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ISSUE 31  |  FEB 19, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 31.

Some of us in the needlework community are part of a great big worldwide ‘stitchers appreciation society’ where we get to enjoy each other’s company, share our admiration for one another’s work, and make everyone feel good about the things they stitch. Others however are less fortunate and often stitch in isolation due to geographic or physical restraints.

At Inspirations our desire is to ensure everyone in our community feels connected, has a voice and gets inspired about the glorious world of needlework. We don’t want anyone to miss out.

Here’s how you can help:

1/.Send in photos of your projects. So many people tell us their work is not good enough to share. ‘What Are You Stitching’ segment is for EVERYONE – it’s not for experts, we have a magazine for that! People want to see what YOU are stitching, so don’t be bashful – send us your photos.

2/. – Join up as many people as you can to Embroidery News, the more stitchers we can reach, the less likely people will miss out.

We have a website now to make joining Embroidery News even easier:

So share it around and let’s ensure that no matter where you live or what your circumstance, as a minimum once a week everyone can be inspired and encouraged through Embroidery News.


This is the final week Inspirations #88 will be the current issue, with #89 hitting the stores this coming Thursday. One of our favourite editorial articles from #88 is a profile on Salley Mavor, so we thought we’d share an extract for you and showcase her marvellous work for those of who may have missed it:

A Wonderful World with Salley Mavor

Salley Mavor admits that she has never really outgrown playing with dolls and that is something that we should all be grateful for as the pages of her new book ‘Felt Wee Folk – New Adventures’ are full of delightful little figures that are sure to charm everyone who sees them. With her world so full of creativity, we asked Salley if she always followed an artistic path?

I was fortunate to grow up in a family where art, music and dance were a constant presence at home. For my mother especially, artistic expression was not treated as something extra, but was considered a basic human need, like eating and sleeping. Drawing with crayons was never enough for me and I remember feeling that my work was not finished until something real was glued, stapled or sewn to it. Today, I cannot imagine living without a daily dose of creative activity, with at least some time spent stitching.

While her wee felt dolls are constructed from readily available materials such as pipe cleaners (chenille stems), wooden beads and felt, Salley uses embroidery for the tiny details that really bring the characters to life. With embroidery such an integral part of her work, we asked Salley if stitching is something she really enjoys:

As a child, my grandmother taught me the basics of sewing, and as I got older, I taught myself a few embroidery stitches and passionately embellished my friends’ blue jeans with tiny floral designs. I’ve stitched a lot of miles since then and nowadays, I relish the hours of repetitive and meditative hand stitching, and make sure to include a certain amount of detailed stitching in everything I make. This slow practice allows me time to work through challenges that come up in the process of working on a piece, such as adding new objects and embroidery that help define the subject or remove anything superfluous. I find I can achieve the effect I’m looking for with a very small repertoire of stitches: blanket, fly, French knot, stem and chain stitches, in different combinations.

You can read this article in full, along with our detailed review of her new book ‘Felt Wee Folk’ in Inspirations issue #88, single copies of which you can still purchase here. Plus you can learn more about Salley Mavor by visiting her website here and purchase copies of her book directly from her here.

Inspirations Magazine 2016 – Release Dates

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Subscribers copies of the magazine will be dispatched 3-4 weeks prior to these dates, and depending on the speed of your local postal service typically we expect your magazine to arrive at least one week before the stores.

Digital issues will be released on Zinio around 2 weeks prior to these dates.

Inspirations issue #88
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Inspirations issue #89
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Last week Jillian intrigued us with her antique piece of cloth and was hoping that someone in the Embroidery News Community might have a similar example, know something of its history or even have a pattern so Jillian could replicate a piece of her own. Well intrigue us she did, as only two of our Embroidery News readers were able to offer Jillian some insight . . .

Penelope Middleton Darby has seen designs of this type in Holland and wonders if the lace work may be Dutch in origin, and one of ‘What Are You Stitching?’ regulars – Peggy Kimble – found a similar piece in her own collection.

Peggy’s crocheted tablemat, having belonged to her mother, is over 100 years and must have been well cared for as it is still in perfect condition! As you can see from the photo, the centre is made of very fine linen, the piece has been hemstitched and the corners have been mitred beautifully.

