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ISSUE 77  | Feb 17, 2017

Hi <<First Name>>,

If stitching was a form of personality test, what would your needlework reveal about you?

Would one say you were an introvert because of your conservative design choices, or do the colour of threads you use, mark you as an extravert?

Does your love for  stumpwork and thread painting mean you are more of a free spirit compared to those methodical and regimented people who thrive on Hardanger and Blackwork?

Is the back of each project you finish as neat and meticulous as the front, or is it a case of ‘hello people, it’s only the front that matters, I didn’t make a double-sided embroidery!’.

No matter your personality type, age, place of residence, slant towards creative or logic, be you a lover or a fighter, the world of needlework has something for all of us.  Sometimes the most amazing part of our needlework journey is discovering more about ourselves through our choice of designs, threads, techniques and styles, all of which help us to arrive at a place where we can confidently say, this is who I am and this is what I do.

Enjoy this week’s Embroidery News.

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Last year we had a warehouse clean up and discovered lots of goodies that we have been slowly adding to our website.  This week we’ve added the book Sweet Memories by Brenda Karon Shade which is an adorable girls quilt, cushion and matching doll.

>Sweet Memories’ – Book Available In Print HERE

While we’re on the topic of books, back in Inspirations issue #91 we reviewed the enchanting book The Embroidered Garden by Kazuko Aoki and it turns out many of you liked it as much as we did!  So now you can purchase Kazuko’s book from us direct.

Kazuko is a devoted gardener and in this book, she combines her love for her garden with her passion for embroidery.

> The Embroidered Garden’ – Book Available In Print HERE



It’s a rich sport needlework – there’s quite a lot to it.  Spectators on the sidelines might well appreciate the beauty of the final product, but with so much of the action happening behind the play, only those intimate with the game itself truly get it.

This week we’re digging for treasure with the project ‘Hidden Delights’ by Deborah Love from Inspirations #93.  An enchanting Schwalm embroidery that is just divine. 

Deborah Love is a true seasoned professional.  She has been in the game a long time and her needlework reflects it.  Many of us have admired her work over the years, yet you may be surprised to learn of the extent of her commitment to the cause.

Early in her journey, Deborah discovered her true needlework passion was whitework, with all its variations.  This afforded her the ability to focus on a small selection of regional based techniques such as Mountmellick, Deerfield and Schwalm.  

Now here’s the hidden treasure… not only did Deborah master these techniques through countless hours of design, stitching and teaching, she also spent time on the ground in each region;  Mountmellick in Ireland, Deerfield in the USA and Eschwege Germany where she studied Schwalm whitework. 

This means each piece Deborah creates comes from a place of passion, meticulous attention to detail and an authenticity to the origins of the techniques themselves, all of which she has experienced firsthand.

With so much to love about ‘Hidden Treasures’, perhaps our favourite is the design itself.  Reminiscent of a traditional wood carving, it features beautiful soft motifs, luscious curves and a feminine aesthetic, clearly distinguishing itself as a Schwalm piece compared to the more geometric and logical lines of other whitework techniques such as Hardanger and Hedebo.  

Thank you Deborah for another wonderful project to admire… all this and she still has time for a ‘real’ job as a pharmacist!  Now who would have guessed the designer of ‘Hidden Treasure’ was a pharmacist?  Well maybe if Deborah did a needlework personality test, it would have revealed it all along?


‘Hidden Delight’ by Deborah Love from Inspirations #93 is an enchanting Schwalm embroidery featuring a song bird framed by a heart.

Step 1 – Purchase Inspirations Issue #93

Issue #93 includes all the instructions you need, along with requirements list and full size pattern sheet.

> Inspirations #93 - Available In Print HERE

Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

The ‘Hidden Delight’ Ready-To-Stitch Inspirations Kit includes everything you need to make your own pristine linen white thread mat – fabric; embroidery threads and needles.

> Hidden Delight - Ready To Stitch Kit Available HERE


Looking for more Deborah Love?  Check out these other gorgeous projects:

‘HARMONIES’ by Deborah Love from Inspirations #88 is a graceful Deerfield embroidered cushion.

> Harmonies – Inspirations #88 In Print Available HERE

‘THREADS OF LOVE’ by Deborah Love from Inspirations #75 is a scented sachet with a delicate Schwalm design worked on ivory linen.

> Threads Of Love – Inspirations #75 In Print Available HERE
> Threads Of Love – Digital Pattern Available HERE



Over recent weeks we’ve been re-visiting the Inspirations ‘Learn’ booklet series which have just been re-released as Digital Downloads.

This week we’re exploring the fourth booklet in the series which features the exciting technique stumpwork.

Stumpwork embroidery is one of those great advancements that happened in needlework during the 17th century when suddenly stitching went 3D.

