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ISSUE 110 | OCTOBER 6, 2017

Hi <<First Name>>,

A Time To Stitch…

October ushers in a change of seasons - in the northern hemisphere the leaves are falling while the southern regions are bursting with blossoms. And so it is with life, just as you’re enjoying one season, an October or an April comes along and everything changes, sometimes for good, sometimes not so good.

Through it all though, we stitch. We stitch in the good times, the bad times and the in-between times. We always have a story to tell, a project to bring to life or a gift to make for someone in need.

The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes says it like this:
A time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to tear, and a time to sew; A time to keep silence, and A time to speak

The key words we highlighted here are: Keep, Tear, Sew and Speak. That is to say, we love to Keep all the treasures we find, Tear the fabric to size ready for our next project, Sew, sew and sew some more, and Speak to anyone and everyone who will listen about how much we enjoy needlework!

Whatever season you find yourself in, may your needle and thread be your constant.

How has stitching helped you in the different seasons of life? We’d love to hear about it, email us at


One of our absolute favourite parts of creating Embroidery News is sharing your stories in ‘Benefits of Needlework’ where testimony, after testimony prove there is something very special about stitching.  Here is Hazel Cook’s story…

‘Hello, I have been reading an earlier issue of Embroidery News (EN #43) where Luzia from Brazil was embroidering her way through her husband's illness (my prayers have been for her strength and for his return to good health, God answers prayer!). 


Luzia Alves – Embroidery News #43

Luzia’s story prompted me to send some photos of projects from my own embroidery story, which also came from illness.

When my 12-year-old daughter, Wendy, was diagnosed with a brain tumour, I asked my friend if she had a little craft I could take with me as I waited in the various places that one inevitably arrives at. She suggested making some little octagonal fabric shapes to eventually stitch something together, which at the time was perfect. 

Many cushions, make-up bags and even a quilt later, my interest and improving skills led me to the challenge of re-creating the cushions ‘For Love of Roses’ from Inspirations #38, plus a tiny mouse and teeny teddies.

From there my friend Sue Martin, who is an incredibly kind and gifted woman, helped me continue my needlework journey. Above and below are some projects I completed which were designed by Sue, plus a pic of my knitted beaded purse I thought you might like to see.

Wendy has been ill for thirty-one years now, she is a joy to care for and the pleasure of embroidery is also ongoing. 

Thank you for including so many varieties of needlework in your publications, it is an immense pleasure to see Embroidery News pop up each week in my inbox.’

Kind regards, Hazel Cook | Western Australia

So wonderful to hear how stitching has become a part of both you and your daughter’s life Hazel – you have managed to find the joy amongst the heartache and your strength in continuing to care for Wendy while at the same time making the world more beautiful through your stitching, is remarkable. Thank you for sharing.



The 2018 catalogue for the international needlework convention ‘Beating Around the Bush’ hosted by Inspirations is now available.

Join us in Adelaide, South Australia on October 3rd to 10th next year as we let beautiful take over and enjoy endless days of stitching with your choice of 18 elite needlework tutors, teaching over 50 exquisite projects.

If you are interested in attending, we’d LOVE to host you! Here is how it works:


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Peruse the catalogue in print or digital, marvel at all the projects, be amazed at the calibre of the tutors and ponder how you can clone yourself to do them all! 


With your preferred project selections on hand, secure your place when registration opens on February 5th 2018, where classes will be allocated on a first come basis.


Once registration opens, onsite accommodation is available, or book a hotel nearby and lock in your flights, then make your way to Immanuel College in Adelaide, South Australia from October 3rd to 10th 2018 and the Inspirations team look forward to seeing you there!


Since launching our new segment ‘Have Your Say’ we have received a wealth of feedback with fascinating responses coming in from our community all around the world. So much so it presented a new problem for us to solve… how best to share all your wonderful opinions and ideas with everyone else. 

We decided that for some of the topics we would collate the emails received and publish them as a PDF file to download, so those who are interested can read the responses in full. You’ll see a link to our first PDF below.

