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ISSUE 60  |  September 2, 2016

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 60 and welcome to September.  September 2016 is a BIG month at Inspirations for many reasons. To begin with it marks the month that our new 2016/2017 calendar commences.  Do you have yours yet?  More about that below. 

In September we have two super exciting announcements, one of which is a brand new Inspirations book we can’t wait to tell you about it… but more about that below as well. 

September means our needlework convention ‘Beating Around The Bush’ is only 4 weeks away and registrations are still coming in daily, so it’s not too late for you to join us.

But September also means a change of seasons, from either Winter to Spring, or Summer to Fall depending on where you live.  And with each change of season, a new generation of insects emerge, some welcome and some not so much.  It’s about now the insect world bursts forth with new life from beautiful butterflies to bright shimmering beetles, it’s all go. 

With a plethora of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, insects are a very popular subject matter for us needle folk and this week we have some truly captivating and remarkable pieces to share with you.

So for the needlework entomologists out there, this one is for you!

Do you have something to share?  We’d love to hear from you!  Email us at:


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Behind every great needlework project there is always a great designer and a great back story.  This week the project ‘Home Sweet Home Beehive’ from Inspirations #91 takes centre stage as we celebrate this delightful pincushion box, as well as the designer Anne Davies and her story which begins way back in Inspirations issue #68.

‘Home Sweet Home Beehive’ – Inspirations #91

Back in 2007 Anne, originally from the UK but relocated with her family to the USA, signed up for her first silk ribbon embroidery class with the silk ribbon guru herself, Helen Eriksson. Anne’s passion for embroidery was instantly ignited and, drawing on her background in design, sewing and art, her own needlework business soon followed.

Busy Bee – Inspirations issue #68

In 2009 Anne entered an Inspirations competition and won a complete set of Au Ver A Soie silk ribbon threads.  Her winning entry was so spectacular it was later published in Inspirations issue #68 titled ‘Busy Bee’.  A gorgeous tasselled scissor fob, embroidered with vibrant silk ribbon blooms and embellished with dainty enamelled charms and sparkling beads. 

Now fast forward to 2016 and Anne has revisited her first Inspirations ‘Busy Bee’ project and, combined with her love of nature, created this charming pincushion box fashioned after a bee skep – a traditional basket used to house bees.

Top right: A skep | Bottom Right: Anne with her Yorkie stitching buddy

One of the hallmarks of an Anne Davies design is her exceptional attention to detail and the addition of intricate features into her finished project.  Both ‘Busy Bee’ and ‘Home Sweet Home Beehive’ feature the use of Susan Clarke Originals charms.  A perfect complement to her stunning ribbon embroidery, these charms bring the skep to life by adding some worker bees, a Queen bee, a rabbit and even a hedgehog into the mix for good measure.

Today Anne runs her own design studio creating and selling her own projects and kits, as well as numerous teaching engagements in local shops and workshops from home.  You can check out more of Anne’s work on Pinterest HERE.


‘Home Sweet Home Beehive’ by Anne Davies is featured in Inspirations issue #91.  Complete with a comprehensive project requirements list, detailed step by step instructions and a how-to- guide for the Beaded Picot Stitch, printed copies of issue #91 are now available to order.

> Purchase Issue #91 HERE

An Inspirations ‘Susan Clarke Originals’ Charm Pack Kit is also available for the Home Sweet Home Beehive.

Charm pack contains the genuine ‘Susan Clarke Originals’ charms used by Anne to embellish the Beehive as follows:

2 x Medium Bee 1/4'' x 3/8''
1 x Small Bunny 1/4'' x 3/4''
1 x Queen Bee 1'' x 3/4''
1 x Tiny Bee 1/4'' x 1/4''
1 x Hedgehog 5/8'' x 1/2''

> Purchase Home Sweet Home Beehive Charm Pack HERE

‘Busy Bee’ by Anne Davies from Inspirations issue #68 is also available for purchase both as a Digital Pattern, or in print with the purchase of Inspirations issue #68.

‘Busy Bee’ by Anne Davies

Gorgeous tasselled scissor fob embroidered with vibrant silk ribbon blooms.

Inspirations Issue #68

Features 12 gorgeous projects including ‘Busy Bee’ by Anne Davies.

> Click HERE to purchase


> Click HERE to purchase


The project ‘Florentine’ by Anne Davies was featured in the Fabulous Flowers issue of Inspirations #89.  This striking silk and velvet bag really makes a statement and Anne was inundated with kits requests due to its popularity when released.

Printed copies of issue #89 including a complete project requirements list, detailed step by step instructions and a full size pattern sheet for ‘Florentine’ are still available for purchase HERE.

REMINDER | STITCH YOUR HEART OUT 2016 – Entries Closing Soon!

