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ISSUE 23  |   November 13, 2015

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Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 23

Embroidery News readers, this week you are in for a real treat. Everyone in our community is just so amazing; the amount of creativity, skill, ingenuity and dedication to the craft that you all demonstrate when it comes to needlework projects is just… well… words are rather inadequate so we’ll just have to use BEAUTIFUL!

While this week we’re referring to the incredible Christmas projects you have sent in for ‘What Are You Stitching’ below, it’s more than just that. Every week we are overwhelmed with your thanks, feedback, suggestions, helpful answers and, of course, your wonderful projects.

So thank you, you are all truly amazing.

Prancer’ by Trish Burr issue #88

This issue of Embroidery News is all about ‘Celebrating Christmas’ so grab your egg nog and climb aboard Santa’s sleigh as we take you around the world and see who’s been naughty in their stitching and who’s been stitching nice!

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we’d love to hear from you.


If you haven’t purchased a copy of Inspirations #88Celebrate’ yet, you probably haven’t seen these totally adorable Reindeers that were used as props for the project ‘Prancer’ by Trish Burr.

To let you in on a little secret there were actually only two of these guys and our graphic designer extraordinaire, Lynton, used the ‘Dolly The Sheep’ cloning machine and cleverly made it look like we had a whole herd! While these guys are very cute, the real hero is, of-course, the actual project itself.

Trish has depicted the most stylish reindeer of them all ‘Prancer’ in her fabulous ‘Shades of Whitework’ palette incorporating gentle tones of grey and gold with a variety of white threads. Definitely a must have project to add to your Christmas needlework list. Single copies of Inspirations issue #88 are available for purchase here.

Kits for this project are also available for pre-order here.

Prancer’ Inspirations #88


Rejoice issue 47.

Last week Sue selected a shimmering bright Christmas bell ornament called ‘Rejoice’ to share with us and wow, was it popular! If you missed it, you can check out Embroidery News 21 here.

In keeping with our ‘Celebrate Christmas’ theme for this week, Sue has chosen something from another Inspirations Christmas issue, #60. Over to you Sue…

‘Selecting the project for this week was easy… firstly anything I select from Inspirations #60 is sure to please because it has so many popular projects in it and was a really sensational issue. Secondly anytime a project is called ‘Jingle Bells’ it’s hard to go wrong with that name! Plus add Jenny McWhinney and thread painting into the mix and what’s not to like?

Jingle Bells by Jenny McWhinney is just one of those stand out Christmas projects you just want to make yourself. When it was first released, the classes Jenny held to teach it just sold out, filled up and booked out over and over again.

Jingle Bells – Inspirations #60

Also, a lot of people had some really creative ideas on how to customise it. I remember one lady created a blue one and a pink one for her two grandchildren, someone made it into a sack instead of a stocking, another stitched it onto a cushion and I even saw it framed hanging on a wall one time.

All in all it’s just a great project to bring Christmas cheer to all who see it. I hope it does to you as well.’

As always Sue, you really have come up with something special – what a super cute project Jenny has created.

More information about Inspirations #60 is below, including details on how to purchase printed copies of this really terrific issue – in fact Sue tells us her selection for next week is also from issue #60, so that must make it a double special issue!

Purchase your printed copy of Inspirations issue #60 today. This fabulous issue includes the following projects:

Inspirations issue #60
Order online now by clicking here.

Sealed with A Loving Stitch
fun needlework ‘Mail Art’

Tetouan Sachet
embroidered Moroccan sachet

superbly elegant cushion

For Love of Knitting
stunning needle cases

Hungarian Bouquet
Kalocsa style doily

Gone Fishing
Amazing thread painted blanket

Natures Larder
Exquisite stumpwork brooch and pot

Jingle Bells
joyful Christmas stocking

A Bush Christmas
cute koala Christmas decorations

Bundles Of Joy
two adorable baby bags.


Not that any of us need much of a reason to break out the needle and thread and stitch up a storm, but it is fair to say Christmas does provide some compelling motivation to both begin and (most importantly) finish some rather magical projects. Come with us as we enter a stitching wonderland while our community treats us to a ‘Christmas Needlework Spectacular’.

Our first stop is Ontario, Canada, where Barbara makes us giggle as she explains how much she doesn’t enjoy the technique she is working with, yet perseveres with this massive project anyway!

