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ISSUE 40  |  APRIL 15, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 40.

As we farewell Inspirations ‘Fabulous Flowers issue #89 to make way for issue #90 which is coming out very shortly, we’re all about flowers and ribbons this week. When it comes to recreating a flower using a needle and thread, ribbon embroidery is a popular and widely used technique. 

By selecting a combination of different widths and styles of ribbon, one can produce stunning lifelike results as ribbon offers the flexibility of fine delicate work, yet also has unique qualities that give your flower distinct texture, dimension and a richness of colour.

Come with us as this week we venture through a potpourri of flowers and ribbons featuring projects from Inspirations and our global needlework community.

Do you have something you can share with the Inspirations community? We’d love to hear from you, please email us at


This week Marjorie Thomas reflects on the benefits that needlework has brought to her life, with an email she simply titled ‘Joy’…

‘Hi. Thank you so much for all the lovely projects that come to us over the months through Inspirations and Embroidery News.

I was born in 1931, the sixth child for my Mum and Dad with 9 years difference between me and my elder sister, so of course I was spoilt! My brothers were twenty years older than me and I was cosseted. During the war, with my brothers and a sister away fighting, we sheltered from the air raids and kept ourselves positive by knitting for the troops and doing needlework, even though most of it was done by candlelight.

My Mother taught me all I know and I have thanked God for that now in my later life. It is something positive and something beautiful and something that one can use to create something to give away and make other people's life happy.

I thank God for all that my Mother taught me so that I can have peace of mind as I get older, God Bless you all. Marjorie Thomas.’

If you have a story about the benefits of needlework you would like to share, email us at

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This week is our swansong for issue #89 as next week issue #90 takes centre stage.  To farewell our ‘Fabulous Flowers’ issue, we’re going out on a floral high with Helen Eriksson’s project ‘Still Life With Flowers’.

Still Life With Flowers’ by Helen Eriksson – Issue 89

Projects incorporating a painted or printed design upon which one then stitches have long been a popular style of needlework.  With an image already present, there is no need to transfer the design from the pattern sheet, plus you have the freedom to add as much or as little needlework to the image as you like. 

Whether you design and draw or paint your own image, or purchase the material pre-printed, the combination of these two techniques can create stunning results, as Helen demonstrates in this wonderfully luscious large scale project.

Still Life With Flowers’ is a spectacular bowl of silk ribbon flowers worked in a glorious range of ribbons, silks, metallic and cotton threads reinterpreting the still life image inspired by the painters of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Famous the world over for her ribbon embroidery, issue #89 features a contributor profile where Helen explains how her career in needlework began and brings us up to date on her recent achievements and activities.

Speaking of recent activities – did you know that Helen is teaching the project ‘Still Life With Flowers’, featured above, at Beating Around The Bush in October this year?  See below for details…


Here are 4 ways you can enjoy Helen’s work:

1/. – Purchase a copy of Inspirations issue #89

Inspirations Issue #89 Includes ‘Still Life with Flowers’ by Helen Eriksson as well as the following projects:
Flowers of the Sea
Les Hirondelles
Love Letters
Curtain Call

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4/. – Purchase a Helen Eriksson Kit

Helen has a wonderful range of kits available on her website many of which include a printed image to embroider over.

Visit her website and browse her kits HERE.


Last of the issue 89 kits are selling fast. These projects are still available:

Flowers Of The Sea by Helen M. Stevens is a vibrant underwater scene with coral, seaweed and a clown fish.

Les Hirondelles by Catherine Laurençon features dainty thread painted swallows.

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Last week we pointed Mary in the direction of all things needlework in Poland, helped make Lis’s trip to Italy a true Destination Needlework Adventure and echoed Robyn’s call for help regarding her upcoming trip to Myanmar. This week we open ‘Can You Help?’ with some more places for Mary to visit in Poland, and then continue to help Lis’s trip to Italy become the needlework adventure she’s been hoping for!

Sharon Gray from Manitoba in Canada graciously passed on Mary’s request to a friend who was able to supply the names and addresses of the following Pasmanterias (which is Polish for haberdashery) in Krakow and Warsaw . . .

Pasmanteria Pentelka
Srodmiescie ul, Starowislna 77

Pasmanteria Motki Dwa
Wąwozowa 6, 02-796 Warszawa

Pasmanteria Robotkowy Raj
ul. Surowieckiego 4
02-785 Warszawa

Now, from Poland to Italy where Roberta Kenney from Pennsylvania, USA was able to add two more locations to the detailed check list we published last week to help Lis’s trip become a true Destination Needlework Adventure . . .

Mani di Fata | Canetta have stores throughout Italy including Naples, Rome, Genoa, Torino, Milan & Verona (specific locations are listed HERE).

‘For Your Creations’ courtesy of

Giulia Punti Antichi (who take inspiration from old stitching techniques and new needlework art to produce original designs for cross stitching and needlework) can be found at Via Palestro 16/1 54100 Massa and online HERE.

‘Tuscan Shades of Marble’ Sewing Box from Giulia Punti Antichi

Maureen from South Africa also joined in on Lis’s Destination Italy conversation with the following . . .

