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ISSUE 47  |  June 3, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 47.

We don’t mean to alarm you, but have you looked at the calendar this week?  Yep… that’s right, it really says June and that means we are nearly half way through 2016 already

So what does any good coach tell their team just before the half time break?  Make the dying moments of the first half count and set yourself up for a winning second half!  So come on Team Needlework, let’s get cracking and make some real progress on our current projects big or small, during the month of June.

Why?  We can’t say too much just yet, but we have some BIG surprises coming up and you’ll probably need to clear some space on your work bench, sewing room, lounge suite, kitchen table, husbands lap, or wherever it is you work from. 

In the coming months we will be launching more projects, more kits, more step by steps and more, more, more of the World’s Most Beautiful Needlework than you ever thought possible, and we want you to be ready for it.  The last 6 months of 2016 is going to be HUGE, so now is the time to get ahead.  In the meantime, enjoy this week’s Embroidery News (only during your stitching breaks of course!).

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Hedebo is a beautiful Danish form of whitework with several quite distinct forms that all fall under the same name, but utilise different techniques. Hedebo takes its name from the flat tract of land known as ‘Heden(the heath) that lies between Copenhagen, Køge and Roskilde, the former capital, and was unknown outside Denmark until the end of the 19th century.

Simplicity’ issue #88

Hedebo Stitch, also referred to as Hedebo buttonhole or Danish buttonhole, is a knotted stitch characteristic of Hedebo embroidery and is used to edge cut shapes.  Originally created purely for the use of the embroiderer and her family, it was used on the cuffs, collars and shoulder pieces of shirts, festival decorations and household linens.  Initially worked by peasant women, the embroidery gradually became known to wealthy, educated women from both the cities and the countryside.

Fast forward to today Inspirations issue #88 featured the project ‘Simplicity’ which was a perfect introduction to the Hedebo technique and was reviewed in length in Embroidery News issue #26 (click HERE to view).

‘Tulip’ by Christine P Bishop – issue #90

In issue #90 Christine P. Bishop is back with her follow up project ‘Tulip’ an exquisite Hedebo sachet. This time Christine uses the exact same straight forward stitches as used in ‘Simplicity’, only with a more advanced design.  To ensure no-one gets lost along the way, Ellaine Bronsert our editorial super-star, has packed no less than 75 step-by-step diagrams into issue #90 including the Hedebo stitch itself. Ellaine’s fabulous step-by-steps allow you to follow the process as it is worked and are the perfect way to learn this beautiful embroidery technique.

Did you know that while Hedebo and Hardanger can both achieve similar looking needle lace. As we mentioned last week Hardanger is more of a thrill seeker technique as it integrates the fabric far more into the creation of the lace itself and is then cut, whereas with Hedebo you can create the lace elements as separate components and then attach them to the fabric once ready.  This means your margin for error is far greater and more forgiving with a Hedebo project, compared to that of Hardanger.

Included in the pattern sheet with issue #90 are all the templates you need for completing the needlework lace elements in ‘Tulip’ as demonstrated by Ellaine’s amazing step by steps.

So there you have it Hedebo is a fantastic technique for creating gorgeous lace projects and definitely worth your while learning.

Here are 3 ways you can enjoy more Hedebo:

1/. – Stitch Your Own ‘Tulip’ Sachet With An Inspirations Kit

Exquisite Hedebo sachet in white linen.
Tulip’ kit includes:

Embroidery threads

Subscriber price: AU$29.75.
Purchase your kit today by clicking HERE.

2/. – Purchase a copy of Inspirations issue #90

Inspirations Issue #90 includes ‘Tulip’ by Christine P Bishop as well as the following projects:

Resting Place
Modern Crewel
Small Change
Honey Bee
Tea for Two
Garden Fresh

To order click HERE

3/. – Take a Hedebo Class with Christine P. Bishop at Beating Around The Bush.

Christine P. Bishop is teaching a range of different counted thread classes at this year’s Beating Around The Bush including Hedebo and Reticella.

Book a one, two or three-day class with her today by clicking HERE.


Do you use a credit card? Who doesn’t right? Looking for something stylish to keep all your fantastic plastic? Hazel’s Blomkamp’s project ‘Small Change’ is a perfect solution and kits for this terrific Crewel work project are still available.

Small Change
by Hazel Blomkamp – Issue #90

Delightful purse with Jacobean motif. 
Kit contains: fabrics; purse frame; threads; ribbons; beads and needles.

To purchase the kit ‘Small Change’ click HERE

Garden Fresh’ as featured on the front cover of issue #90, is part of a needlework botanical collection Julie Kniedl has created.  It all started with a Cauliflower back in Inspirations issue #75, then a group of amazing succulents in issue #85, a beautiful rose in #87 and now a fabulous corn cob.  You can see pictures of the grapes and apple Julie has created in issue #90 as well.  How is your collection coming along?  Purchase your kit today….

