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ISSUE 55  |  July 29, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 55.

Four times a year it is our great privilege to bring a new issue of Inspirations to market. It is such a joy for so many reasons, just one of which is sharing all the new, exciting and inspiring needlework we found for you all.

It’s no secret our team pours many hours of hard work into each issue of Inspirations, but it all starts well before that with our contributors.  The countless hours of design and skilled needlework each of these super star needle artisans put into their projects, make them the amazing creations that we get to celebrate in each issue.

Part of the Inspirations magic is, not only do you get to admire exceptional needlework, you also get us cheering from the sidelines encouraging you to pick up your needle and stitch this yourself.  Every project is painstakingly reverse engineered with a complete list of ingredients and a recipe to follow. 

Now many of you already know all of this… in fact you have a complete collection of all 91 issues of Inspirations to prove it.  And yet after 22 years of publication and more than 700 projects later, we still find something new to show you, something different for you to learn and something marvellous to inspire you to stitch.

Enjoy this week’s EN which we have called ‘The Blanket Show’.

Do you have something to share?  We’d love to hear from you!  Email us at


No doubt you would have heard about the coup d’état that was attempted in Turkey against the government on 15 Jul that ultimately failed. Amidst the uncertainty and terror that would have ensued, Natalia Nyrova - who we’ve met in from ‘Russia with Love’ over the few issues of Embroidery News - shared a photo of Lubov Vavilova who was seen with her embroidery in hand at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport whilst waiting for international flights to recommence.

Evidently her motto must be ‘In any unclear situation, keep calm and stitch!’  


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In the lead up the launch of issue #91 we referenced the theme ‘Timeless Treasures’ and mentioned it’s all about providing inspiration to stitch something for those you treasure, including fabulous ideas for newborns and superb additions for your accessories stash.  This includes not one, but two adorable children’s blankets and the first project we’re taking a behind the scenes look at is ‘Warm Welcome – The Blanket

Warm Welcome’ features an elegant satin stitch monogram which sits at the centre of the blanket, framed by a garland at the base and a crown at the top, making the design perfect for every little prince or princess.

Designed and created by our very own editor-in-chief Susan O’Connor, we caught up with Susan to get the inside scoop on this magnificent project:

‘Warm Welcome is a terrific project for anyone starting out learning satin stitch, as working with wool is a lot more forgiving than cotton.  Because wool is matte, it has no lustre and therefore absorbs the light, conveniently hiding any imperfections, which would be more obvious if using cotton.’

‘The design itself is gender neutral as there are no flowers etc. and it can even be used as a knee blanket and worked in stronger colours such as navy or red for an adult.’

While we had Susan, we just had to ask… did the letter F represent anything of significance for her?

Adeline Fagan

‘Well actually yes it does… the F is for Fagan, as in our stylist and long-time friend Fiona Fagan.  I started stitching it quite some time ago, and only recently finished it, just in time for the arrival of Fiona’s first child Adeline, not knowing at the time I started there would be a baby girl to keep warm during her first winter.’

The lettering used for the F is one of Susan’s favourite fonts ‘French Script’, the complete alphabet for which is included in the pattern sheets with issue #91 for your stitching pleasure.


Warm Welcome’ by Susan O’Connor is featured in Inspirations issue #91.  Complete with project requirements list, detailed step by step instructions and pattern sheet, printed copies of issue #91 are now available to order.

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An Inspirations Ready To Stitch Kit is also available for Warm Welcome.

Kit contains:

Ivory Wool and cashmere velour fabric (100cm x 80cm / 40” x 31.5”)

Ivory Cotton Twill
(1.3m x 112cm / 1yd 16” x 44”)

No. 18 chenille needle
No. 18 tapestry needle

2 x skeins 20g DMC tapestry wool.

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The catalog of exceptional projects created by Susan is prolific. A small gallery of her stunning pieces are now available to purchase as an instant digital download.

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Enjoy a masterclass in Monogramming with Susan’s book Monograms – The Art Of Embroidered Letters.

This beautifully presented volume offers a comprehensive guide to all aspects of applying hand stitched monograms to enhance and personalise modern day items.

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Last week we heard from two members of our Embroidery News Community who both have Ireland in their sights as their next Destination Needlework Adventure. Well, this week we get to point them the right direction to all things needlework inspired!

We heard from Mildred Keyes who shared that ‘unfortunately there is a dearth (a scarcity or lack) of embroidery supply shops. However, there are a few patchwork shops.’

Hickeys Fabrics Galway which is located in the Corbett Court Shopping Centre | Williamsgate Street, Galway.

Knitwits & Crafty Stitchers which can be found at the Liosban Business Park | Tuam Road, Galway.

Rags for Linda which is located at Thornton House | Bealnalappa, Oughterard, County Galway on the N59.

The Crafter’s Basket whose shop is situated on the N15 main Sligo to Donegal Road in Cliffoney.

