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ISSUE 2   |   JUNE 19, 2015

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Welcome to The Embroidery News.  Thank you for the terrific response we had from everyone last week regarding the change of format to our newsletter and the content we included in our first issue.  We’re so glad you liked it! 

We loved going through all the submissions everyone sent in for our ‘What Are You Stitching’ segment and reading your reactions to Inspirations Issue #86.  There sure is a lot of stitching going on!  Thank you for getting involved – after all that is what the Inspirations Community is all about, sharing our passion of the stitch.

For anyone who had any technical difficulties reading our first issue,  please accept our apologies.  If you have any trouble seeing the images in this email, try viewing Embroidery News online by clicking here.

Thanks again for your continued encouragement and support for all we do and we hope you enjoy reading our publications as much as we enjoy putting them together.



Last week bookings opened for our 2015 Masterclass on The Mekong trip featuring Susan O’Connor and Jenny McWhinney.  If you missed out on all the fanfare, you can check out the details on our website and download the brochure complete with itineraries, project details, prices etc. here

Or you can book right now by completing our online form here:

We’re currently working on a range of other events which we hope to announce soon, plus, in the very near future, information will start becoming available for our next international stitching convention, Beating Around The Bush that will be held in Adelaide Australia from October 5th – 12th 2016.


Roma Crowhurst sent us these great photos of the Jenny McWhinney’s project ‘Woodlands’ that she has just finished.  This is the same project Jenny will be teaching on the 2015 Mekong Masterclass coming up in September.  Roma had these lovely things to say “Jenny is such a talented artist and I am so pleased with how it has turned out.  Love your magazine and have every issue, just wish I had more time to work on projects!

Ria Sintnicolaas from Holland completed this gorgeous Rose which was inspired by the Trish Burr books she has been reading.

Sheila Bergner-Landry from Sheila Landry Designs ( gives the following description of her fascinating Octopus piece:

My latest embroidery is a steampunk octopus stumpwork which I think I will wear as a brooch on my winter coat.   It is created using both DMC stranded cotton as well as Chameleon silk floss. I created it in three layers and it is wired all around. The 'suction cups' on the tentacles are glass beads and the eyes and embellishments are real watch gears.


This inquisitive little wombat is the wonderful work of Jerome Speekman, an Australian ‘man-broiderer’ whom we will feature more of in later issues of Embroidery News and an upcoming issue of Inspirations.  In the meantime this is just one of his numerous projects.

Norma Mulligan tells us her story behind this terrific piece: “I have just completed this embroidery, inspired by Jane Nicolas and Kay Dennis.  I painted the background and then set forth with great enthusiasm but it has taken many, many hours spread over the last year.  There were several occasions on which I almost abandoned the entire project but, with encouragement from my husband, I persevered.  Keep up the magnificent work you do.  You and your contributors are a real Inspiration!

Thank you Norma – I’m sure everyone who sees your completed work is glad you persevered and finished it in the end. It looks absolutely fabulous!

After thinking about how fortunate Norma was to have the support of her husband and him spurring her on, we began to think about how many unfinished projects there must be out there that need someone like Norma’s husband to cheer the stitcher on to ‘keep on stitching’!

Do you have an unfinished project that needs a boost of encouragement?  Share with us photos or stories of your unfinished projects and maybe Norma’s husband can help cheer you on!

What are you stitching?  Send us your photos and a brief description to:


Issue #86 continues to receive rave reviews,
here is what you had to say about it this week:

I have enjoyed reading about the Alderney tapestry ... amazing project! I visited Bayeux some years ago and viewed the Bayeux Tapestry hence it is very interesting to read about this project. - Winifred Simshauser


Love inspirations 86 especially the white work. Please can you tell me where to buy a copy of Bibilla knotted lace flowers by Elena Dickson.  Thank you.
- Thelma Blatch-Wilson

Thanks Thelma – you can purchase a copy of Elena’s book through
Search Press here Or Amazon here


Love the latest issues of Inspirations and all of the great articles and many, many projects.  I couldn’t believe how much great content the issue had!  The magazine is getting better and better (who thought it possible?).  Also, love hearing about Susan’s travels (and the article on the Mekong).  Can you add a regular article about Susan’s travel’s in the magazine? 

After all, she is very much a celebrity to those of us in the embroidery community.  Thanks for a fantastic magazine that brightens up my life!!
- Diana Turecek

Issue 86 could not have been more timely for me. I am working on a project from The French Needle that requires roses. The instructions in Issue 86 for the Running Stitch - Colonial Knot Combination will be most helpful for me as this is my first attempt at roses. Thank you for working so hard to put together a beautifully interesting & informative magazine about my beloved hobby. 
- Linda Chudej - Lufkin, Texas USA

We’d love to hear your feedback too!