Garden Fresh by Julie Kniedl – Issue #90
Lifelike corn cob that looks good enough to eat. 
Kit contains: fabric; felt;  beads; wire; embroidery threads; needles

To purchase the kit ‘Garden Fresh’ click HERE

Browse our complete range of Inspirations Kits HERE.


Last week, Can You Help? Pointed Isabel in the direction of all things needlework inspired for her upcoming trip to Northern France. This week we have a couple more places for Isabel to add to her list, but first we start with a ‘A Thousand Thanks’ from Isabel herself . . .

‘Dear Embroidery News Folks - I am completely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of people giving such wonderful suggestions for my trip to France!  Thank you Julie, Linda, Victoria, Chris and everyone!  It is both delightful and very moving to be part of such a warm and open community.  I am now even more excited about my upcoming trip - With love from Isabel.’

Isabel, the kindness and generosity continues as we also heard from Helen this week who has two more needlework destinations to add to your itinerary.

Located in Marais at 8 rue des Francs Bourgeois Le Marais Paris 3, Entrée de Fournisseurs is found off a delightful courtyard and is haberdashery heaven.

Found in Montemarte, and not far from Bonheur des Dames, button heaven is found at Dam Boutons - 46 Rue d’Orsel 75108 Paris.

Now from France to Florida where we help point Mercy Adler – who currently does needlepoint, but is looking to add embroidery to her list of needlework techniques – in the direction of embroidery classes in and around Miami. We also heard from Marietta Brown who lives in Fort Lauderdale, just 30 miles north of Miami, as she too is eagerly awaiting the responses to Mercy’s question!

maps courtesy of and

Roberta Kenney suggested that Mercy (and now Marietta) investigate which local chapters of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America operate in the Miami area. The EGA’s website - - will able to point them in the direction of their local chapter. Roberta also made mention of Gay Ann Rogers and the Victoria Sampler who offer online classes.

Lesley-Anne Read from the Fairfield County / Magnolia Chapters of the EGA went on to provide details for the EGA’s Miami chapter. Details of the chapter can be found at

Judi Taibleson responded to Mercy’s request by suggesting Mary Corbett’s website, Needle ‘n Thread. Judi went on to say that ‘Mary is an astonishingly talented needlewoman and teacher.  Her explanations and video tutorials are clear, easy to understand and follow.  She shares a world of technique, history and needlework culture from around the world.  Also, her site makes you part of an international community of stitchers with comments, discussions, places to ask questions, as well as book and product reviews.  Mary's site is a treasure trove for any stitcher at any level of expertise. Thank you for your amazing magazine and newsletter.  It makes my life richer’.

I hope we’ve helped point you in the right direction Mercy (and Marietta) and we look forward to hearing about your embroidery progress! Next week we help point Patrina in the direction of heirloom quality linen and unpack our next lot of conversation starters.

Do you have something to add to the conversation or a conversation you’d like to start with the Embroidery News Community? Email your comments and conversation starters to


Inspirations Issue #69 Now Added

‘Prized Possessions’ by Julie Graue – issue #69

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #69, featuring this stunning monogrammed jewellery roll by Julie Graue, are now available for purchase.

Beauty, elegance and charm are all to be found in the pages of Inspirations issue #69. From a woven silk ribbon needlecase to a tablecloth featuring traditional Schwalm embroidery, there are numerous projects to delight embroiderers of all skill levels.

To purchase a printed copy of issue #69, click HERE


Creature Comforts
by Heather Scott

Beautiful wool-embroidered rug lined with a floral print.

Good Medicine
by Jenny McWhinney

An adorable child's blanket.

To purchase click HERE


To purchase click HERE

Beautiful Needlework. Sold Here.


Ann Martin from New Zealand is really into her quilting and has had projects featured in Embroidery News issues 27 and 33.  She’s back again this week with a new quilt for our viewing pleasure….

‘To the team at Inspirations, Firstly thank you so much for featuring my projects in Embroidery News, I was amazed when I saw my photos the newsletter.  I am a self-taught stitcher using your A-Z embroidery stitch books. You Tube is also extremely helpful as the videos help me if I can't work out a stitch.  My latest project to finally get finished is Baltimore blackwork stitchery quilt, which I started in 2011 and finished only a few nights ago.  It was a BOM (block of the month) from Grandmother's Garden in Hamilton New Zealand... I do hope you like it.  Thank you Ann Martin.’

Ann it is our pleasure to include your projects in Embroidery News, we love sharing everyone’s amazing talents with the global needlework community, it inspires and motivates us all.  Your latest quilt is spectacular by the way, the simple use of red and back is so striking, it really is a stand out combination. Terrific job.

Nadine Smutny from Florida, USA has been preparing for a very special occasion in her household, and she has been liaising with us to ensure everything is just right for the dress she’s been working on aptly named ‘Earth Angel’ from AS&E Issue 46.

