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ISSUE 13   |   September 4, 2015

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 13. The earth is an amazing place, full of wondrous creations and a rich source of inspiration for beautiful things to stitch. Right now as you are reading this, the change of season into either Spring or Fall/Autumn is upon us.

So how does the change of season affect you? Or perhaps a better question is how does it affect your stitching? Do you use the cooler weather as an excuse to stay indoors and stitch? Or are you looking forward to that spot in the warm sun to sew the day away?

Do you have something you can share with the Inspirations community? We’d love to hear from you, please email us at

We’ve got all the seasons covered in this week’s Embroidery News as we continue with our review of projects from the newly released Inspirations #87, plus as promised, Norma’s husband is back and this time he’s gone all official on us to keep everyone’s needles sharp in ‘What Are You Stitching?’ and ‘Can You Help?’ is full of places to visit on your stitching holidays.


Christine’s shout out to The Embroidery News Community regarding needlework & dress fabric stores in both Lisbon & Madrid inspired Sally to respond as she is currently in Madrid.

Sally has a timely reminder for us in that many of the stores close in August for their holidays, and also recommended visits to Yolanda Andres’ site here for her gorgeous hand embroidery & Carmen Maria Mayz’s website here for her inspiring application of beads & goldwork onto wedding gowns & accessories.

It turns out that Victoria from Illinois, who we heard from last week, also has a wealth of information on Portugal! Whilst she hasn’t found any needlework stores in Lisbon, she recommends a visit to Arraiolos Trevo which is a carpet store that sells handmade rugs.

She was taken by how delightful the people were and loved being able to watch the girls stitching the rugs which was a true joy for a needlework lover such as herself! Their treasure trove of gorgeous carpets can be seen here.

Victoria also mentioned that, if time allows, a visit to the Alentejo Countryside and especially the little town of Arraiolos is a needleworkers’ destination if ever there was one! Victoria relished the opportunity to visit their numerous carpet stores, watch the ladies who sit outside and stitch and even commented on the delicious food & wine that can be found in the region!

Thank you Victoria – it looks like you are quickly becoming our go-to-girl on all things ‘destination needlework’ inspired!

This week we have another ‘destination needlework’ question from Beverly who is traveling to Idaho in the USA in the next few weeks and is hoping to find needlework stores in the Boise / McCall area.

Later in the year, Beverly is also taking a cruise that will stop in San Juan, Charlotte Amalie & Nassau and would welcome any ideas our readers have on either needlework or quilting places of interest in these destinations.

Over to you Embroidery News readers – we’d love you to be a part of this ‘Can You Help?’ conversation!

We look forward to hearing from you . . .


With so many outstanding projects in Issue #87 it was very hard to choose which one to feature in Embroidery News this week. To complement the change of season that September brings, we thought it very fitting to look at the project aptly called ‘Seasons’ by Betsy Morgan. This delightful pin cube and scissor fob is stitched using six softly coloured linen fabrics and a rainbow of silk and cotton threads, with the four seasons represented on the four sides of the cube with evocative motifs and colours.

Our creative team did an outstanding job capturing all the hallmark tones and textures synonymous with each season in these stunning photographs.

Issue #87 also features an article on the extremely talented designer Betsy Morgan, who has been a long-time friend and contributor to Inspirations. Betsy’s trademark scissors keeps, fobs, pin cushions, etui’s and more have seen over 10 of her projects published in Inspirations over the years and she is also a regular tutor at Beating Around The Bush.

If you love the ‘Seasons’ project as much as we do, don’t forget you can purchase all the projects featured in Issue #87 as ready to stitch kits.  Click here to find out more.

One of the other reasons we chose ‘Seasons’ to include this week, is we have a great behind the scenes secret moment to share with you, where our editor Susan O’Connor is creating artificial snow using Lux soap flakes. Next time you see that photo of the winter panel in Issue #88 with its intricate needlework in all its glossy high definition printed glory, all you’ll probably notice is the soap flakes!


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One of the most satisfying experiences any stitcher can enjoy, is that exhilarating feeling of completing the final stitch of a project and then taking a moment to admire our accomplishments. Let us not forget however, not all projects get to enjoy this accolade. Many still lie in wait, even to this day, hoping desperately for their artist to return and continue the work they once began.

At Embroidery News we have been doing our part to encourage and inspire stitchers to dust off their UFO’s and get back on it. When things get bad, we call upon Norma’s husband to give us a boost and this week he’s back with a new official title which is.

Chief Embroidery Encourager!

It does appear he’s dropped the ball at home however, as we start this week with an unfinished piece from Norma herself. Norma begins by sharing the reaction from her husband after his new title is revealed:

'I have just read out my husband’s new title and he is beaming, of course he is delighted to be Chief Embroidery Encourager! He is now gently persuading me to finish the hand sewn quilt I have been working on for 14 (yes, fourteen) years! Photo of which is attached. He says he loves to see my joy and satisfaction when a project is finally completed! (And if I spend hours embroidering/sewing/painting I can’t complain too much if he plays a round of golf!)'

Well Norma it looks like you have some quilting to do! As your husband would say… Keep On Stitching!