Penelope and Peggy – we thank you for sharing what you know, and what you found, and encourage anyone else in the Embroidery News Community who might have something to add to this conversation to email us at

You may have heard that our very own ‘hostess with the mostess’, Laura, is currently planning our next ‘Masterclass on the Mekong’ through majestic Cambodia and Vietnam between May 15th and 22nd 2016. If you have been thinking about joining Laura and masterclass tutors Hazel Blomkamp and Susan’ O’Connor, make sure you check out the 2016 Masterclass Brochure here

It turns out that Laura isn’t the only one who has Vietnam set as her next Destination Needlework adventure, Alice Andrus from San Diego in California also has Vietnam in her sights. Travelling in March and April this year, Alice would love to hear from anyone in the Embroidery News Community who can point her in the direction of an embroidery store - or two - that she can indulge in while there.

Know of anything that will help make Alice’s trip to Vietnam a needleworker’s delight? Please email us at so we can them share them with Alice and our Embroidery News Community over the coming weeks.




Thanks once again to everyone who purchased books from us last week – the 30 copies of ‘Home Sweet Home’ sold out so quickly, we know many people missed out.  Due to the terrific interest in this book and Embroiders Handbook, we’re hoping to have them both back in stock around July this year.

In the meantime, a new batch of Digital Downloads for purchase were uploaded onto the Stitch.ology website this week.  Patterns from Inspirations issues 42, 46, 50 and 53 all make a showing now as follows:

Summer Harvest’ by Susan O’Connor

Gorgeous raised embroidery studies featuring two designs 'Raspberries and Bluebell' and 'Crab Apple'.

Click here to purchase

A Cottage Garden’ by Kris Richards

Gorgeous needlecase embellished with flowers.

Click here to purchase:

Strawberry Fields’ by Margaret Light

Stunning needlecase richly decorated with padded strawberries.

Click here to purchase

Day Dreams’ by Libby Vater

Vibrant child's blanket decorated with a cheeky duckling.

Click here to purchase

Beautiful Needlework.  Sold Here.



Me time, needlework time, cruise time, stitch and chat time, and travel adventure time all rolled into one!

May 15th – 22nd 2016

Join us as we embroider on a five star luxury cruise down the Mekong. Once you’ve experienced this exotic desitination, you can go back to your weekly Stitch and Chat’s with something to really talk about!

Our world renowend ‘Masterclass On The Mekong’ cruise sails through majestic Cambodia and Vietnam.

For more information download our brochure HERE, and you can book online HERE.


Registrations for our international needlework convention ‘Beating Around The Bush’ 2016 open February 29th.

To ensure you are ready to book your classes online or over the phone, make sure you have reviewed our fabulous catalogue filled with over 60 projects to choose from.

Purchase your printed copy of the catalogue here or download a PDF for free here.


To get us started this week, Marjolein from the Netherlands shares what happened when she stepped outside her usual needlework comfort zone…

I am always embroidering, sewing, beading… never a dull moment! I made this landscape using hessian bags as a background, as I loved their texture. The needlework is created using buttonhole stitch and running stitch. As this was my very first abstract piece, I was surprised that it was so hard to do! I love embroidering flowers and use all kind of stitches, but I wanted to create a piece that gave an overall impression, rather than specifically showcasing beautiful stitches. I do hope you like my red urban landscape. Greetings from Marjolein van Vessem

Marjolein your piece is terrific and we love that you were brave enough to take the bold step, try something completely different and create an abstract piece. For anyone who has tried to achieve this, they will probably agree that it can be very difficult, and often you don’t quite know if what you’re creating is working out until the very end!

Kath Ford from Montmorency in Victoria, Australia has sent us in this fabulous project with the following note:

Hi all, I just want to share this project with you, which I have just given as a gift for a very dear friend for her 60th birthday. It has taken me almost a full year to complete as I work full time. I would like to thank Jane Nicholas for her amazing projects and the Inspirations editors for your fabulous magazine. I have been buying Inspirations from the very first issue in 1993, and am always waiting for the next issue to arrive. Thank you all, Kath.