You asked for any tips on needlework places in Italy. While I haven't been to the following places, I have done some research and found the following information :

For fabulous embroidery fabrics including linen, blended linens and cotton, Sotema | Manifattura Tessile can be found at Via Ragazzi del’99, n° 5 20022 Castano Primo (MI).

‘Our Fabrics’ - Sotema

For embroidery classes and information in Florence, Arti & Pensieri (a linen store) can be found at Via della Palancola, 4 50133 Firenze.

Italian Linen courtesy of Busatti Perth

I hope that this is useful. Thank you for a stunning magazine - a bit of a treat with our exchange rate, but well worth it!’

Now that we’ve finished setting Mary and Lis on their way, we’ll look to some new conversation starters in ‘Can You Help?’ next week. Until then . . .


In keeping with our Flowers and Ribbons theme, we are now selling the book ‘Little Flowers in Silk and Organza Ribbon’ by Di van Niekerk and Marina Zherdeva.

This irresistible step-by-step project book is all about making little flowers in silk and organza ribbon. Using a combination of thread, ribbon embroidery, stumpwork and other techniques, you will learn how to create your very own needlework garden of delights.

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Printed copies of Inspirations issue #68, featuring this glorious floral throw by Anna Scott, are now available for purchase.

Inspirations #68 has an abundance of gorgeous projects and exciting techniques, including an exquisite heirloom christening gown cover, a colourfully embroidered floral throw, an adorable elephant blanket and a fabulous contemporary blackwork cushion.

Contributors include: Alison Snepp, Trish Burr, Anna Scott, Louise Spriggs, Anne Davies, Jenny Adin-Christie, Susan O’Connor, Jacquie Harvey, Juile Graue, Bruna Scagnetti and Jan Kerton.

To purchase a printed copy of issue #68, click HERE


by Susan O’Connor

Exotic embroidered evening bag, with beads and sequins.

by Carolyn Pearce

Sweet and soft little musical bears.

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Beautiful Needlework. Sold Here.


In keeping with this week’s theme of Flowers and Ribbons, we have collated a delightful collection of projects people have sent in, many of which have won awards for their excellence.

Up first is a prize winning floral wreath, worked in ribbon embroidery from Kathryn Crossfield who lives in Geelong, Victoria Australia.  Kathryn shares with us her surprise at winning these unexpected accolades…

‘Hello, I thought you might be interested to see my latest work. My mum taught me to embroider when I was small and I have been embroidering ever since. I love all embroidery and every year we enter projects into our local show.  Last year I entered this silk ribbon embroidery piece and was very shocked to find out I'd won not only first in the category, but also best exhibit and Grand Champion of the show!!  Here is a photo of my work, I hope you like it.  Regards Kathryn Crossfield.’

Congratulations Kathryn, how flattering to be awarded such an honour! Your piece is gorgeous and you are a deserving winner, well done. Kathryn provided us with an update to let us know she has just been invited to represent the Geelong show in the regional finals for her area of Victoria, so we wish her all the best.

Now we have two pieces from Gloria Engebretson who lives near Atlanta, Georgia, USA:

‘Hello, I just finished this project and would like to share it with the Inspirations community.   It is entitled "Madame Vincent " by Louis Leopold Boilly painted in 1820 and done on printed fabric.  I like the idea of using this painting as it adds a story to the beautiful embroidery. The stumpwork and embellishment features add a 3D effect that I love.  Since medieval times stumpwork has included the application of found objects. It made me think of adding 3D jewelry to the subject. I try to stay as true to the painting as I can and don't change any colors for example.

Also I have just completed this embroidered pincushion. The top is for needles and the lower part is for pins. All the projects are my own imagination and I am completely dedicated to my embroidery, it's a total passion for me.

My background is that I am a qualified teacher, seamstress and upholsterer. I've done all these things but now prefer embroidery and especially stumpwork. Many nights I stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning working on projects such as this embroidery on art piece I am sharing.  I simply am having so much fun I don't want to go to sleep!  I teach embroidery on art in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  I will be teaching at ‘In stitches in Buckhead’ June 3rd and 4th where students can choose from 35 art subjects to embroider on.  That you for your interest, kindest regards Gloria.

Wow Gloria, there are so many things that we love about what you have shared.  Firstly, your embroidered painting piece is stunning, it’s a real masterpiece and so tastefully embellished with not too much, but just enough, and your pin cushion… oh my!  Just adorable.  Then there is your passion which fuels your late nights… it’s so great to read of one’s enthusiasm and total immersion in our craft, it is very infectious!

Up next is another award winning piece, this time by Clemmie Rounds from Bradenton, in Florida USA.

Dear Embroidery News, I want to share with the Inspirations Magazine enthusiasts the two Helen Eriksson's ribbon embroideries I had on display at the Neapolitan Chapter Exhibit, of which, the Spring Basket, I won second prize.

That’s me pictured in the middle, and the project that won is pictured below, which is my version of ’Spring Basket’ that featured on the front cover of Inspirations issue 45.