The biennial “Stitch Your Heart Out” needlework challenge is open to ANY SKILL LEVEL, ANY TECHNIQUE, USING ANY MATERIALS and you don't need to attend Beating Around the Bush to enter – it’s for everyone!

Whether it’s your own design or someone else’s and with amazing prizes on offer, this is a needlework challenge for every stitcher and their needle. New or existing projects, there is a category just right for you.

GRAND PRIZE - A full set of magnificent Au Ver à Soie, Soie d’Alger silk threads valued at more than AU$3,500 will be awarded to the overall winner.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share your talents with fellow stitcher’s so don’t be shy – we want to see your work!

ENTER TODAY!  For more information, including how to enter, download the entry form HERE


Last week we started unpacking Janice’s conversation about finding blanketing fabric that doesn’t contain wool and this week we continue to share the many responses and suggestions we received in the hope we’ll have Janice stitching for her grandchildren in no time at all!

Elza Bester suggested that Janice try bamboo fabric which is not only hypoallergenic but ecofriendly as well. A wide range of bamboo fabrics are available online from The Bamboo Fabric Store (Click HERE).

Lesley Purcell has just recently completed one of the Warm Welcome Bears from Inspirations Issue #91 and as she couldn’t buy either wool or cashmere, bought a good quality cream fleece which will also be easier to wash. Lesley’s bear was so well received by its baby girl recipient that she has now started one for a baby boy!

Warm Welcome The Bears – Inspirations #91

Darcy Walker has suggestions for both a winter and summer weight blanket . . .

For winter ‘find a good heavy linen to embroider on, then back it with a polyester fleece. That is was I did for a friend with a wool allergy, it worked out fine and linen will last forever. It is washable in a cold water cycle and a delicate tumble dry. For a lighter blanket, again use linen but back it with a nice polished cotton - very good for summer.’

Darcy went onto suggest that Janice try either Nordic Needle (Click HERE) or Needle in a Haystack (Click HERE) as a source for linen - both stores have comprehensive websites and knowledgeable staff to consult when making fabric decisions.

Margo Steley from Heyfield in Victoria, Australia speaks from experience as she faced the same difficulty a few years ago and ‘found that 100% cotton velour was a good substitute. There is a good range of colours, and it is washable and easy to embroider. Congratulations on your new grand babies!’

Carole Jensen Gatza from Rayne in Louisiana, USA wonders if Janice ‘could try a heavy cotton flannel. If it is washed in hot water beforehand, it would be thicker than before washed.  She might try contacting Sally at Farmhouse Fabrics (  I'm not sure if they have the flannel but they may be able to help.  They are a wonderful shop in one of the Carolinas and have a wide selections of fabrics, mostly for heirloom sewing.  I hope this helps.’

Isabel Leininger gets ‘a catalogue called Cuddledown (, which sells nice-quality sheets, blankets and so forth.  In their most recent catalogue, they have some 100% cotton fleece blankets that look to me as though they might work.  I have had good luck with things I have ordered from this company.  These blankets would be more easily washable than wool (although Janice's embroidery will determine that) and the evil moths won’t eat them! Cut in quarters, a queen size or king size blanket should make four baby blankets, but they do come in smaller sizes, too, if Janice only wants one.’

Elaine from British Columbia in Canada has had ‘a sensitivity to wool all her life. When I want to use ‘wool’ as an embroidery base, I look for good quality acrylic or cotton blankets in home furnishing departments. While the items I have made don't get washed frequently, they do wear well. One large blanket will provide lots of fabric for various projects. I haven't looked at readymade baby blankets in years but I found those for adults better quality. Another possibility is quality polar fleece with wash out stabilizer. That would provide more colour options but might be more difficult to work on. I haven't tried it myself though I've used it for hard wearing clothing.’

That exhausts the incredibly comprehensive list of suggestions we’ve received from the Embroidery News Community, so next week we’ll open up our next lot of conversation starters and see who we can point in the right direction!

Until then, if you have a conversation you’d like to start, we’d love to hear it.

Email us at



Ready To Stitch Inspirations Kits for the project ‘The Toy box’ from Inspirations issue #91 include everything you need to create this ivory wool and cashmere blanket, EXCEPT the striped backing fabric depicted below.

Having been inundated with so many people wanting to know where you can purchase this fabric, we have some good news.  Our super star editorial and kits teams have been working together with Annette the designer to confirm the fabric used is Michael Miller Fabric #1684 Cha Cha Stripe and they have even found a supplier still selling it, which you can order online HERE.

The ‘Toy Box’ blanket comes in two different kits, a complete ready to stitch version (minus the backing fabric) available for purchase HERE.  Or as a thread pack only version available for purchase HERE.


This beautiful dogwood wreath by Margaret Light, stitched with crewel wools has been extremely popular and sold out in the first few weeks of release.  Our kit team has just this week replenished our stock and these Spring Delight ready to stitch kits are available for purchase again HERE.