Carolyn Wood went on to share . . .

‘My late husband was from Northern Ireland and we travelled there on an annual basis, covering most of the island during our trips. It wasn't until I returned on my own a few years ago however that I achieved a bucket list visit to the village of Mountmellick - the home of Mountmellick embroidery. The small museum is well worth the visit as in addition to a nicely presented selection of carefully preserved original items of embroidery, they will play a short film for you outlining the history of the method and they have supplies and books on hand for purchase and is easily reached from Dublin by car.’

More information about the museum is available at

Carolyn went on to add that ‘Ireland is a knitter's paradise with especially lovely wools to be found -sometimes in unexpected places - and particularly on the West coast from Kenmare on the Ring of Kerry in the South, up to Galway and beyond into Sligo with tweeds and arans being the specialties. A ‘too touristy’ looking shop might surprise you with a good selection of lovely knitting yarns, so take the time to look.

Aran & Tweed Yarn

‘For a feast of colour, a visit to Avoca must be had. There are outlets in many locations but if you visit the main mill in Avoca town, County Wicklow - again, not far from Dublin - you'll be able to watch the weavers at work and learn about the history of the company. In all their outlets they have a wonderful offering of specialty foods and gift items. The quality is excellent and it is the perfect spot to stop and rest your weary self with a nice hot cup of tea accompanied by a tasty piece of cake after all your supply hunting. All their locations can be found at The August/September period is an excellent time to travel to Ireland - I do hope you both enjoy your trips and find your stitching joy!’ 

Avoca’s Wares

Now that we’ve got Ireland covered, next week we’ll be pointing Barbara in the right direction to stitching joy in Edinburgh in Scotland, but if you have something you can add to Barbara’s Destination Needlework Adventure, please email us at


Did someone say MORE BLANKETS?

‘Picnic Time’ by Kris Richards

Gorgeous blanket with teddy bear’s picnic embroidered design.

‘Sahara’ By Jenny McWhinney

Blanket featuring an exotic threadpainted camel.

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Inspirations Issue #54 Now Added

Magic Carousel by Kris Richards – issue #54

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This irresistible issue of Inspirations has something for every taste and skill level and is packed with superb embroidery and exquisite gift ideas. 

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Beautiful Needlework.  Sold


It’s ‘Welcome Back’ week for What Are You Stitching, as three of our projects featured are by contributors who we’ve met in previous issues of Embroidery News.

Up first is a continuation of just last week, where we first met Cathy Pratt from Michigan in the USA who is working on some placemats.  Her previous project is in fact an incredibly inventive adaptation of ‘Les Hirondelles’ by Catherine Laurencon from issue #89:

‘Ever since I laid my eyes on the beautiful swallows in Inspirations 89, I knew I had to embroider them somewhere.  But I am always looking for new ways to use embroidery instead of just hanging it on the wall, and it took me a while to find where I could put those lovely birds. 

Then I came across a pair of plain white jeans that were in desperate need of embellishment, and knew I had my answer.

Thank you for always sharing such inspiring projects in the magazine and the newsletter!’

Very clever Cathy… we love your thinking.  They are some mighty fine designer jeans you have created there, quite the envy of Michigan no doubt.  Great job.

Roma Crowhurst from Adelaide, Australia appeared in EN 20 with her splendid ‘Gang-Gang Cockatoo’ and this week has another inventive piece for us to enjoy:

‘Needlework and patchwork quilting are my passions so here I have managed to combine them both in this recent project of mine.

The centre is a Hazel Blomkamp piece from Inspirations and the triangles and hexagons are paper pieced and appliquéd.’

What a striking quilt Roma, just amazing.  Fantastic selection of colours that blend everything together and a brilliant way of combining embroidery and patchwork.

Rita Misfud from Malta has appeared in EN 28 and 35, this week she has used her needlework skills to add some beauty to her bathroom:

‘Dear Embroidery News, I wish to share with you a project that I made of a curtain worked with shadow embroidery.  It is not difficult to do and I enjoyed doing it especially when I saw it finished.  This curtain was put in a bathroom since it is shorter than a regular curtain normally is, this is so I can put things on the window sill without it falling on them.  I hope that you like it as much as I do. Best regards, Rita.’

Very pretty Rita, isn’t it amazing what a difference some stitched embellishment can make.  From ordinary to extraordinary in just a few stitches!  Ok… more than a few!  But the end result sure is worth it.

Now let’s meet someone new… Natalia Frank is from Washington State, USA and she has been kind enough to share her award winning rug with us:

‘Dear Embroidery News, I specialize in petit point in miniature and would love to share my latest miniature rug that I designed, charted and stitched. I called it TREE OF LIFE.

Front side of rug

Including the fringe it measures 7 5/8" x 9" (19.5 x 23 cm) and is stitched on 56 count silk gauze with fine Tudor Gloriana silk floss, 89 colors (93 skeins). It has total of 180,600 tiny stitches, 468 ends form the fringes on 2 sides of the rug. It took me 11 weeks and 1 day to finish stitching, and then 6 days more went for blocking, finishing the edges and fringing the carpet. I spent from 8 to 12 hours daily working on the rug.