Kath not only is that an absolute magnificent piece that you have stitched to perfection, you are such a generous person to gift a project that took such a significant time to complete. Very few 60th Birthday presents are as grand as that one! Well done.

One of our regular contributors to Embroidery News, Kathleen Klein has sent in these beautiful Disney Princess-esque quilt blocks she has crafted:

I love crazy quilting, and try to add every kind of fiber, wool, threads, ribbon and beads to all my work. The Crazy Quilt Quarterly by Pamela Kellogg, featured my work in their winter issue. Since then I have decided to add to my collection by making a spring, summer, and autumn crazy quilt block. I used silk shibori ribbon, made beaded Russian leafs for ferns, a butterfly, and more than 60 leaves for the autumn dress. The silk shibori was used for the spring and summer dresses and the autumn tree. Thank you. Kathleen Klein, Michigan, USA.

Kathleen your work is so intricate and yet you have finished so many projects, we don’t know how you find the time to do it all! Lovely work as always, your creativity is exceptional – thank you for sharing.

Our final two submissions this week feature projects from the same designer – Julie Kniedl. If you are not familiar with Julie’s work, you can read more about her projects and the technique she uses ‘three dimensional embroidery’ in EN issue 22 here. First up here’s a terrific re-creation of the project ‘Succulent Spool’ from Inspirations issue #85:

‘I just love your magazine and thought you’d like to see the succulent garden from Inspirations issue 85 which I finished for my “steampunk-ish” daughter as her Christmas gift. Bright Blessings, Veronica

The Rev. Veronica Donohue Chappell Jersey Shore, PA, USA

Veronica that is such a contemporary and stunning gift for your daughter – great thinking! It looks so good, most people would have no idea it was hand made.

Now this from Dianne Polly in Texas, USA:

‘For a recent project, I found a picture of Prince George in his red button-on pants suit, and decided to recreate it.

I used piping instead of the stitching on the collar, as the photo I was working from didn’t give me enough details to figure out how the original was made.

I used imperial broadcloth and now it’s finished it is for my Great Granddaughter’s Hope Chest.

The way my next project came about was, I took my copy of Inspirations to the beauty shop one day and while I was there, my hairdresser fell in love with ‘Briar Rose’ by Julie Kniedl on the cover of issue #87.

I was already looking for an excuse to stitch it, so her interest led me to ordering the kit and I got started. My husband wondered why I needed needlenose pliers/wire cutters to do embroidery! I even had an old thread spool to put it on. Once completed I gave the Briar Rose to my hairdresser and she was thrilled. Now I want to do one for myself. Thank you for your beautiful magazine. Diane'.

Diane we can only imagine how much fun your husband has living with you! First you announce you’re going to make the UK designer Rachel Riley’s outfit for Price George without a pattern, which you did brilliantly, then you perfect Julie Kniedl’s Briar Rose. It’s difficult to tell the difference between yours and Julie’s original! Is there no end to your talent? AMAZING!

What Are YOU Stitching? We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to



The ‘Briar Rose’ was one of our most popular projects featured in Inspirations in 2015.

While we’re still getting up to speed on our newly formed in- house ‘World’s Most Beautiful Kit Department’, we do have 4 Briar Rose kits ready to go now and available for purchase.


Kit contains: fabrics, wire, beads, fibre-fill, threads, needles.
Subscriber price: $46.75
*Please note, the kit does not include the spool.

Click here to order
To browse our complete range of kits, click here.


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beautiful embroidery


What is not to love?


" The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair.."
~ Louise Bourgeois ~



What: The Power of Pattern | The Ayako Mitsui Collection
Where: Art Gallery of South Australia
When: to 13 Mar
Details: Click here

What: A Stitch in Time – Home Sewing Before 1900
Where: Victoria and Albert Museum | London
When: to 1 May
Details: Click here

What: RSN | Peacocks & Pomegranates Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When: 27 Jan to 22 Jul
Details: Click here

What: For Worship & Glory
Where: Chester Cathedral, Chester UK
When: 3 Feb to 28 Feb
Details: Click here

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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