> Browse our complete range of Inspirations Kits HERE


When you think of insects do spiders, mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches first come to mind?  Let us help you with some more inspirational material from the insect family!  The needlework community is famous for depicting the beautiful people of the insect world.  Butterflies, Ladybirds and Dragonflies – that is the part of insect town you want to be living in, and this week we’re going to take you there.  First up is Anita Curley

‘My name is Anita Curley, I'm a mother, Grandmother and Great Grandma!  I'm retired so can stitch whenever I wish. I started to embroider when I was going to school, and as a Brownie in England.  I emigrated to Saskatchewan Canada and lived on a farm with my second husband where we raised our 3 children.  We left the farm in 1989 and moved to Swift Current SK, where I again started to embroider.

In 2005 we moved to Camrose  Alberta, Canada, which is where I live today.
I am a stitch explorer, I love to try different forms of embroidery, I have tried long stitch, cross stitch, crewel, gold work, lace work, stump work, canvas work but my favorites are crazy quilting and of course thread painting.

The crazy quilting is where I try all kinds of stitches and they become my samplers.  I am amazed with thread painting, the way colours are blended and the pieces come alive.  My collection of embroidery books includes most of the Inspiration issues, thank you for this wonderful resource, I always look forward to the next issue and no surprise there's always something that says "stitch me".  Happy to stitch, Anita.’

Your version of Catherine Laurençon’s Butterfly’ from Inspirations issue #85 is superb Anita.  It is such a spectacular project, one of our favourites, and you have faithfully re-created it as brilliantly as the original.  Well done.

From one butterfly species to a completely different one, yet equally as striking.   Over to you Nermine…

Hello, this is Nermine Gendy from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.  This bead embroidered butterfly is a project Jenny Aiden-Christie taught at BATB 2014. Although I did not have the chance to attend the class, I bought the kit and thanks to her super clear instructions, completed it no problems.  I loved it and I hope you do too.

Nermine is a regular in Embroidery News and it’s great to have you back again this week.  An extremely popular project from Jenny, again Nermine your version is faithful to the original and you have done a superb job.  Terrific effort and we’re looking forward to seeing you and Jenny in a few weeks at BATB 2016!

Deborah Zibrik from Vancouver BC Canada, has re-created an entire colony of insects for us to admire:

‘Hi there… I invite you meet my Fantastical 3D stumpwork embroidered bugs and beetles.  I have been stitching since I was a little girl I recall about age 5.  My mother, an able stitcher herself, was a taskmaster with the goal that her daughters would grow up to be appropriately skilled in all manner of needle crafts in order to serve her well as a future wife, mother and homemaker (the Russian tradition!).

The joy of stitching was unleashed with the Diploma training I received from City and Guilds and Harker Creative Studios. This collection of stumpwork bugs were created as original work to satisfy the assessment for Diploma certificate and incorporate gold work, beads, silk embroidery and a variety of stitching techniques to suit the personality of every bug I create.  

My favourite techniques fabric/fiber collage with stitch and all types of gold work. My fantastical bugs are so much fun to make and bring so much surprise and joy to those who meet them.’

Thank you for the introduction to your bugs Debbie, they really are wonderfully bright, colourful and curious fellows!  We think they’re brilliant. To view more of Debbie’s work, you can explore her Facebook page HERE where she includes close up photos and description of her wonderful creations.

Another fan favourite from the insect world is the bee (providing one avoids getting stung of course!).  Natalie Dupuis is another regular to EN and here is her contribution to needlework entomology:

‘Hello, I thought you might be interested in seeing my latest goldwork project.  This is a sampler of a variety of gold work techniques originally designed by Katherine Diuguid. The hive itself is quite traditional, and the tree stump is just wild bits of gold and stranded cotton all placed in strange patters to make it look more wood like.

I love insects and all things related to bees so this design drew me in.  I'm thinking of doing another beehive inspired from a colouring sheet to enter into the Stitch Your Heat Out competition!’

Now this is a really ritzy part of insect town right here!  A shimmering golden beehive - what a magical combination of materials and techniques Natalie, it looks spectacular.  Thanks for representing the bees in such a regal manner, they are no doubt very grateful!

What Are YOU Stitching?  We’d love to see it… send your photos, a description of the project and a little about yourself including where you live, to



Be inspired all year around with the World’s Most Beautiful Needlework Calendar.  And it all starts right now in September!

The first project to be featured in our 2016/2017 calendar for the month of September is ‘Gathering Lillies’ by Nettie Morris from Inspirations issue #66.  One of the stand out features of this piece is the extraordinary precision of Nettie's stitches which can be seen on the delightful faces of these two girls gathering arum lilies from the garden.

