  Keep up the good work producing the best magazine in the world.  Regards Ann from Wales, U.K.’

Thank you Ann, and who wouldn’t have fun stitching such an iconic character as Humpty… it brings back the child in all of us!

Now you may remember Mary Laidlaw’s version of Humpty Dumpty meets Alice in Wonderland appliqué as seen in EN 37 (click HERE to read) was selected by the Royal School of Needlework to become a greeting card.  Mary’s design is now available for purchase by clicking HERE or you can view their entire range of needlework inspired greeting cards by clicking HERE.

We first met Mrs Ute Donaldson from South Australia in EN 16 when she shared with us her marvellous footstool which was a tribute to her recently departed dog of 14 years, Jaeger:

This week Ute is back with another canine tribute:

‘This was my son’s dog ‘Luka’ who has passed on, he made it to 14 years as well which was quite good for a big dog.  I created this piece for my Son’s birthday just gone on May.’

At the moment my husband and I are caravanning looking for the warmer weather up in northern Australia and I'm working on dog number 3.  This one is a friend’s dog, he is still with us though.  I have been doing embroidery for about 14 years now, starting with smocking and then going on to all sorts of different embroidery.  Have been doing mainly thread painting for a number of years now with a little stumpwork and smocking.  I have 3 Granddaughters and they do like the trendy smocking like from AS&E and Trendy Tots.  Cheers Ute.’

You have done a wonderful job capturing the character of the dogs through thread painting Ute, your needlework gives us a real sense of their personality and we only imagine the joy it was to have them around. If you keep this up, you’ll have a full time job stitching dog portraits!

Suzi Bloemker had sent us some of her very early needlework from when she was a teenager in the early 1970’s which appeared in EN 47.  This week Suzi is showing us her most recent work:

‘Hello, I have a brand new piece that I just finished.  It is from an EGA Group Correspondence course that some members of our local chapter (Neapolitan Chapter) did this winter.  It is titled Meadow Medley.  It was designed by a member of our chapter, Luan Callery.  Luan has been designing pieces for the national EGA for probably longer than I know.  I met her 2 years ago when I moved to Naples and decided to re-join the EGA after being out for 15 years.  

Luan sort of took me under her wing and has been a great friend to me.  Her piece has lots of challenging aspects to it, thread painting, bullion for the clover, French knots, padded satin, outline, split, and the brown curly tendrils are two single strands of floss twisted into a cord and couched to the fabric.  I am very proud of it and Luan gave me high praise!  It is done on 2 pieces of a cotton batiste type of fabric.  Thanks again!  Suzi Bloemker Naples, Florida’

Suzi that is a delightful piece and as you say it really demonstrates an array of stitches and techniques which when combined, create a beautiful rich and textured floral masterpiece.  Congratulations on achieving such skilful needlework and how marvellous to have a mentor to guide you along the way.

What Are YOU Stitching?  We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to



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‘Chatelaine’ by Susan O’Connor from issue #89

Inspirations Chatelaine kit includes, fabrics, mother of pearl rings, glass head pins, bead, ribbon, paillettes, threads and needles.

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Natalie Dupuis, had the inspired idea of creating a ‘Virtual Corn Cobbing Community’. If you are working on the project ‘Garden Fresh’ by Julie Kniedl from issue #90, Natalie would love the opportunity to go on a cobbing journey with you and collaborate on tips, tricks, troubles and triumphs.   Natalie can be contacted via email at

Inspirations Issue #40 Just Added

‘Tranquillity’ by Anna Scott – issue #40

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #40, featuring this exquisite raised embroidery piece by Anna Scott, are now available for purchase.

This is a special 40th Anniversary Issue with 8 superb projects hand selected to commemorate the occasion. From a traditional crewel cushion to magnificent stump work to an adorable baby blanket, there is something for every stitcher and something for every occasion.

To purchase a printed copy of issue #40, click HERE.


Constance’ by June Goodwin

Beautiful Needlecase and Pin Wheel.

Snow White’ by Yvette Stanton

Elegant Mountmellick embroidered table cover.

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Beautiful stitches


Gorgeous and bright


Handmade brooch 


" I live my life in widening circles that
reach out across the world.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~


What: The Embroiderers Guild of WA | Stitch in the City
Where: Woogies Espresso | King’s Square Perth, Western Australia
When: Tuesdays 11:30 to 1:30
Details: Tracey Hollands – or 0478 635 850

What: RSN | Peacocks & Pomegranates Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When : to 22 Jul
Details: Click HERE

What: 62 Group of Textile Artists Exhibition | Making Spaces
Where: The Silk Museum | Roe Street Macclesfield, UK
When: to 3 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Wollongong Group of the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition | Through the Eye of the Needle
Where: Wollongong Art Gallery | Burelli Street Wollongong, New South Wales
When: to 11 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Shoreline Stitchers’ Showcase | CALL FOR ENTRIES!
Where: South Coast Botanic Garden | 26300 Crenshaw Blvd Palos Verdes Peninsula, California
When: 1 & 2 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: The New Zealand Embroiderers’ Guilds Inc | ANZEG Biennial Conference
Where: Ellerslie Event Centre | 80 Ascot Avenue Auckland, New Zealand
When: 14 to 21 Jul
Details: Click HERE

What: Smocking Arts Guild of NSW |Annual Open Day
Where: Dence Park Community Centre | 26 Stanley Road Epping, New South Wales
When: 17 Jul | 10:00 to 3:00
Details: Sandra | 0417 431 387

What: Making the Australian Quilt: 1800 to 1950
Where: National Galley of Victoria International | 180 St Kilda Road Melbourne, Victoria
When: 22 Jul to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: The Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair
Where: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre | 1 Convention Centre Place South Wharf, Victoria
When: 28 Jul to 31 Jul
Details: Click HERE

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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