Back of rug

Tree of Life won the 1st prize in Perfection Miniature Award held at the Kensington Dollhouse Festival in London in May, 2016. I enjoyed working on this rug a lot! It was a lot of fun. Thank you, Natalia.

Natalia hands down you win this week’s dedication to the cause award for committing that much time every day to bringing your miniature rug to life.  Incredible!  And a huge congratulations on winning that award, we’re not surprised through, this really is a spectacular piece you have created and worthy of many accolades, so well done.

What Are YOU Stitching?  We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to


If you loved the Swallows Cathy Pratt embroidered onto her white jeans above, the good news is kits for the project ‘Les Hirondelles’ from issue #89 are still available.

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‘Spring Delight’ by Margaret Light

Beautiful dogwood wreath stitched with crewel wools.

‘Hana’ by Merrilyn Whittle

Scissor fob with Japanese bead embroidery

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Last week’s issue of Embroidery News asked you to stay tuned for what the Golden Needle Club from Khabarovsk in Russia are doing to prepare for their Arts & Crafts Exhibition in 2017 and how they’d like to involve you. So, without further ado this is what Natalia had to share . . .

‘We have already started preparing for our regular local Arts & Crafts Exhibition for 2017. Usually held at the end of April / beginning of May, we have an idea to organise a virtual exhibition that we would love members of the Embroidery News Community to be involved in. Individual embroiderers and lace makers may be interested in entering. Entry is free and we ask that they send us photos of their work, as well as photos of them with their work.

Prizes designed by Iraida Zubareva

We will print these photos to make an album which will serve as the virtual exhibition at our stall in the Arts & Craft Exhibition. They should also send some information about themselves and their work. The deadline for submitting photos is the 1 Apr ‘17. Our Club will provide prizes of Russian bobbin lace patterns which have been designed by Iraida Zubareva.’

Prizes designed by Iraida Zubareva

With plenty of time between now and 1 Apr, we’d love to hear about what you’re planning to enter, so why not email us at! 


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Don’t forget World Embroidery Day is tomorrow Saturday July 30th so take up your needles, hit the streets and show the world what real stitching is all about.



‘Sitting Pretty’ by Phyllis Maurer

Kogin style embroidered chair pad or cushion.

‘Lavender Delight’ by Marie Suarez

Dainty embroidered sachet with monogram.

> Click HERE to purchase:


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By Chloe Giordano


 By Ruth Norbury


Delightful embroidery 


" Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love."
~ Unknown ~


What: The Embroiderers Guild of WA | Stitch in the City
Where: Woogies Espresso | King’s Square Perth, Western Australia
When: Tuesdays 11:30 to 1:30
Details: Tracey Hollands – or 0478 635 850

What: 62 Group of Textile Artists Exhibition | Making Spaces
Where: The Silk Museum | Roe Street Macclesfield, UK
When: to 3 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Wollongong Group of the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition | Through the Eye of the Needle
Where: Wollongong Art Gallery | Burelli Street Wollongong, New South Wales
When: to 11 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Shoreline Stitchers’ Showcase | CALL FOR ENTRIES!
Where: South Coast Botanic Garden | 26300 Crenshaw Blvd Palos Verdes Peninsula, California
When: 1 & 2 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: Making the Australian Quilt: 1800 to 1950
Where: National Galley of Victoria Australia | Federation Square – Flinders Street & Russell Street Melbourne, Victoria
When: 22 Jul to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: The Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair
Where: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre | 1 Convention Centre Place South Wharf, Victoria
When: 28 Jul to 31 Jul
Details: Click HERE

What: Embroiderers’ Guild of Queensland | Southport Branch Quilt Show
Where: Guild House | Mick Veivers Way, Southport
When: 5 to 6 Aug

What: The Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair
Where: Exhibition Park | Flemington Road & Northbourne Avenue Mitchell, ACT
When: 11 to 14 Aug
Details: Click HERE

What: Slipstitch
Where: Castlemaine Art Galley & Historical Museum | 14 Lyttleton Street Castlemaine, Victoria
When: 20 Aug to 24 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: NSW Embroiderers’ Guild | State Exhibition
Where: Masonic Hall | 315 Concord Road Concord West, New South Wales
When : 26 to 28 Aug
Details: Click HERE

What: Ighali 2016 | Stitching in Paradise
Where: Belvidere Manor Hotel | 169 Lower Duthie Drive Knysna, South Africa
When: 25 to 29 Aug
Details: Click HERE

What: 2016 Buda Contemporary Textiles Exhibition 2016
Where: 27 Aug to 10 Sep
When: Buda Historic Home & Garden | 42 Hunter Street Castlemaine, Victoria
Details: Click HERE

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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