To celebrate the month of September heralding the start of our calendar, we have added the project ‘Gathering Lilies’ as a digital download making the calendar a very practical inspirational tool indeed.  Now not only can you admire this extraordinary piece, you can stitch it for yourself!

Gathering Lilies
by Nettie Morris

More than ninety shades of stranded cotton thread have been used to create this stunning thread painted masterpiece.

> To purchase Digital Pattern click HERE.



Copies are still available and can be shipped directly to your door anywhere in the world.  To order click HERE.


As mentioned in the intro, we have an exciting new book coming out in a few weeks.  We can’t say anything about it yet, other than it showcases exquisite and innovative hand stitched pieces presented like never before.  Stay tuned for more updates next week…

Beautiful Needlework.  Sold Here.


Inspirations issue #92 is coming! 

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Monet The Mouse
Both Books Now Available As Digital Patterns

Jenny McWhinney’s adventures of Monet the Mouse are legendary.  First appearing in Inspirations issue #39 and again in issue #51 these enchanting stitched children’s books have been bringing joy to the stitcher and their children/grandchildren the world over.

Last week we announced for the first time BOTH these hugely popular projects are available as digital downloads, as ‘Monet et le Papier Jaune’ has just been added.

‘Des Fleurs Pour Grandmere’ (Flowers for Grandmother)

by Jenny McWhinney

A child’s charming and captivating embroidered story book.

‘Monet et le Papier Jaune’ (Monet and the Yellow Paper)

 by Jenny McWhinney

Story book with further adventures of Monet with his friend Archie.

> Click HERE to purchase


> Click HERE to purchase


By Lee Albrecht's 


Umm Wow ...


By Trish Burr


" It is truly the little things that make life so amazing."
~ Fiona Childs ~


What: 62 Group of Textile Artists Exhibition | Making Spaces
Where: The Silk Museum | Roe Street Macclesfield, UK
When: to 3 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: 2016 Buda Contemporary Textiles Exhibition
Where: to 10 Sep
When: Buda Historic Home & Garden | 42 Hunter Street Castlemaine, Victoria
Details: Click HERE

What: Wollongong Group of the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition | Through the Eye of the Needle
Where: Wollongong Art Gallery | Burelli Street Wollongong, New South Wales
When: to 11 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Slipstitch
Where: Castlemaine Art Galley & Historical Museum | 14 Lyttleton Street Castlemaine, Victoria
When: to 24 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Making the Australian Quilt: 1800 to 1950
Where: National Galley of Victoria Australia | Federation Square – Flinders Street & Russell Street Melbourne, Victoria
When: to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: RSN | Stories in Stitch Exhibition
Where: Hampton Court Palace
When: Sep 16 to Mar 17
Details: Click HERE

What: The Hamilton Craft & Quilt Fair
Where: Claudelands Event Centre | Corner of Brooklyn Road & Heaphy Terrace Claudelands, Hamilton New Zealand
When: 1 to 4 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: The Wellington Craft & Quilt Fair
Where: Te Rauparaha Arena | 17 Parumoana Street Porirura, New Zealand
When: 8 to 10 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: San Francisco School of Needlework & Design | Grand Opening
Where: 360 Post Street #604 San Francisco, California
When: 10 Sep | 11:00 to 6:00
Details: Click HERE

What: The Samford Patchworkers | Quilt Show
Where: Samford Community Hall | School Road Samford, Queensland
When: 10 & 11 Sep

What: The Embroiderers’ Guild ACT | Annual Exhibition
Where: Albert Hall | Commonwealth Avenue Yarralumla, Australian Capital Territory
When: 16 to 18 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: The South Coast & Country Quilters Guild | 13th Bi-Annual Quilt Exhibition
Where: Batemans Bay Soldiers Club | 2 Beach Road Batemans Bay, New South Wales
When: 16 to 18 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Victoria Pearce – Director of Endangered Heritage in Phillip | Lecture
Where: Albert Hall | Commonwealth Avenue Yarralumla, Australian Capital Territory
When: 17 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: SAGA Convention | Anchored in SAGA
Where: Embassy Suites | 1700 Coliseum Drive Hampton, Virginia
When: 20 to 25 Sep
Details: Click HERE

What: Annemieke Mein Exhibition | Habitat
Where: The Gallery at Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre | Corner of Wilson & Carpenter Streets Brighton, Victoria
When: 24 Sep to 6 Nov
Details: Click HERE

What: Geelong Fibre Forum
Where: Geelong Grammar School | 50 Biddlecombe Avenue Corio, Victoria
When: 26 Sep to 2 Oct
Details: Click HERE

What: The Embroiderers’ Guild of Tasmania | Biennial Exhibition
Where: Punchbowl Christian Centre | 100 Punchbowl Road Punchbowl, Tasmania
When: 28 Sep to 1 Oct

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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