My second project is Autumn Harvest also by Helen Erikson from issue 71.
I love your magazine, have had a subscription for quite some time and have made other projects in the past as well.  Have a great day. Clemmie.’

Another congratulations is in order… well done Clemmie, your winning project is just delightful and your second piece is equally as beautiful.  With superb needlework skills like that, we look forward to seeing more of your lovely work.

Now for more flowers for us to enjoy with yet ANOTHER award winning project.  Susan Hnatuck from New Jersey, USA won first place in the Art Innovative Category as well as taking out the Viewers’ Choice prize at her local quilt show in Toms River.

‘This is my quilt ‘Mary’s Garden’ named after my ancestor Aunt Mary Fifield Adams (1694-1748) whom also quilted.I have been embroidering for over 30 years but quilting for two years, this was my second quilt.

My whole cloth quilt is made of wool and nylon blend fabric. The embroidery was done with wool, silk and cotton thread.  It is an extreme adaptation of a design by Barbara Sparre.  The mouse pattern is taken from ‘Rustle Of Winter’ in Inspirations issue #37, and the Monogrammed “S” was also added by me.

The Quilting was done by Tammie Ruffle, of Nashville, TN – the quilting patterns are Mc Tavishing, Curled feathers, dragonfly and Sunflowers.  Thank you for sharing my project with my fellow Inspirations embroidery family.  Best regards, Susan.’

Thank you Susan, that is truly beautiful quilt and congratulations on winning those awards, you must be so proud.  Both your design and needlework is fantastic, you’ve really done a sensational job.

From one ‘Rustle of Winter’ to another, our final project this week comes from Véronique Diligent who has a very creative solution to her son’s request for a pet mouse:

‘Hello, I have been inspired by your magazines for few years now. My 14 years old son loves mice and, as we have cats, I made him this little one which won’t get eaten.  I was inspired by the project ‘Rustle Of Winter’ in Inspirations issue #37 and turned some of it into stumpwork (which I love doing).  Thank you for putting out such a beautiful magazine.  Cheers, Véronique.’

Thanks for the thanks Veronique, we’re glad you’re enjoying Inspirations and we’re certainly enjoying admiring your adaptation of June Godwin’s Rustle Of Winter’ with that gorgeous stumpwork mouse, leaves and berries.  It’s terrific.

‘Rustle Of Winter’ by June Goodwin | Digital Pattern Now Available

‘Rustle Of Winter’ from Inspirations issue #37 by June Goodwin

If you like the adorable mouse featured in the projects above, the downloadable digital pattern ‘Rustle Of Winter’ has just been added this week.  To purchase click HERE.

What Are YOU Stitching?  We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to



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We have finally added the ‘Inspirations Index 1-75’ to our website for purchase as a printed book.

This invaluable reference book is a comprehensive catalogue of Inspirations issues #01 through #75 and includes gorgeous photographs of every project.  You can look up your favourite designer, search by the title of a project or by a specific needlework technique.

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If you missed out on purchasing a copy of issue #52 when we promoted it back in EN #17, you’re in luck – we discovered some more stock in our recent warehouse day.

Featuring beautiful projects from contributors including Carolyn Pearce (an exquisite Christmas ornament), Susan O’Connor (two stunning stumpwork botanicals), Jenny McWhinney (a gorgeous blanket), Tanja Berlin (an elegant blackwork design) and Kris Richards (an embroidered linen handbag).

To purchase a printed copy of issue #52, click HERE.

Digital Patterns Recently Added:

Creative Needle
by Joan Gibson

A cottage garden embroidered on a ticking needlecase.

Toy Soldiers
by Susan O’Connor

Superb blanket emblazoned with Grenadier guardsmen.

To purchase click HERE


To purchase click HERE


Congratulations to the brilliantly creative Fiona Fagan whose precious daughter was born this week.  Adeline Frances Fagan arrived 10th of April weighing 6.2 pounds/2.8kg. Welcome to the world of needlework Adeline…. we look forward to you modelling many, many, many beautifully stitched outfits!


Pin keepsake


Stump worked thistle


By Trish Burr


" A soldier will fight long & hard for a bit of coloured ribbon."
~ Napoleon Bonaparte ~


What: Slipstitch
Where: Latrobe Regional Gallery, Victoria Australia
When: to 17 Apr
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What: A Stitch in Time – Home Sewing Before 1900
Where: Victoria and Albert Museum | London
When: to 1 May
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What: RSN | Peacocks & Pomegranates Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When : to 22 Jul
Details: Click here

What: Australasian Quilt Convention
When: 14 to 17 April
Where: Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Gardens, Melbourne
Details: Click here

What: The Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria | Threads of Asia Exhibition
When: 16 Apr to 1 May
Where: Embroidery House | 170 Wattletree Road Malvern, Victoria
Details: Click here

What: The Textile Society at The Art Institute of Chicago | Annual Meeting
When: 19 Apr
Where: Fortnightly of Chicago | 120 E Bellevue Place Chicago
Details: Registrations at

What: Celebration of Needlework Show
Where: Nashua Courtyard Marriott Hotel | Nashua, New Hampshire
When: 27 Apr to 1 May
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Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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