‘Windflower’ by Susan Porter – Inspirations #89

Also known as Raised Embroidery, it can be simply described as just that – embroideries that are embellished to the point of being raised off the fabric.  A wonderfully rich and varied technique that lends itself to unleashing your inner creativity, if you have ever been tempted to try your hand at Stumpwork, this booklet is calling your name.

Featuring the project ‘Samorn’ by Jane Page, this endearing little brooch uses some of the more simple stumpwork techniques making it an excellent project to those new to raised embroidery.


The Inspirations ‘Learn’ booklets are designed to teach you the basics of the featured technique and include comprehensive step-by-step diagrams and a fabulous mini project to get you started.

>Learn Stumpwork Embroidery’ - Digital Booklet Available HERE

> Browse Complete ‘Learn’ Collection HERE


‘SWEET VIOLETS’ by Susan Porter from Inspirations #82 is an exquisite spray of stumpwork violets.

> Sweet Violets - Inspirations #82 Available In Print HERE
> Sweet Violets – Digital Download Pattern Available HERE

‘LOVES ME’ by Susan O’Connor from Inspirations #70 is a charming stumpwork picture embroidered with pale pink daisies.

> Loves Me - Inspirations #70 Available In Print HERE
> Loves Me - Digital Download Pattern Available HERE


As always, this week’s 'What Are You Stitching?' showcases a range of techniques, that as we heard earlier, may just reveal the true personality of their creators. Whilst we may be Ieft wondering how accurate our stitching personality test really is, I guess only those closest to the stitchers themselves will ever know!    

We begin with Colleen Sheridan from British Columbia in Canada whose methodical counting and painstaking perseverance recently saw her complete a majestic project that’s been a long time in the making:

‘It is finally finished!  It took me about fifteen years to complete this cross-stitch design, but it is now framed and hanging in our living room. It is ‘Harmony by Serendipity’ and came as three charts, which could be stitched individually or all together. I couldn't decide which third I liked the best, so did it all! The finished size is approximately 18" x 40” (45cm x 100cm).

‘Whilst there were lots of other stitching and knitting projects in between, whose deadlines took precedence, I am glad that retirement allowed me to get back to it and complete it. I still like it as much now as when I started!’ Colleen Sheridan – Delta, BC, Canada.

Colleen your ability to see Harmony through to completion is something to be admired and applauded. No doubt you’ve inspired someone in the Embroidery News Community to pick up one of their own UFO’s and finish what they started!

From methodically counted work to some free-spirited thread painting:

Jane Common recently ‘completed this piece from Inspirations Issue #88 for my parents, Bill and Aileen, instead of a Christmas Card. It was my Grandmother on my Dad's side who taught me the love of embroidery. When my Grandma passed away I completed a supper cloth that she had started and I cherished every moment I spent completing the cloth. Cheers, Jane Common - Henley Beach South, South Australia.

Jane, your free-spirited thread painting has a certain air of thoroughness about it as it mimics Trish Burr’s Winter’s Song project so accurately – I wonder what that says about you? Perhaps you’re one of the few people who manages to balance a spontaneous, yet ordered life?!

From Colleen’s methodical counted work to Jane’s free-spirited thread painting, we now share Monique Nazaret’s project whose use of colour marks her as a true extrovert!

We first saw Monique’s work in Issue #67 of Embroidery News where she shared a slightly more introverted side of her needlework personality with her very life like Cockatoo. It was then we learned how Monique, who lives in a small village in the east of France, just near Besancon, had gone from University Lecturer to stitcher extraordinaire as she learnt from a professional embroiderer in France. Perhaps her inspiration and motivation comes from the embroidery exhibitions in France and Italy she often attends?

Whatever the source of your inspiration and motivation Monique, we love your choice of bold, beautiful colours and the free form nature of your design which is something the more introverted stitcher amongst us would love to be able to bring to the surface!

Whatever your style of stitching reveals about you, be it meticulous, methodical or maverick, we’d love to see it! Email photos of your project and details of your stitching journey to  



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Inspirations issue #93 has now been added to our website so you can purchase printed copies from us direct and have it delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

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‘Forbidden Fruit’ by Nicola Jarvis from Inspirations #93 is a vibrant ‘Song Thrush’ with floral plumage created using crewel techniques.

Step 1 – Purchase Inspirations Issue #93

Issue #93 includes all the instructions you need, along with requirements list and full size pattern sheet.

> Inspirations #93 - Available In Print HERE

Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

The ‘Forbidden Fruit’ Ready-To-Stitch Inspirations Kit includes everything you need to make your own gorgeous colourful crewel bird – fabric; beads; sequins; paillettes; embroidery threads and needles.

> Forbidden Fruit - Ready To Stitch Kit Available HERE


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" If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature."
~ Bruce Barton ~


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