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ISSUE 21   |   October 30, 2015

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 21

Celebrate! is the theme for the brand new Christmas issue of Inspirations #88, and even though it’s only been out for a few days, there is already a lot of celebrating going on with people everywhere letting us know how much they love this new issue.

We don’t always release a Christmas issue, but when we do we fill it up with nothing but the world’s best Christmas projects and gift suggestions for you to stitch.

Over the coming weeks we’ll unwrap some of the projects as the countdown to Christmas officially begins.

In the meantime please enjoy this week’s Embroidery News which, as always, showcases what members of the global needlework community are doing, and each week it is our privilege to bring as much of it together as we can in one place.

Do you have something to share with the Inspirations community? We’d love to hear from you so please email us at


In last week’s edition of Embroidery News, Louise posed our next ‘Destination Travel’ location – Japan. We asked the Embroidery News community to join in on the conversation and again, you did!

Elizabeth Braun from the UK is a well-known member of the Embroidery News & Inspirations community and you may remember her from previous issues of Embroidery News (#3 and #11) as many of her projects have been included in ‘What Are You Stitching?’ including ‘Hanako’s Dream’ and her gorgeous stumpwork rabbit. Some of you may also know Elizabeth as the creator of the fabulous stumpwork ladybird that was featured on our Inspirations’ Facebook page in July this year.

Well, not only was Elizabeth able to recommend a visit to Okadaya in the Shinjuku shopping district from personal experience, she also passed on the details to Dionnie Takahashi’s blog.

Dionnie is fascinated with all things Japanese and has an intriguing blog that includes her shopping adventures.

You can read all about her experiences in Shinjuku here and Nippori here

With all this amazing detail, including maps of each district, we do hope this sets you on your way Louise!

Dionnie Takahashi

Shopping in Okadaya

This week Carol Maberly is hoping to start our next ‘Can You Help?’ conversation by hearing from someone who knows how to remove rust stains from linen.

After working on her cross stitch for 9 years then carefully washing, pressing & framing her gorgeous piece, small spots have begun to appear on her work, which Carol can only assume is from where she kept her needle between stitching sessions.

Whilst Carol has learnt a valuable lesson in caring for her future projects – NEVER to use the piece as a needle holder again! – she is hoping that someone may know how to remove these marks without damaging the piece as a whole.

Again, it’s over to the Embroidery News community – please email your suggestions to


Now that issue #88 has been officially released, the first order of business is to look back at some of the teaser images we provided and reveal what projects they belong to:


Beautiful stumpwork study (Page 24)


HARMONIES Deborah Love
Graceful Deerfield design for home décor(Page 34)


Threadpainted ornament to celebrate the Christmas season

Now to the first project we’ll unwrap from issue #88 which is our very own Susan O’Connor’sOn The Second Day’.

This gorgeous thread painted ornament is worked in silk threads onto a silk background, the doves are stitched in soft shades of grey, amethyst and violet, highlighted by contrasting tan feather borders on the wings. Tiny gold paillettes add sparkle and the ornament hangs from a twisted cord.

There are a few interesting facts associated with this project, firstly the original photos that were taken showed the ornament in a stitching room environment, where a desk full of threads, needles, fabric etc. created the backdrop. It soon became apparent that the beauty of the ornament was lost amongst all the business so a re-shoot was called for. Some of the original shots are below, along with the project partially completed to add to the ‘work in progress’ feel.

Secondly,On The Second Day’ is also the second in a series Susan has started depicting the twelve days of Christmas. The first day is a project called ‘True Love’ and was featured in Inspirations issue 68, which (yep you guessed it) is a stunning ‘partridge in a pear tree’ ornament stitched with lustrous stranded silk threads onto silk satin.

If you would like a matching pair, or would just like to spoil someone this Christmas with these exquisite collectable ornaments, ‘True Love’ is available as an instant Digital Download for purchase here.

True Love by Susan O’Connor
Inspirations Issue 68 –
Thread painted Ornament

Finally if you are not a subscriber to Inspirations but like us all, have been swept up by the magic of Christmas in issue #88, we have some good news. We now sell single copies of our magazines direct to customers (including current issues) and ship them to your door anywhere in the world. To purchase a single issue of Inspirations 88, click here.


We trust you are enjoying our recently added segment ‘Something Special With Sue’ where our Facebook and back catalogue guru Sue Forrest reminisces about some of the most popular projects to have graced the pages of Inspirations and Australian Smocking & Embroidery.

Here is this week’s pick:

Constance – by June Goodwin.

