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ISSUE 65  | October 21, 2016

Hi ,

Welcome to EN 65 and it’s great to be back with you all again after a 2 week break. 

Guess what? It’s nearly time to start our Christmas countdown!  Not just yet though, it begins in a couple of weeks, but with only 9 issues of Embroidery News left for 2016, we have to make good use of our time together to get through everything we have in store for you, starting right now!

This week we bring you two feature articles, one of the amazing time we had at ‘Beating Around The Bush’ during these past few weeks, and the other looking at the phenomenal success of the book ‘Home Sweet Home’ by Carolyn Pearce which is now back in print.  Plus we take a sneak a peek at Inspirations issue #92, reveal a very popular Christmas project which we’ve released as a digital download for the first time and lots more.

Do you have something to share?  We’d love to hear from you!  Email us at:


It was our great privilege to host over 260 passionate stitchers from around the world, including 20 of today’s most talented tutors, as we gathered for ‘Beating Around The Bush 2016’ in Adelaide, Australia.

There is always a special energy, a rare type of ‘needle and thread’ electricity that is generated when stitchers congregate, and BATB certainly enjoyed it’s fair share of magic across the 8 days and nights.

Registration day kicked off with the opening of the BATB Shop, filled with all kinds of needlework goodies to entice and allure.  Gift bags were handed out to all the students and beautiful Inspirations lanyards and name tags, featuring the Susan Porter ProjectSweet Violets’, adorned everyone’s necks as we enjoyed a cocktail party flowing with champagne, while the tutors gathered together and were introduced to the eagerly awaiting crowd.

First up was the two-day class which began with gusto as students and tutors launched themselves into the exquisite projects at hand.  The Quiz Night featured International Quiz Master Queen herself, Hazel Blomkamp as the Master of Ceremonies, and highlights included the ‘Team Stitch Relay’ and the ‘Spring Bonnet Challenge’ which saw 95-year-old Telka Williams stealing the show with her team’s wonderful hat creation and rocking dance moves during the fashion parade.

Market Day saw traders from around Australia and many BATB tutors offer a superb range of threads, notions, kits, gifts, designs etc. all of whom enjoyed a brisk trade with over 450 people attending.  

The One Day class provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to dabble in some smaller projects and try out new and different techniques, before the more serious and intensive three day classes began the following day.  A movie night provided some welcome entertainment as the Australian flick ‘The Dressmaker’ was screened.

Once the three-day classes were in session, it was game on.  With more substantial and more challenging projects now in play, there was no time to rest on one’s laurels.  Needles were worked long and hard, some well into the night after a few tutors had given their students homework to be completed before the next day!   

Some of us escaped that night on a bus trip to the local store ‘Hettie’s Patch’ where we were treated to a private shopping experience with cupcakes and champagne and enjoyed the most gorgeous range of fabrics and accessories.


By the time the final day of stitching was upon us, all the tutors were unanimous in their wonderment at how much progress the students had made and it seemed the class of BATB 2016 were all well pleased with the results achieved. 

The final formality, and the icing on the cake, was the BATB Gala Dinner.  A wonderful tradition where students and tutors gather for an evening of fine food and wine, relax while listening to some live jazz music and then celebrate together as the winners of the Stitch Your Heart Out competition are announced.

This year we were all treated to a marvellous presentation by the brilliant Jane Nicholas who graciously agreed to be the key note speaker.   While many of us had always admired and held Jane’s work in the highest of regard, none of us knew the true depth and breadth of her talent until that night.  Suffice to say her needlework and her projects in general are the work of a true genius.

And so it was, another successful Beating Around The Bush.  Many familiar faces returning for their second, third… sixth or more, BATB, many coming for the very first time.  It was a true delight to meet and host you all. 

Dates for BATB 2018, which will in fact be the 10th Beating Around The Bush creating a special occasion to celebrate, will be released soon.  We look forward to seeing you there!


We are indeed blessed to be a blessing! As a result, one of the key values we hold at Inspirations is giving back & one of the ways we choose to give back is by raising money throughout events held at each Beating Around the Bush.

As BATB allows those involved the opportunity to celebrate their love of needlework, this year we chose to support a charity who uses their love of needlework to unlock the potential in the lives of others. UK based ‘Fine Cell Work’ was our charity of choice, with 100% of all charitable proceeds generated being donated to their very worthy cause of training prisoners in the skill of creative needlework.