‘This is a photo of a Christmas project that I have been working on for 3 years. I don't enjoy cross-stitch so do not do much of it as I'm a hardanger and threadpainter gal; hence the delay! However I have committed to finishing this for this Christmas. I am working on a pattern for the bottom part to be done in hardanger, not the lacy cross stitch in the pattern.

I enjoy receiving your newsletter and I can't breathe without Inspirations magazine nearby! Barbara Dietrich’

Well Barbara there is no doubt you will have to be congratulated for your perseverance under duress… 3 years is a long time to be slaving away, so we called up our ‘Chief Embroidery Encourager’ Norma’s Husband to ring his Christmas bell and cheer you on! May you finally finish your cross stitch in time for this Christmas.

Now we are going to visit Mary Anne Richardson who is using existing materials within a limited space and yet achieving amazing results….

'Hi there, I noticed you were looking for Christmas projects so here you go!
This piece was worked using a lot of waste canvas and cross stitching and will ultimately become a pillow cover. I plan to make a piece for each season and change them out. I live in a small apartment and don't have room to store large things like pillows, so making interchangeable covers is the way to go!

I really enjoy receiving Embroidery News each week (along with Inspirations magazine). It's wonderful to be inspired by the beautiful stitching that is happening around our world. Cheers, Mary Anne '

Thank you Mary Anne, make sure you send us a photo of the end result as no doubt it will add a lot of colour and flair to your apartment when finished.

Next up is one of Santa’s favourite destinationsEngland. Vicky has invited us over to see firsthand some of the gorgeous stitching she gets up to for her annual Christmas projects.

'Dear Inspirations / Embroidery News, you asked about Christmas items, well every Christmas I create a new embroidery piece which my husband photographs and adds to our greetings card on his computer. Last year I used ‘Partridge in a Pear Tree’ as my theme using an image from the Internet as a guide. My own favourite is my 2008 interpretation of our front door decked out for Christmas. Christmas trees have been a recurring theme – I had fun with the 2012 one using different stitches for the separate sections, but by far the most popular amongst ‘ordinary’ people and embroiderers alike is that for which I used different techniques for each of the twelve trees in 2005.

Best wishes, Vicky Jackson Church Crookham, England.

PS. Hope to see you all next year at Beating around the Bush – my 80th birthday treat!'

Vicky these pieces really are lovely…tasteful, contemporary and the colour palates are just perfect. What a terrific idea to stitch a new project every year and then print them as your personalised designer Christmas cards. Please do come to ‘Beating Around The Bush 2016’, we’d love to celebrate your 80th with you.

No time to stop, now it’s off to the US of A so Tom can tell us all about the amazing project that has been carefully planned out and worked on all year to ensure it’s ready for the big day on Dec 25th.

‘Good morning, I've been a subscriber to "Inspirations" for the last 2 years and thoroughly enjoy the magazine, as well as the newsletters. Some of the creativity presented is just extraordinary!

I have included some photos of a Christmas Tree Skirt I completed just in time for the upcoming Holiday season. I found the example in an old second hand machine embroidery magazine purchased just last year from Australia which is about 20 years old. I fell in love with the idea of all the Santas, yet wanted to complete it as a hand embroidery project. I started pulling my materials together and then began working on them in January 2015. Each Santa took about 3 weeks to complete, and due to work commitments I could only dedicate Sunday afternoons to work on it. I knew each Santa had to take only a month each so that I could get them finished by October leaving enough time to back them and complete the skirt for use this Christmas. I have since retired which helped greatly to get the skirt completed on time! :-)

There are a combination of stitches in each one - split stitch, short and long, Turkey rug, couching, straight and outlining stitches. This was a fun project for me and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Thank you and keep up the GREAT work! Tom Shaw-Gardner, Trenton New Jersey, USA’

Tom – you are a super star! What a brilliant project and well done for getting it finished ahead of schedule. You might have to leave the Christmas tree up well into the New Year just so everyone can admire your gorgeous needlework in what would have to be the best decorated tree in your city.