‘Constance’ is a June Godwin project from Inspirations issue 62 and is an elegant pinwheel and needle case. Embroidered onto crisp white linen, dusty pink briar roses and blue forget-me-nots create a delicate pastel colour scheme.

This was very popular when it first came out, because it is a really great introduction to thread painting. If you have always admired this stunning technique but never given it a go, this is a great place to start.

The other thing people loved about ‘Constance’ was it was a terrific project for people to create as something to give away. Whenever someone would receive it as a gift, the thread painting really has that wow! factor, yet it is surprisingly quick and relatively easy to stitch.

Again the design is something you can put on anything, plus you can use any fabric and even change the colours of the flowers if you so wish.’

Thanks Sue – but we have a question for you… how many pin cushions, pin wheels, needle cases etc. etc. does one stitcher need?

'Ah! That’s an easy one to answer – you can never have enough of these ‘must have’ accessories. And once you’ve filled your house with them, you’ll find someone else who needs their house filled!’

Constance’ is featured in Inspirations issue 62 that is now available online. Projects in issue 62 also include:

Garden of Earthly Delights - Stunning bag and cushion
Serenade - Exquisite embroidered chair back
Sitting Pretty - Kogin style embroidered chair pad
Picnic Time - Ivory flannel blanket with endearing embroidery
Snow White - Elegant Mountmellick embroidered table cover
Washing Day - Spectacular thread painted study
Lavender Delight - Dainty embroidered sachet
Sweet Slumber - Luxurious embroidered pillowcase
Chiffon Flower - Proddy flower using rag rug techniques
Oliver Twist Temari - Learn the Japanese art of Temari

Order Issue #62 online now by clicking here.


One of the re-occurring themes of the amazing needlework we receive for inclusion in Embroidery News is the fascinating back stories associated with each piece. We think of Peggy Kimble’s embroidered ‘Garden Party’ seen in Embroidery News 17 and 18 which was a re-creation of a 60 year old photo with Peggy (now 92) still out and about forming new stitching groups.

Norma Mulligan shared how the piece she just finished back in Embroidery News 2 was never to be completed if it wasn’t for the encouragement of husband cheering her on (now famously known as ‘Norma’s Husband’).

This week we begin with the story of a textile artist, Sitouche Shankar as told by Katie Saunders who lives in the Ardeche region of France:

‘I am a goldsmith and I have many creative friends here. One of my friends is a lady called Sitouche and she is an amazing woman in her sixties. She and her husband are real hippies and have travelled the world.

Sitouche is incredible with a needle and thread and created this piece of art over many years. As they do not have internet connection I am emailing on their behalf. Sitouche was injured in a boating accident many years ago. Her foot was crushed and this left her with a permanent disability and in constant pain. To avoid falling into depression she started to create this gilet / waistcoat.

For 20 years she has embroidered all the places she has loved and recreated the friends dear to her heart. The project includes elements inspired from India, Mexico, the desert of Sinai with the magical Red Sea, to the beaches of the Caribbean and the forests of Europe. The gilet tells a story of fairy tale beings, all united by the same energy, the one of love.’

Thank you for re-telling Sitouche’s story Katie, one would never know there was any pain associated with what is such an incredibly vivid, joyful and engaging piece. Congratulations to Sitouche for her amazing needlework and her strength in adversity.

Some of Judith’s projects from Embroidery News 12

In Embroidery News issue 12 we met Judith Crabtree from Gladstone, Queensland Australia who was a self-confessed smocking addict. We featured six of her projects (some of which are shown above) from dozens she sent in. This week Judith is back with a gorgeous dress she has just completed:

‘Hi, this was my gift to a friend who is a grandmother for her 1yr old grand-daughter... made of pink and white check poly cotton with a heavily smocked bodice, embroidered collars and sleeve cuff. Two rows of tucks with white cotton lace finish it off ... It also has mother of pearl buttons down the back. Judith.’

Thanks Judith, what an amazing gift to give - no doubt your friend LOVED it as much as we do.

Now to more dresses for granddaughters… Carmen Morris from Western Australia has enjoyed some great longevity from this smocked dress she made for her grandchildren:

‘Here are some photographs of my granddaughter and my great granddaughter wearing the same smoked dress that I made many years ago. The first photo is my Granddaughter aged 5 (now 17) and the second is my Great Granddaughter aged 5 (now 7).

I have put the dress away now for hopefully another generation to wear as it has only been hand washed etc. It was made from an AS&E kit in cream with tiny bunches of flowers and has a smocked panel in the front.’

That’s great Carmen… we look forward to seeing the third photo with your great, great granddaughter wearing it!