The prisoners earn money for finished pieces which are made during the long hours spent in their cells. This fosters hope, discipline and self esteem which then helps them to connect to society and to leave prison with the confidence and financial means to stop offending.

The incredibly generous community at Beating Around the Bush raised in excess of $2,000 which we know Fine Cell Work will be most grateful to receive.

To learn more about the positive changes Fine Cell Work has made to many prisoners’ lives, make sure you check out the article ‘Stitching a Future’ that was seen in Issue 90 of Inspirations Magazine & to see the beautiful products available for purchase through Fine Cell Work or to make your own donation, you can visit their website at


Every so often a project comes along that is so spectacular, it not only deserves a place in an issue of Inspirations magazine, it calls for its very own book!  Such a project launched itself into the needlework hall of fame when it was released in 2011 : ‘Home Sweet Home’ an embroidered workbox by Carolyn Pearce and has been nothing short of a phenomenon since.  Before long copies from both the original print run and the subsequent reprint in 2013, had sold out.

The great news is, as previously promised, we have reprinted the book once again and it’s now BACK IN STOCK.

New Accessory

‘Welcome Home’ Inspirations issue #92

To celebrate, this week we are going to have a look at some of the reasons why this project continues to be so popular PLUS have a sneak-peak at a divine BRAND NEW ACCESSORY that Carolyn has created specifically to mark the occasion which is available exclusively in Inspirations issue #92.

A Childhood Dream

Carolyn was first introduced to the idea of an embroidered box when she was a child at school and longed to make one herself ever since.  Her inspiring story as to how ‘Home Sweet Home’ came to be and the various people and experiences that influenced her along the way, is included in the introduction of the book.  Suffice to say it was very much a labour of love and it went through many stages of refinement before it arrived in all its splendour as presented in the book we enjoy today.

A prolific contributor to Inspirations over the years with well over 20 projects featured, Carolyn’s work is always highly sought after and is among some of the most popular we’ve ever published.

Characterised by her delicate designs and frequent use of floral motifs, Carolyn’s pieces are individually unique and yet somehow familiar both at once.  This is just some of the chemistry that makes ‘Home Sweet Home’ the stand out project people have fallen in love with.

What’s In The Box?

As a project ‘Home Sweet Home’ is divided into two parts, the first being the embroidery techniques and construction for the box itself, with the second half dedicated to the 9 accessories Carolyn has design to fit inside.

The box features a hinged roof that opens out to reveal a compartmentalised lift out tray.  The outside panels of the box are embroidered with a design to create an English cottage garden house, with each panel depicting a different season.   Winter is on the front wall of the house, Autumn on the back, Spring on one of the sides and Summer on the other.

Once completed the work box can then be filled with your own accessories and notions, or you can create the ones from the book.  These accessories include:  

Bee emery block
Pea needlebook
Rose pincushion
Strawberry flower scissor keep
Garden spool holder
Strawberry tape measure cover
Heartsease thimble holder
Beaded thread counter
Beehive thread cutter cover

Whether you faithfully re-create the ‘Home Sweet Home’ project exactly as it appears in the book, or add your own personalised touches, this keepsake will be something you treasure forever. 


Step 1/. – Purchase The Book

Hot off the press, the ‘Home Sweet Home’ reprint is now in stock.  Order your copy today and have it shipped direct to your door anywhere in the world.

> Purchase ‘Home Sweet Home – An Embroidered Workbox HERE.

Step 2/. – Purchase The Charm Pack

We are frequently asked the question, where can one purchase a complete kit for the ‘Home Sweet Home’ workbox.  Great question!  Unfortunately, there is nowhere at present you can purchase a complete kit, however we recommend you visit your local needlework store and ask them to help you compile as many of the requirements from the book you can, and then source any missing elements online. 

To help get started, we have put together a charm pack which contains the following ‘Susan Clarke Originals’ as used by Carolyn herself:

2 x Beehives;  1 x Bunny;  1 x Gecko;  1 x Flower in pot; 1 x Carrot; 1 x Owl; 3 x Bees.

To purchase the charm pack, click HERE.


As many of our subscribers already know, Inspirations issue #92 has been dispatched and is due for general release on October 27.