While everyone is taking in all the delights and thrills of Issue #86, it might surprise you to know that Issue #87 was completed weeks ago and we are currently awaiting the colour proofs!

Production for Issue #88 is now in full swing with the first of our photography shoots coming up next week.  This means at any one time our office is working across three different active issues of the magazine at once, with the fourth (Issue #89) already in pre-planning.

So if you ever call us and sometimes we get our issue numbers mixed up – that might explain why!


Here’s a quick whip around as to who is doing what in our office this week:


Sue our subscription manager is having her backyard landscaped and has to work from home so she can keep her two large black Labradors, Nixon and Rupert, inside the house and stop them from wrecking the place. 

All the while she’s chasing up any missing Issue’s 86’s for our subscribers and getting ready for the next round of billing coming up in a few weeks.  So if she sends you any emails smeared with muddy paws, you’ll know why!

Ansie & Lynton are working on the magazine ‘Stitch Craft Create AU/NZ’ as the deadline for the first layout of Issue 05 is due this week.

Fiona is on a treasure hunt to pick out all the props needed for the photo shoot for Inspirations Issue #88  coming up next week.  Plus she is working with our travel agent Penny to look after all the Mekong Masterclass bookings.

Kristian & Ray are wondering what on earth they have got themselves into by launching The Embroidery News last week and are peddling like crazy to try and keep up.

Andrea & Laura have been organising stock of Stitch Craft Create to send to Alice Springs Australia for the ‘Beanie Festival’ event
(more about that in ‘What’s On’ below).

Ellaine is hard at work wrangling all the projects for Inspirations Issue #88 and creating the necessary step by step instructions ready for close up photography next week.

Did we miss anyone?  Oh yeah Susan… well she has her own segment anyway, but we did see her with her colouring pencils in hand, but we’ll explain more about that in another issue of Embroidery News.

INSPIRATIONS KITS – Don’t forget to order your kits from Issue #86, some of them are only available in limited in quantities.  Visit and click on kits to order today. 


Have you missed any issues of Inspirations?

We know how passionate everyone is about never missing an Issue and sometimes is easy to lose track of which issue is which.  To make it easier for you, here are the cover images of the past 4 issues:

If you are missing any of the above, the good news is we still have stock available so email us at to place an order.


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Karlee Porter - Wow


Sue Spargo - So detailed!


stitches and threads


Hidden Beauty In High End Fashion

Earlier this year we all marvelled at Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2015 couture collection which was described by French Vogue as ‘Poetic Embroidery’ due to many of their pieces featuring intricate hand embroidery as their theme.  In case you missed it you can check out the collection by clicking here

We came across this interesting article from The Cutting Glass  which does a great job at highlighting the hidden role lace and embroidery plays in some of these high end fashion houses:

‘There are some designers who can take an idea or a technique that has been used time and time again, and can bring their own freshness to them to use the techniques in new and beautiful ways. Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, as the creative directors at Valentino, are finding ever more intricate ways to work with lace, and lace-like effects to build ethereal collections.

The garments manage to balance prettiness with substance, largely due to the obvious care, thought and attention to detail that goes into crafting these garments.

Additional edge is given to the collections through the intelligent colour combinations that contrast the most subtle of neutral pinks, lemons and mints with pops of cornflower blue, vibrant red or even layers of stark black.

Half of the beauty in these collections is hidden in the details - the careful finish given to a near invisible fastening.  Sometimes embellishment can be used as evidence of labour and effort but in the Valentino collection it is all about subtle and deft handiwork, as is demonstrated in the adjacent images '



Sewing mends the soul. "
~ Author Unknown



This weekend in a small but famous Australian outback town called Alice Springs, over 7,000 people are expected to attend the annual Beanie Festival.  The current issue of Stitch Craft Create AU/NZ (Issue 03) features an article about this fascinating event, which you are read an extract Click here.

Where: Northern Territory, Australia
When: 19 June to 22 June
Details: Click here

What: 2015 ANZAC Commemorative Exhibition “Support from Home”.
Where: The Embroiderers’ Guild Queensland, Australia
When: 19 June to 21 June
Details: Click here

What: Calm During the Storm
Where: Wartime & Embroidery @ The Museum of East Anglican Life, Suffolk UK
When: to 28 June
Details: Click here

What: Exquisite Threads English Embroidery 1600s to 1900s
Where: The National Gallery of Victoria International (168 St Kilda Road) Australia
When: to 12 July
Details: Click here

What: Elaborate Embroidery; Fabrics for Menswear Before 1815
Where: The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York USA
When: to 19 July
Details: Click here

What: Embroidered Memories
Where: The Gold Coast Arts Centre, Surfers Paradise Australia
When: 13 June to 5 July
Details: Click here
Updated Info: Click here


Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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