‘Dear Inspirations, thank you for your recent help with the dress I have been making.  Here are some pictures of "Earth Angel" which I finished for my daughter's First Communion.  It is made using white silk dupioni and smocked in white Au ver a Soie, soie d'Alger.    

Instead of bullion roses I embellished the dress with a variety of pearl and seed beads.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  Thanks again, Nadine’

Nadine what a glorious dress!  All your perseverance and hard work has most certainly paid off, as your daughter looks absolutely stunning.  It’s lovely to think about the important role your needle work played in helping mark this special occasion as a day to remember for always.

When it comes to using needlework to help us celebrate occasions, events and most importantly people in our lives, Sandy Woodfint has used her creativity to make this keepsake:

‘Hello from Ohio! This is a tribute to my mom who passed away a little over a year ago.  Some of the buttons and the lace belonged to her.  There is silk ribbon and cotton floss in the bouquet, the outline of her dress and in the swirls that frame the picture.  I have truly enjoyed and been inspired by all who have shared their work. Thank you!  Sincerely, Sandy Woodfint’

Such a clever way to honour the memory of your mother Sandy and incorporating the personal touches of her buttons and lace really does help to bring the memories to life, well done.

Speaking of memories, Suzi Bloemker from Naples in Florida USA has taken a trip down her own memory lane with these delightful projects she completed many years ago:

Hello, recently I came across my childhood embroideries and found a small piece that I did sometime around Fall/Winter 1971-72.   It is on linen using wool threads.  I have attached a picture of this piece, along with some close-up pics of a few of my favorite flowers.  I called my mother to see if she had the original 1960’s book the design was from.  She found it on the pages she had torn out of a McCall's Needlework & Crafts Fall/Winter 1971-72 magazine.   My age at this time was 14, my family didn't have much but, I loved to do embroidery.

I would pull together whatever fabric, threads and directions that I could find so I could practice.  I think I remember wanting to do these small designs because they had stitches that I liked and I do remember loving the morning glory. I even put my initials on it, S.S., Suzi Schindler.   I kept everything that I did as a young teen and just a couple of months ago I pulled them out to show the ladies of my EGA group who were all surprised that I had kept them.  They wished that they still had their pieces!  Thank you for your interest. Suzi Bloemker.  P.S. -  I have every issue of Inspirations, from the beginning.

That’s fantastic Suzi – what a treat you found for you and for us!  It’s no wonder the ladies in your group were surprised, even if some of us did keep our first stitching projects, the chances of them being preserved in such good condition as yours are slim. Very competent needlework for a 14-year-old by the way, we look forward to seeing some of your more recent projects!

What Are YOU Stitching?  We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to


STITCH YOUR HEART OUT 2016 – Entries Now Open!

The biennial “Stitch Your Heart Out” needlework challenge is open to ANY SKILL LEVEL, ANY TECHNIQUE, USING ANY MATERIALS and you don't need to attend Beating Around the Bush to enter – it’s for everyone!

Whether it’s your own design or someone else’s and with amazing prizes on offer, this is a needlework challenge for every stitcher and their needle. New or existing projects, there is a category just right for you.

GRAND PRIZE - A full set of magnificent Au Ver à Soie, Soie d’Alger silk threads valued at more than AU$3,500 will be awarded to the overall winner.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share your talents with fellow stitcher’s so don’t be shy – we want to see your work!

For more information, including how to enter, download the entry form HERE



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Inspirations Issue #71 Now Added

‘Kokeshi’ by Jenny McWhinney – issue #71

Printed copies of Inspirations issue #71, featuring this delightful glasses case with enchanting Japanese imagery by Jenny McWhinney, are now available for purchase.

Projects in issue include the gorgeous ‘Sweet Baby Jane’ outfit on page 82 which is both practical and fun to stitch, or if you are in the mood for pampering a favourite four-legged friend, you will love ‘Puppylove’ on page 36. ‘Chicken Run’ on page 28 by Alison Snepp is a charming table topper embroidered with a circle of hens, plus much, much more.

To purchase a printed copy of issue #71, click HERE


by Wendy Innes

A striking stumpwork butterfly and thistle.

For Love Of Country’
by Kathryn Trippett

An ingenious combination of a pillow and quilt.

To purchase click HERE


To purchase click HERE


Crazy Patchwork


Just gorgeous 


By Trish Burr


" Change the needle, change the thread, adjust the tension and try again! (Take a Deep Breath)"
~ Quote courtesy of ~


What: RSN | Peacocks & Pomegranates Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When : to 22 Jul
Details: Click HERE

What: Wollongong Group of the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition | Through the Eye of the Needle
Where: Wollongong Art Gallery | Burelli Street Wollongong
When: 3 Jun to 11 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Embroiderer’s Guild of Queensland Biennial Exhibition | A World United in Stitches
Where: 149 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley Queensland
When: 4 to 11 Jun
Details: Click HERE

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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