Our third and final dress for this week was also made for another lucky granddaughter to wear however…. we’ll let Paula tell you the story!

‘My name is Paula Pugh and I am a member of the ‘The Embroiderers' Guild Queensland Inc’ in Australia. This dress features a bodice from a Roseworks pattern which I really enjoyed stitching. Having enough cushions, I decided to do something else with it and it was big enough for the bodice of a size 5 dress. Also I like doing clothes, they are so much more practical.

Anyway I made the dress originally for my granddaughter, but actually by the time it was finished she had grown out of it. LOL!

So now I have donated it to the guild as a prize for an upcoming raffle.

Paula Pugh’

The dress is beautiful Paula and whoever wins it in the Raffle with no doubt have a special little lady in their lives who will enjoy and admire your gorgeous needlework.

Our final entry for this week comes from Marlene Russo and if you are in need of some new cushions for your sofa or the bed, we reckon Marlene might just be the gal to speak to…

‘I have been an avid reader and collector of Inspirations magazine since I bought issue 6 from a newsstand and love all the articles contained within. I love ribbon embroidery, Brazilian, Jacobean, crochet, folk art and appliqué and almost any needlework at all. I don't follow patterns as I live in a small town in North Queensland Australia and supplies are hard to find, so I tend to make up my own designs.

These are just a few of the items I have done in the last few months, they include Brazilian and ribbon embroidered cushions plus I couldn't resist including one of my coat hangers. I make up my own patterns and enjoy doing them so much, only old man time stops me from completing more. Thank you for the inspiration! Cheers, Marlene Russo.’

Wow Marlene – what an amazingly beautiful collection of cushions you have created! Your creativity and needlework skills are brilliant, well done and thank you for sharing them with us.

Looking for a dress to smock or a cushion to stitch? Here is this week’s collection of digital patterns for you to browse with many more available here.

Symphony in Blue by Deborah Love
Inspirations 72
Deerfield Embroidery
Purchase Digital Download here

Cherry Pie by Martha Broyles
AS&E Issue 96
Smocked Bishop Dress
Purchase Digital Download here


Circa by Louise Spriggs
Inspirations Issue 74
Surface Embroidery
Purchase Digital Download here

Bedtime by Cathy Gunn
AS&E Issue 94
Smocked Pyjamas
Purchase Digital Download here

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Inspirations issue 88


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You Asked, We added

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the launch of our new Stitch.ology website, so much so in fact that we’ve had enquiries to ship to countries that we hadn’t added to the site yet!

The good news is, that in response to the many emails we’ve received from our Embroidery News Community we’ve just added Brazil, France, Italy, Malta & the Netherlands.

If you still can’t see your country of residence and want to make a purchase from, Just email us at and we’ll get our IT ‘nerds’ right onto it!


In case you missed any of these announcements in recent weeks, here are some reminders:

Fans of Jenny McWhinney’s stitched children’s story books featuring the adventures of the adorable mouse Monet from Inspirations 39 and 51, can now purchase both projects.

Des Fleurs Pour Grandmere’ (Flowers for Grandmother) is available as a Digital Download and Monet et le Papier Jaune’ (Monet and the Yellow Paper) is from issue 51 of which printed copies are still available.

Issue #51

‘Des Fleurs Pour Grandmere’
(Flowers for Grandmother)
Purchase Digital Download here

Monet et le Papier Jaune’
(Monet and the Yellow Paper)
Purchase printed copy of issue 51 here

Beating around the Bush!



BATB 2016
October 5th – 12th
Immanuel College
Adelaide, South Australia
Catalogue out before Christmas.
Bookings open early 2016.

You are invited to a week with the world’s best tutors, teaching the world’s most beautiful projects, hosted by the world’s most beautiful embroidery magazine.

Who could resist such an invitation?


After receiving so much interest in Gill’s blanket recently, for those of you who would like to make your own version of ‘The Loved Ones’, we have now added this gorgeous project as a digital download.

The Loved Ones by Jan Norman
Issue 9 – Wool blanket with applique.
Purchase Digital Download here


Susan O’Connor’s book ‘Monograms The Art Of Embroidered Letters’ is now back in print.

You can order your copy online here.

and read Mary Corbett’s review to find out what all the fuss is about here.


Floss Box designs!



A bit of everything!


Beautiful stumpwork


" The difference between the artist and the non-artist is that the artist is the one that does."
~ Helen Garner ~




What: Whitework Embroidery Display
When: to 1 Dec
Where: Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace, Surrey UK
Details: Click here

What: The Fabric of India
When: 3 Oct to 10 Jan
Where: Victoria & Albert Museum, London UK
Details: Click here

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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