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ISSUE 29  |  JAN 29, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 29the first for 2016. 

Hello to all our Inspirations / Embroidery News community!  We are finally back…. have you missed us?  We have sure missed you!

We trust you all had a stellar Christmas/Holiday break and Happy New Year to everyone.  That said in a few days time it will be February already and Happy New Year will be over and next up its Happy Valentine’s Day. The pace of life is unrelenting… lucky for stitching, otherwise we might just go mad like the rest of them!

In the past few weeks many of you have emailed us, worried you had missed out on receiving Embroidery News, and some were even giving us a hurry along asking why EN hadn’t returned yet.

All the answers to this and more are revealed below in this special ‘Welcome to 2016’ issue of EN, which will be somewhat of a departure from our normal format as we get things organised and fired up, for what we believe is going to be a truly wonderful year for the needlework community.

What we really need of course is your involvement, after all – this is your newsletter!  So talk to us… let us know what’s happening in your corner of the world.  We’ll do the hard work of collating everything, we just need you to take the photos and write to us. 

For now, grab a coffee, tea, soda, glass of wine, or whatever your elixir may be and enjoy the first issue of Embroidery News for 2016. 

Let’s get started then shall we… 


Other than enjoying some time off with our friends and family over the Christmas New Year break, since returning to the office the Inspirations team have been hard at work finishing Inspirations issue #90 (due out in April) as well as planning and preparing for a very exciting 2016 ahead.

It’s going to be a BIG year, with 4 gorgeous magazines slated for release, another ‘Masterclass on the Mekong’ in May, our international needlework convention ‘Beating Around The Bush’ in October, the addition of many more digital patterns on, plus we’re working on bringing back some more out of print titles and launching a very special book around October.  Then there are all the upcoming issues of Embroidery News we’re gathering content for.  It’s about now we realise our holidays are fast becoming a distant memory! 

For those of you living in the northern hemisphere and enduring crazy snow storms, blizzards and torrential rain at the moment, summer in Adelaide this year has been the complete opposite - hot and dry.  As a little insight as to what an Inspirations Summer Holiday looks like, we thought you might like a quick snap shot of what some of the Inspirations team got up to over the Christmas/New Year break:

Ansie enjoyed frequent walks along the beach with her husband and their kids and said every sunset this summer looked this good. 

Ellaine had somewhat of a working holiday as she was kept busy with step-by- steps for Inspirations issue 90, however she did find the time to make some spectacular Christmas cookies. These Gingerbread snowflake and tree designs are from

Fiona’s dog Georgie reveled in her numerous summer Port River adventures, while Fiona celebrated New Year’s Eve in true Aussie style - in the outback at the base of the Flinders Ranges on Wilkatana Station.

Ray welcomed in a new member of his family.  He is now officially ‘Uncle Ray’ and his nephew Tom seems a little uncertain as to exactly what shenanigans lie ahead.

Andrea helped her friends ‘The Fairies’ with their Christmas live stage shows, celebrated a birthday she shares with her nieces and on the hot summer days, enjoyed taking them to cool off at the beach.

Laura hosted Christmas lunch and dinner at her new house and took great delight in all the traditional Christmas festivities, like taking the kids to visit Santa, Christmas Carols by Candlelight and attending all the parties that go along with belonging to a big family.

Sue was very preoccupied keeping her rat-bag dogs under control and trying to stop them from chewing each other’s collars off (a new trick they learned on Christmas day).  6 collars later and she has reported they are making good progress.

Kristian had mixed fortunes, he was kept busy with a house renovation project, taking his son Eli to hospital after fracturing his wrist sliding down the hallway in his socks, but did manage to have fun at a twilight game of Cricket on New Year’s Eve.


Well she sent us in this picture, but we’re not exactly sure what to make of it?

And so it wasInspirations Summer Holidays 2015/16


As a fitting start to open ‘Can You Help’ for the new year, we have a thank you from Louise Upson

‘I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who recommended places to find embroidery supplies/fabric in Japan. Despite a tight schedule I was able to spend a few blissful hours away from the crowds in both Tokyo and Kyoto amongst kimono silks and all kinds of sewing (and other craft) notions, threads and tools, and thanks to the Embroidery News Community I could spend my time in the stores and not looking for them! Warm regards, Louise'

It sounds like you had a fabulous time in Japan Louise, thanks for the feedback and we’re glad we could all play a small roll in enhancing your trip.

And now from Japan to Spain, Morocco & Qatar . . .

Kathleen Gómez is a long standing member of the Inspirations family and is about to embark on her next Destination Needlework adventure to Spain, Morocco and Qatar. Kathleen is looking to the Embroidery News Community for any ideas we can offer so she can immerse herself in needle related shopping while there.

It’s over to you Embroidery News Community, we’ve got our first assignment for 2016 so let’s get the destination needlework conversation going and email your suggestions to

Also we’re looking for some more ‘Can You Help’ questions to post, so don’t forget to email us if there’s a conversation you’d like us to get started on your behalf.