Another ‘Not Yet Finished’ confession comes from Beryl Ambler in South Yorkshire, UK who has a terrific project in the making she shares with us:

'I started this project of Jenny McWhinney’ s ‘Monet et le Papier Jaune’ from Issue 51 some years ago as it was going to be the 1st birthday present for my Australian friends 2nd Grand Daughter.

I hate to say she is now 7 and it is still not finished even though I have finished other projects. I had already made the 1 2 3 book from a previous issue for her older sister but just never got around to finishing the second. Maybe now is the time! Regards Beryl'

Well Beryl, we think you are doing a superb job and you have come so far… yes NOW IS THE TIME to finish it!

In fact just for you, Norma’s husband took a moment out of his day off at the beach to send you this message…

For those not familiar with the Monet et le Papier Jaune (Monet and the Yellow Paper) project by Jenny McWhinney which appeared in Inspirations Issue 51 ... it is a gorgeous stitched book encompassing 16 pages with hand stitched text and illustrations plus a carry bag. Now we do have limited stock of Inspirations Issue #51 still available for purchase, so if you would like to buy a copy email us at

To wrap up our ‘Un-Finished Objects’ for this week, we have a good news story. Sue Blackwood from Alberta, Canada sent us an email titled ‘Thanks to Norma’s husband...’ where she showed us her finished swan cross stitched cushion that had been neglected until Norma’s husband came on the scene. Good on you Sue for getting the job done and good on you Norma’s husband for encouraging everyone to Keep ON Stitching ... it’s working!

Before Encouragement

After Encouragement

Now for something special from Anuradha Jain all the way from New Delhi in India:

'Hi, I'm a subscriber from New Delhi, India, and love your magazine. It feels so good to be part of such a large and loving family!! A few years ago, I bought Diana Lampe's book on embroidered pansies from your online store and inspired by the beautiful projects you feature in Inspirations regularly, decided to make myself a wall clock.

I chose my pansies (although I played around with the colours a bit), and my daughter drew the stems and leaves. The fabric is raw silk, which I have embellished with sequins. I hope you like it!'

Thank you Anuradha, your clock looks terrific and indeed we like it a lot! We love having you as part of the Inspirations family and we really love that you could work on this project with your daughter.

Rita Coulter from Bundaberg Queensland, Australia has been busy stitching away re-creating some superb projects from Inspirations as she explains below:

'Thank you for your interesting newsletters. I have just happily completed the thread painted butterfly from Issue 85 and recently enjoyed the Jacobean project from Issue 70. Looking forward to Issue 87. Warm Wishes from Rita Coulter.'

Wow Rita, we love all the Inspirations projects you’ve completed, what an amazing effort! Great work indeed.

Finally this week we another prolific stitcher to showcase for you. Lois Woollams lives in Pelican Point Western Australia where she says the sunsets are magnificent… well something is certainly giving her incredible inspiration because her work is amazing!

‘Over the past 12 months I have been concentrating on "Thread Painting" with beautiful silk threads and "plagiarising" some of the great masters The horse is Rex who belongs to my son. I am obsessed with embroidery but a little frustrated because I don’t have technical skills, hence the odd shapes of these little embroideries prior to framing. I have taught myself from books and from the "Inspirations" magazine.

I am retired from working and now follow my passion of sewing, natural fabrics and silk thread, and off to France next week to join a 12 day embroidery tour to learn from the experts. I hope you enjoy my little adventure in the arts.'

Thank you for sharing all your work Rita – it really is excellent and you are a terrific stitcher. We look forward to seeing some of your work from your trip to France.

What are YOU stitching?

Send us your photos, details about your project, where you live and a little about yourself to:


Adorable Bedspread 


Blue Bird Embroidery


Wonderful Art


"Stitching keeps our souls content."
~ Sharon Shetley of Threads in Bloom - Embroidery News Subscriber from Modesto California USA ~


What: Threads of Power Exhibition – Rare 16th Century Tapestries
When: until 20 Sep
Where: The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria
Details: Click Here
Additional Details: Check out this blog for a detailed review of the exhibition here

Where: The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria
Details: Click Here
Additional Details: Check out this blog here for a detailed review of the exhibition

What: Casual Canvas Work | Embroidery @ Fed Square
Where: Federation Square, Melbourne Australia
When: 7 Sep
Details: Click Here

What: The Embroiders’ Art
Where: Estuary Arts Centre – 214A Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, New Zealand
When: 10 to 27 Sep (0900 to 1600 & 27 Sep 0900 to 1400)
Details: ANZEG Northern North Island Regional Biennial Exhibition showcasing over 100 exhibits interpreting the themes ‘Beneath the Surface’ & ‘The Strange Case of the Missing Stitch’.

What: Embroiderers’ Guild ACT Annual Exhibition
When: 11 – 13 September
Where: Albert Hall Canberra, Australia
Details: On display will be a variety of traditional and contemporary needlework as well as, items created for the Recycle Challenge, “Gadgets” that make our stitching easier; and a storyboard display and demonstration by Guild members, featuring elements similar to those in “Princess Charlotte’s Blanket”.
Contact: or on Facebook here

What: MAIWA Textile Symposium
Where: Vancouver, BC Canada
When: Sep | Oct | Nov
Details: Click Here

What Else Is On??

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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