We start off this week, by answering Pamela Waters question from EN 106, about where to find the following pair of scissors we pictured:

Response from Deborah DeBauche:

‘I purchased that pair of Wasa scissors from Silent Stitches about 8 months ago. Their website is HERE. Deborah DeBauche.’

Response from Kelvin Martin:

‘I found a pair of scissors with sheath that look the same as the ones Pamela is looking for, it’s available on the ETSY shop Solingen Embossed Embroidery Scissors with Embossed Sheath HERE. Hope this helps! Kind regards, Kelvin Martin (UK).’

Thank you, Deborah and Kelvin, for helping us track down the scissors for Pamela, we’re sure she will be thrilled with your findings.

Next up we re-visit Mary Chamberlain’s request for suggestions of needlework places and spaces to visit during her trip to Australia and New Zealand next year. Plus, we have your feedback to the popular topic raised by Dagmar Jensen concerning the cost of buying ready-to-stitch kits.

All the emails we have received to date for both these topics are included in a PDF file we have collated.


Mary – having a read through the PDF, it looks like you might need to plan an extended visit with us Aussies and Kiwi’s to get through the wonderfully long list of options everyone has created for you!

Dagmar – there are some very interesting insights and creative solutions to help keep costs down when sourcing materials for needlework projects we trust you and everyone else will enjoy reading.


Panorama of the Danube in Budapest - Image courtesy Wikipedia

To finish off Have Your Say this week, we have another call out for your advice on an upcoming trip:

‘Hello to the staff and avid readers of Inspirations and Embroidery News, and what a glorious treat they are! I’m off on a cruise up the Danube at the end of November this year and time is running short.  I would be forever grateful if those in the know could point me in the direction of shops reasonably close to the ports I will be visiting. 

The daily stops that we will be making are; Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Melk, Linz and finally Passau. While the cruise is deemed a Christmas Market Cruise, I doubt these lovely markets would offer embroidery supplies. I would be heartbroken if I came home from such wonderful stitching countries without a sample of their artistic and available materials and threads. Any help would be appreciated.  Marjorie from Picton, Ontario Canada.’

Okay Inspirations Community – we have our next challenge. Email us with your suggestions and let’s try and help Marjorie best we can.

Oh, and Marjorie just a little reminder… the rule is if you ask for help for an upcoming trip, you have to invite all of us to come along!

Until next week…



In the Inspirations office there is a magical door, behind which magical things happen… like ready-to-stitch kits getting made. None of us on the editorial team have ever actually seen this place, but we’ve been told it’s a bit like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Anyway, lately no-one has been allowed near the magical door because all the kit people are under pressure getting the Strawberry Fayre kits out, which believe it or not, are still waiting on components to arrive! (Thank you everyone for your on-going patience).

However, they did slide a piece of paper under the door the other day, which was an update as to how many kits they have in stock. 

The good news is, whether you’re looking for a new project to start, need to buy a gift for a friend, or forgot to order a kit you really wanted, a wide range of kits from previous issues are still available:


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Subscribers receive 15% off all Inspirations Ready-To-Stitch kits.  Simply enter the coupon code found on your fly sheet at check out.

If you are a subscriber and don’t have the coupon code, email us at

Kit quantities listed above, accurate at time of publishing.



Calendars can be very useful things to have on hand. Fulfilling their most basic purpose, they can tell you what month it is, or even what day of the week it is for those of us who forget sometimes! They can remind you of important dates like your birthday (although some of us would rather forget) and they can alert when bills are due (again, things we’d rather forget).

We think the best two uses for calendars are:
1/. – Keeping track of when the next issue of Inspirations is due out
2/. – Having an excuse to put beautiful pictures of needlework on your wall!

What better way to achieve these important life goals, than with the Inspirations 2018 Wall Calendar, out now.

The 2018 ‘World’s Most Beautiful Needlework Calendar’ features 12 stunning projects, straight from the pages of Inspirations Magazine.