The Embroidered World Of Elza Bester

Every now and again we come across a needlework project that is such a stand out, all productivity in the office comes to a standstill as everyone gathers around to marvel at the artistry.

And so it was in the middle of last year we discovered this piece:

Elza Bester lives in Cape Town South Africa and she designed and created this amazing piece measuring 16cm x 12cm ( 6.30"x 4.75" ) which has been embroidered completely by hand. When you study this piece, it has been created with such realism in both texture and composition, not to mention the faultless colour shading throughout.

We first met Elza in Inspirations issue #85 where we interviewed her and asked how she went about creating these amazing projects which are embroidered on top of paintings:

It was soon after our article came out, that she released photos of her then latest project, the eye, on her facebook page here.

Elza actually created the eye for her husband’s ophthalmologist, seen here with Elza receiving this most extraordinary work of art. Elza explains further:

‘Today I had to say goodbye to the Eye. We visited Dr Meyer and did the handing over of the beautiful framed piece to the dear doctor. To say he was very pleased is an understatement. I trust that the eye will give him and his patients lots of pleasure as it will be hanging in his reception area at his consulting rooms.’

For any embroidery enthusiasts living in Cape Town, it might be a good idea to go and have your eyes checked by Dr Meyer just as an excuse to see Elza’s piece for yourself!


Next week we have a special red letter day on our calendar – it’s called ‘Warehouse Day’.  Sound exciting?  It can be if sorting through hundreds of cartons and counting stock is your thing!  The reason it’s a red letter day for us is because we have recently inherited some inventory that we need to go through which may contain some out of print titles, rare magazine issues or other surprises.  We’ll let you know how we go and with a bit of luck, we’ll be adding some new titles for sale in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, check out our list of recent best sellers:

Bestselling digital download over the holiday break : Woodland Berries

Woodland Berries’ by Barbara Jackson is from Inspirations issue 67.

A divine Needlecase and Pin Cushion adorned with ripe red berries, creamy blossoms and fresh green leaves.

The needlecase opens to reveal a felted needle keep and scissor pocket.

Click here to purchase

Bestselling digital downloads for 2015 : True Love & Flowers for Grandmother

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Bestselling Inspirations issues over the holiday break: Issue 88 & Issue 51

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Beautiful Needlework.  Sold Here.


During our recent 2016 planning, we have been revisiting all the previous issues of Embroidery News from last year and Wow! did we cover a LOT of ground.

There have been SO MANY exceptional projects submitted for ‘What Are You Stitching’, we felt it would be fitting to create a highlights montage for this week, and allow you to reflect on just a small slice of the wonderment that is the amazing skill and creativity within our community.

So without further ado… we present: ‘What Are You Stitching | 2015 Highlights

We finish this week with a project sent in over the Christmas break from Maria, who has created these delightful lace Christmas decorations:

‘Hello, my name is Maria Pia Breviglieri and I live in San Giovanni in Persiceto, near Bologna in Italy. I am sending you a photo of my Christmas tree made with needle lace balls using the technique Aemilia Ars. I attend lessons at the embroidery school ‘Il Punto Antico’ I hope you like it! Regards Maria Pia.’

Thanks Maria, they are really beautiful ornaments and we can only imagine how pretty your house must have looked on Christmas day.

OK – now it’s down to business, it’s time to email us photos of your projects. We’re looking for more… more of everything! If you used a needle and thread to create it, we want to see it. And there really should be no excuses now… after all you’ve had all holidays to get on with it!

Send in your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to


Earlier this week we announced the dates for this year’s ‘Masterclass On The Mekong’.

Inspirations is once again setting sail through majestic Cambodia and Vietnam on May 15th – 22nd 2016.   Join master class embroidery tutors, Hazel Blomkamp and Susan O’Connor as they accompany you on the adventure of a lifetime.

To find out more about this year’s cruise and the projects Susan and Hazel are teaching, click here

To register your interest for this magnificent needlework travel experience, please email your host Laura here.

A huge Thank You to everyone who has already registered, we’re finalising the booking form and brochure now and will be in contact with you next week.


What a great way to start off the new year, by receiving the new issue of Inspirations #89.  For all our subscribers, issue #89 is currently on its way to you and is expected to arrive in the next few weeks, well before the official release date of Feb 25th.

Kits for issue #89 will be added to our website for purchase next week, so for those of you lucky enough to already be enjoying this gorgeous new issue, thanks for your patience – shopping in earnest can begin shortly!

Also don’t forget to claim your 15% subscriber discount for all Inspirations kits – a coupon for this was included with your fly sheet.  If you need assistance or a replacement coupon, please email us at


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Crocheted canvas


Awe inspiring 


Amazing collection


" Love is the thread with
which we connect to the world.
~ Debasish Mridha ~



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Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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