We’re off again, this time down under to Australia to drop in on Karen Mullan where she has created a spectacular technicolour Santa coat…

I love getting ‘Embroidery News’ and seeing what is being made. You asked for Christmas stitches so I thought you might like this one. This is the St Nicholas I made for last Christmas. The photo of the framed picture is a piece I stitched for a friend about 15 years ago, and I used this as Inspiration to create a real coat. The Santa coat itself is stitched on 14 count Aida with three threads so it covered the Aida completely. I got bored doing just patches, so by the time I did the sleeves I started adding houses and rainbows etc, then the back WAS going to be plain red and gold. Then I remembered this Kaffe Fasset design for a gentleman’s waistcoat I saw once so I cut and joined the pattern, and adlibbed a bit. The final version was all worked with the big collection of un-numbered threads I had and the 'doll' was a Father Christmas originally dressed in gold which I re-purposed as the lining of the coat. I was on a long trip to UK and Europe so this was stitched around the world. Karen - Murray Bridge, South Australia.'

Ok – firstly Karen we are amazed at how similar the coat you created is to the framed piece you stitched 15 years ago. Anyone would have thought you did it the other way around. Secondly, we had someone send in a special request to pass on for you…

Karen we’ve got his email address to send you if you can help him out at all…. :)

From one stylin’ coat to another, this time for a well dressed Koala as he gets ready to celebrate Christmas outback style thanks to Yvonne.

‘I have just completed this little koala, which was in Inspirations Issue 60 titled "A Bush Christmas" by Beth Allen. I think he is very cute and I am going to do some more so that I can put them in with my Christmas presents. I have more than one Inspirations projects on the go at the moment, including Flowers for Grandma from Issue 39 and Trés Belle from Issue 84. I have been a great fan of your magazine for a long time, only missing a couple of the early issues, and have completed many projects. Yvonne Howard in sunny Urunga, New South Wales, Australia.’

That is adorable Yvonne! Also it just so happens that as you mentioned, this project is from Inspirations #60 which is the same issue Sue’s special project comes from. So for anyone looking to make a friend for Yvonne’s Koala, you can purchase a copy of issue #60 here.

‘A Bush Christmas’ – Inspirations #60

For our final stop on this ‘Christmas Needlework Spectacular’ we zip across to Belgium to admire these divine lace Christmas baubles from Christiane Paris whom we first met in Embroidery News 14. We’ll let Christiane tell you a little about her amazing needlework in her native language:

‘Noël !

Hello! Voici une application de la broderie de Cilaos et ou de Fuerteventura.
Christiane Paris – Belgique’

Thank you Christiane and to everyone who sent in their Christmas projects for this special ‘What Are You Stitching’. There are still a few more issue of Embroidery News left before the end of the year, so if you have a Christmas project you would like to send in, or any projects at all for that matter, we’d love to see them.

What are YOU stitching?
Send us your photos, details about your project, where you live and a little about yourself to:


Looking for some Christmas projects to stitch?

A Christmas Carol’ by Susan O’Connor
Issue 72 – Christmas Sampler
Purchase Digital Download here

Kris Kringle’ by Heather Scott
Issue 72 – Christmas Pouch
Purchase Digital Download here

Stitch Craft Create AU/NZ – Christmas Issue Out Now!

Our final issue in our ‘Stitch Craft Create AU/NZ’ series has just been released. Issue 05 is the Holiday Issue featuring over 50 festive projects ranging from sewing and stitching, to paper craft, beading, crochet and even cake decorating.

Over the past 18 months it has been our privilege to have released 5 of these brilliant magazines which offer projects that are a perfect introduction to craft for your kids or grandkids. Families have been raving about how much fun it has been working on these easy, quick and extremely popular projects.

Check out our website to buy single copies of each issue and to find out more about what’s inside here

Stitch Craft Create NZ/AU Issue 05


Over the last couple of weeks, we started conversations with both Louise and Carol.

Louise was seeking some suggestions for her upcoming trip to Japan and Carol was looking for ways to solve an annoying rust problem that had surfaced on a cross stitch project.

This week we continue both conversations with the next installment of responses from our Embroidery News Community.

Firstly, back to Japan for Louise . . . Sally Randle has just returned from Japan after visiting Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo and discovered the following shops that are well worth a visit :

> Hobbyra Hobbyre which can be found in both Osaka and Tokyo stock a gorgeous range of embroidery kits.