For the admirer, lush photography brings the exquisite needlework to life. For the hands on, each project can be re-created using our detailed step-by-step instructions available separately.

Bring the joy of beautiful needlework into your home every day of the year, with the Inspirations 2018 calendar.

> 2018 CALENDAR – Available for Purchase HERE


Sometimes our stitching represents the figurative seasons we inevitably pass through in life, other times it represents the literal seasons we live through each year - summer, autumn, winter and spring. This week’s WAYS is a celebration of the earth’s seasons, each with their own unique characteristics and associations.


‘After furiously reading the article on Margaret Lee, I sent for her book. I certainly do not pretend to be an expert on beading, but I have been doing this craft for many years.’

‘I am going to replicate Margaret’s techniques on my own figurines, but with the number of animal figurines I have already made, I will have my work cut out for me! Thank you for such a fabulous publication, it makes the life of all needle workers so happy as we learn from the professionals. Velia Antila - USA.’ 

Velia, your beaded seahorse is intricate, colourful and creative. We can’t wait to see what other figurines you have that are just waiting for their own beaded embellishments!


‘Working from a pen and ink drawing I did a few years ago, and inspired by Jo Butcher’s project and article in Inspirations #83, I started to sew our Beautiful Golden Aspens.

I water coloured the sky and padded the tree trunks with wool felt. Next, using one strand of DMC Cotton Thread, I painted the trunks.’

‘With the branches, I used as many different stitches as I could think of in order to gain more practice. Then the obvious, using French knots as the leaves and seed stitch for those in the distance, I used various shades of yellow and gold and finally finished with #11 Glass Seed Beads scattered around to add the glow.’

‘The frame was made by my husband, Kent, to my specifications and everything turned out just as I had planned! What I have learned from you folks and Mary Corbett provides me with the knowledge to keep making beautiful embroidery. I look forward to every newsletter and magazine. With deep appreciation, Rose Nordenberg – USA.’

Rose, what a spectacular portrayal of autumn! You have taken a ‘common’ autumnal tree and stitched it from such a unique perspective that your piece immediately transports us to lying on the fallen leaves, gazing upwards.


We first met Tetiana in EN #106 (HERE) when we heard about her love of Hardanger Embroidery and this week we share a rather ‘frosty’ piece of hers!

‘Embroidery is like medicine for me - I stitch when I am upset, I stitch when I am happy, I stitch when I am angry. I just hope that as many people as possible can open the world of embroidery. The world, where anything is possible - just pick up your needle and start an exciting journey!’

Tetiana, we love seeing the journey your stitching is taking you on! This wintery piece again displays your great attention to detail and exacting technique.


‘I got the stitching bug from my grandmother, who once owned her own small business involving sewing and stitching. I am a historian, having worked for the University of Munich as well as IT companies, such as Microsoft. I then started my own small business and devoted more and more of my time in favor of textiles.’

‘I like to design and produce textiles with different techniques, especially embroidery. I very rarely use templates, choosing to create my own patterns, paying careful attention to traditional styles, colours and techniques.’

‘Textiles and especially embroidery is such a wonderful section of arts and crafts! Best wishes, Christine – Germany/Bavaria.’

Christine, we love the varying embroidery techniques you’ve used across various styles of flowers. What a wonderful ode to spring your collection has become!

Have you represented a season through needle and thread? We’d love to see it! Email photos of your stitching and a few details about your stitching journey to

LOOKING FOR PROJECTS THAT CELEBRATE THE SEASONS?Here are some you might like to stitch!


Seasons’ by Betsy Morgan is a sweet pin cube showcasing the seasons of the year.

> MAGAZINE – Inspirations #87 Available HERE
> PATTERN – Seasons Digital Pattern Available HERE


Summer Garden’ by Barbara Jackson is a gorgeous crewelwork sewing purse featuring a delightful garden scene.