Following in the footsteps of our extremely popular issue #88 from last year, this is another Christmas Spectacular with something in it for everyone, including as mentioned above a special 10th accessory for the Home Sweet Home workbox.  We’ll talk more about it next week, but for now here is the cover to whet your appetite: 

Opening Ceremony

There are some moments in our lives we mark with customs, habits or practices and who knew the arrival of Inspirations would be considered one of those moments?! After the arrival of Inspirations Issue 91, we heard from Rus Arnold in Nanaimo, Canada who let us know how his wife welcomes a new issue of Inspirations Magazine into her life . . .

‘Big morning at our house as Jane opens her new Inspirations with a cup of tea on Sunday Morning. Sort of a long week for her as it arrived on Wednesday and she always waits until Sunday to have the Opening Ceremony. Husband Rus keeps the tea cup full and gets to play on the computer. She so enjoys your magazine & your efforts to produce such a high end product are appreciated.’

Rus, if it hasn’t already arrived, Issue 92 won’t be far away, so we hope you have the tea ready to go for Jane’s next Opening Ceremony! 

If you have a custom, habit or practice of welcoming each issue of Inspirations into your life, we’d love to hear about it. Please email the details of your Opening Ceremony to


In anticipation of issue #92 already arriving to subscribers, all the i92 kits are now available to purchase online:

Browse the range of issue #92 kits, plus other recently added Inspirations kits HERE.


We often find ourselves saying that we are blessed to be a part of such an engaged & generous community & Can You Help? is often where this comes to the forefront. We unpack conversation starters & you, the Embroidery News Community, are engaged & generous enough to share what you know. This exchange allows everyone to feel they are directly linked & connected to the Global Needlework Community & truly helps the world to feel a much smaller place!

This week, we unpack our next lot of conversation starters & look forward to the generosity of information that will come from many of you . . .

Papercut Map of Brisbane

After giving of herself to look after unwell family members over the last few years, Kerry Joyce is now taking some time for herself to pick up needle & thread again. As a result, Kerry is looking to connect with her local Needlework Community in North Brisbane & would love to hear from anyone in the Embroidery News Community who may be able to point her in the direction of a Needlework Class or Group in her local area.

Image courtesy of jpcrosstitch

Whilst Kerry has somewhere local in her sights, Jan has a destination that is anything but local for her! Jan, also from Brisbane, is off to the Houston Quilt Show & will take the opportunity to call into Fort Lauderdale & San Diego while she’s in the US. Jan is hoping to be pointed in the direction of a local embroidery shop or two she can enjoy while she’s there.

Now from the US to our final destination for this week, Japan . . .

Helen Johnstone from Malvern in the UK will be travelling through Kyoto, Matsu & Hagi & is looking for some tips on where to go while she’s away from home. Helen was also looking to be pointed in the direction of a four hundred year old pin shop she’s heard of in Kyoto.

After looking back through the past issues of Embroidery News, which can be viewed HERE - we found that the Misuyabari Needle Shop in the Shinkyogoku Arcade in Kyoto was mentioned & wonder if this may be the shop Helen’s looking for?

Maybe you know if this is in fact the shop that Helen was hoping to find or maybe you have other needlework inspired destinations you can add to Helen’s Travel Itinerary. If so, we want to hear what you’ve got to say!

If you can help point Kerry, Jan or Helen in the direction of needlework joy, we’d love to hear from you. Please email anything you have to add to their conversations to


Dear What Are You Stitching Fans… we are very behind in processing all the wonderful projects people have emailed in and are working hard to catch up!  Normal programming will resume shortly as we have lots of amazing pieces to share.   In the meantime, if you have any Christmas projects you have been working on to show us, please send them in.

For now, we have a fantastic project to share which, can you believe it, was started at Beating Around The Bush, and is finished already!  Here is the lightning fast Irma Watson to tell us more:

Hi, I had a wonderful week at Beating around the Bush this year. One of my classes was with Jane Nicholas, Heartsease a one-day introductory class in stump work. I have surprised even myself to have completed this project already, thinking it would be much more difficult. But with Jane's expert tutelage here is my first stumpwork project completed. Thank you to all the crew at Beating around the Bush - it has been a very special week for me.

Now on to my project I started with Hazel Blomkamp.  Irma Watson
Glenelg, South Australia.