> The Misuyabari Needle Shop in the Shinkyogoku arcade in Kyoto stock a range of handcrafted needles and decorative pins which Sally declares are beautiful to use!

> Tilia - located in the suburbs of Tokyo at 14-5 Nishi Gotanda 4-Chōme, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 1410031 - have a focus on both elaborate bead embroidery and gorgeous Goldwork.

> Hendrika, who posed Vienna as our destination travel location in Issue 14 of Embroidery News, declares the Nishijin Textile Centre as her ‘must see’ location for anyone who finds themselves in or around Kyoto! The centre has a detailed and informative display of silk manufacturing – from the growing of the silk worms right through to the processing of the cocoons and the spinning of the silk. Nishijin also offers silk offcuts that have been used in traditional Kimono manufacture for sale.

Again Louise, we do hope Sally’s and Hendrika’s suggestions continue to set you on your way as you travel Japan!

Now back to Carol’s rust dilemma from last week . . . just in case our suggestions from last week’s issue of Embroidery News are yet to produce the results you were hoping for, here is the next installment of suggestions from our community:

> Potassium Hydrogen Oxalate - commonly known as Salts of Lemon - and available from chemists, can be dabbed directly onto the rust stains then ensuring the fabric is thoroughly rinsed after application.

> Susan from Washington State USA had some success using her special ‘formula’ of cold water, dishwashing liquid and Oxi Clean. Susan fills a tub with 4 to 8 litres (1 to 2 gallons) of water, a few squirts of dishwashing liquid and 1 to 2 capfuls of Oxi Clean. She then submerges the fabric, massages the stained area gently and leaves the fabric to soak for several hours. The process can be repeated as required with adding a smidgeon of bleach, ensuring it is well mixed with the soaps. Once the fabric has been rinsed well, it can then be stretched over a towel and left to dry.

> Ria from Holland suggests visiting a Dry Cleaner who may be able to remove the rust stains with a Steam Blower.

> CR18’s Rust & Iron Mould Remover – available from - can be applied directly to the rust stain, however as it is a corrosive product, needs to be thoroughly rinsed from the fabric afterwards.



Kits are now online here. Kits for the projects featured in Inspirations issue #88 have now been added to our website for pre-order. We are still working through the sourcing and fulfilment delays and we do thank everyone for your patience. At this stage for all orders outside Australia, kits are expected to arrive to you early January 2016.

For orders shipped within Australia, we are endeavouring to arrange delivery before Christmas.

Updates will be available each week, so we’ll keep you posted, in the meantime if you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime at


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Inspirations issue 88


12 Days Of Christmas Ornaments

Susan O’Connor has created two gorgeous Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree this year.

On The Second’ day has just been released in Inspirations #88 and is the second in the 12 Days Of Christmas series she is working on.

True Love’ is the first ornament and is now available for purchase as an instant digital download.

Purchase ‘True Love’ here.
Purchase a printed single issue of #88 here.


Poppies are just stunning 





Whitework seahorse


" I relish the hours of repetitive and meditative hand stitching."
~ Salley Mavor ~



What: The Royal School of Needlework | Exquisite Whitework
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When: to 1 Dec
Details: Click here

What: Art Quilt Australia Exhibition
Where: National Wool Museum, Geelong Victoria
When: to 11 Dec
Details: Click here & here

What: Tasmanian Art Quilt Prize Exhibition 2015 | ‘History, Her Story’
Where: Narryna House, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery @ Battery Point, Hobart
When: 6 to 22 Nov
Details: Click here

What: ‘Filament’ of the Embroiderers’ Guild of NSW | Landscape Values Exhibition
Where: St Vincent’s Public Hospital in Darlinghurst NSW
When: 26 Nov
Details: Click here

What: Albury Wodonga Doll Bear & Hobby Show
Where: Mirambeena Community Centre, North Albury NSW
When: 29 & 29 Nov
Details: Click here

What: The Embroiderers’ Guild of Queensland | Christmas Craft Fair
Where: 149 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley, Queensland Australia
When: 29 Nov

What: Slipstitch
Where: Swan Hill Regional Galley, Victoria Australia
When: 1 Dec to 26 Jan
Details: Click here

What: Christmas | Embroidery @ Fed Square
Where: Federation Square, Melbourne Australia
When: 7 Dec
Details: Click here

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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