> PATTERN – Summer Garden Digital Pattern Available HERE
> MAGAZINE – Inspirations #40 Available HERE


Autumn Feast’ by Kelly Fletcher are elegant placemats embroidered in rich autumnal shades.

> PATTERN – Autumn Feast Digital Pattern Available HERE


Snowdrop’ by Jenny Adin-Christie captures the ethereal beauty of the true European snowdrop, rising from a tiny hillock of snow.

> PATTERN – Snowdrop Digital Pattern Available HERE
> MAGAZINE – Inspirations #76 Available HERE


Spring Delight’ by Margaret Light is a beautiful dogwood wreath stitched with crewel wools on antique linen twill.

> KIT - Spring Delight Available HERE
> MAGAZINE – Inspirations #91 Available HERE



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Purchase ‘Inspirations A Passion For Needlework’ Book

A Passion For Needlework’ includes all the information you need to make your own ‘On the Beach’ along with step-by-step instructions, requirements list and pattern sheet template.

> BOOK – A Passion For Needlework Available HERE



Sea Breeze’ by Sandra Counahan is a beautiful cushion adorned with shells, stitched in the time-honoured style of Mountmellick embroidery.

> MAGAZINE – Inspirations #70 Available HERE
> PATTERN – Sea Breeze Digital Pattern Available HERE


Under the Sea’ by Jenny McWhinney is a unique and stylish evening bag. Each delicate seahorse is worked in thread painting and further ornamented with tiny glass beads.

> MAGAZINE – Inspirations #63 Available HERE
> PATTERN – Under the Sea Digital Pattern Available HERE


Flowers of the Sea’ by Helen M. Stevens is a vibrant underwater scene portrayed in filament silk and metallic threads.

> MAGAZINE – Inspirations #89 Available HERE


Hello Sailor’ by Sharon Venhoek is a jaunty hat, embroidered with a fleet of colourful sailing boats.

> MAGAZINE – Inspirations #64 Available HERE
> PATTERN – Hello Sailor Digital Pattern Available HERE


By Paulina Bartnik



Just gorgeous 


Tweet, tweet


" Each moment of the year has its own beauty."
~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson ~


What: 17th Geelong Forum
Where: Geelong Grammar School | Corio Bay, Victoria
When: to 7 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: The Batavia Tapestry Exhibition
Where: The Australian National Maritime Museum | 2 Murray Street Darling Harbour, NSW
When: to 29 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: The House of Dior | Seventy Years of Haute Couture
Where: National Gallery of Victoria | 180 St Kilda Road Melbourne, Victoria
When: to 7 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: Jeanie Baker’s Circle Exhibition
Where: Tasmania Museum & Art Gallery | Hobart, Tasmania
When: to 26 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: The Pleasure of Stitching Exhibition |
Embroiderers’ Guild of QLD Southport Branch

Where: 7 Mick Vievers Way Southport, Queensland
When: 6 & 7 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: Ebb & Flow | EGV Member’s Exhibition
Where: 170 Wattletree Road, Malvern
When: 7 to 21 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: May Morris | Art & Life
Where: William Morris Gallery | Lloyd Park, Forest Road Walthamstow, London
When: 7 Oct to 28 Jan
Details: Click HERE

What:  Gawler Textile Art Weekend | Exhibition by Gawler Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild of SA
Where: UCare Hall | 10 Tod Street Gawler, South Australia
When: 12 to 15 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: Textile Exhibition by Steyning So & Sews
Where: Shoreham Art Gallery | 27 Brunswick Road Shoreham-by-Sea, UK
When: 15 Oct to 29 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: The Port Pirie Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild of SA | Annual Exhibition
Where: Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery | 3 Mary Ellie Street Port Pirie, South Australia
When: 20 Oct to 5 Nov
Details:  Click HERE

What: The Elegance of Embroidery Exhibition | The Mornington Peninsular Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild Victoria
Where: Peninsular Community Theatre | Cnr Nepean Highway & Wilsons Road Mornington, Victoria
When: 28 & 29 Oct
Details: Click HERE

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team


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