Wow Irma – that is impressive indeed, not only for the fast paced needlework, but what a beautiful piece you have achieved for your first attempt at stumpwork.  Thank you for joining us at BATB, Jane will be so thrilled to see your accomplishments.

What Are YOU Stitching?  We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to


Looking for a Christmas project to stitch?  One of the all-time popular projects from issue #88 is has just been added this week as a digital download.  

‘Prancer’ by Trish Burr is a gorgeous stylish design of this beloved reindeer, depicted here using Trish’s fabulous ‘Shades of Whitework’ palette, incorporating gentle tones of grey and gold with a variety of white threads.

> To purchase this pattern as a Digital Download, click HERE.

Beautiful Needlework.  Sold Here.


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           ‘Sweet Violets’
                       by Susan Porter

Too busy stitching for gardening?  Create your own beautiful spray of exquisite violets with a needle and thread!

> Purchase the Digital Pattern HERE.



This spectacular embroidered blanket by Susan O’Connor is rich in colour and decoration with inspiration from the sumptuous style of the Elizabethan era.  The favourite flowers and fruit of Queen Elizabeth I and her subjects are stitched in the elaborate fashion and beautiful colours that give the embroidery from this era such long lasting appeal. 

Embroidered Flowers For Elizabeth’ features twenty-four individual designs with a full thread conversion chart included for each, to allow all the designs to be embroidered in any scale using wool, cotton or silk thread.

> To order your copy of this gorgeous book today, click HERE.


Just gorgeous


This is amazing.




" Needlework is a way to capture
love, beauty, peace & time.
~ Anonymous ~


What: The Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria | A Secret Garden
Where: Embroidery House | 170 Wattletree Road Malver, Victoria
When: to 23 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia Museum, in Association with History SA | Stories From Childhood Free Exhibition
Where: South Coast Regional Arts centre | 1 Goolwa Terrace Goolwa, South Australia
When: to 30 Oct | Wed to Fri 11:00 to 4:00 | Sat & Sun 10:00 to 4:00

What: Annemieke Mein Exhibition | Habitat
Where: The Gallery at Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre | Corner of Wilson & Carpenter Streets Brighton, Victoria
When: to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: Making the Australian Quilt: 1800 to 1950
Where: National Galley of Victoria Australia | Federation Square – Flinders Street & Russell Street Melbourne, Victoria
When: to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: Opus Anglicanum | Masterpieces of English Medieval Embroidery
Where: Room 38 | Victoria & Albert Museum
When: to 5 Feb
Details: Click HERE

What: Undressed | A Brief History of Underwear
Where: Room 40 | Victoria & Albert Museum
When: to 12 Mar
Details: Click HERE

What: RSN | Stories in Stitch Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When: to 31 Mar
Details: Click HERE

What: Embroiderers’ Guild of Tasmania Annual Exhibition
Where: Devonport LINC | 21 Oldaker Street Devonport, Tasmania
When: 25 Oct to 7 Nov

What: Auckland Embroiderers’ Guild | Annual Display of Embroidery
Where: Onehunga Community House | 83 Selwyn Street Onehunga, Auckland New Zealand
When: 28 Oct to 6 Nov
Details:  Click HERE

What: Tentmakers of Cairo Movie
Where: Capri Cinema | 141 Goodwood Road Goodwood, South Australia
When: 29 Oct @ 2:00

What: EGA Convention | Star Spangled Seminar
Where: Alexandria Mark Centre | 5000 Seminary Road Alexandria, Virginia
When: 2 to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: Adelaide Quilt & Craft Fair
Where: Goyder Pavilion | Adelaide Showground, South Australia
When: 3 to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: International Quilt Festival | Houston
Where: George R Brown Convention Center | 1001 Avenida De Las Americas Houston, Texas
When: 3 to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria, Bendigo Branch | Embellish, Enhance, Enrich 25th Anniversary Exhibition
Where: St Andrews Hall | 26 Myers Street Bendigo, Victoria
When : 11 to 13 Nov
Details: Frances – 03 5441 8735

What: West Country Quilt & Textile Show
Where: Exhibition Centre, University of the West of England | Filton, Bristol
When: 11 to 13 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: The Bobbin Tree Opens | Jenny McWhinney’s Embroidery Boutique | NEW DATE
Where: 31 Payneham Road College Park , South Australia
When: 15 Nov @ 10:00am

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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