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Inspirations issue 69Dear  Vivienne,

I thought you might be a little amused to see me trying to fit some of the stock for the Paris show into my suitcase here at work. I think I will have to wear all my clothes in layers on the plane... Or as everyone suggests, just go shopping in Paris!

This week has been topsy turvy in Australia with our weather. We always seem to be talking about the weather at the moment, floods, cyclones and heat, it seems never ending. I hope everyone is safe and our thoughts are with you.

Mum and Dad

I had some special visitors here at Country Bumpkin this week. My gorgeous Mum and Dad popped in to see the latest changes at the new store. The last time they were here we hadn’t finished unpacking, and now its 4 months later and things look a lot different (and a little more finished).


Next week I will be writing to you from Paris and be able to show you some photos of our stand at l’Aiguille en fete.


Computer Bugs


We have been hit by another computer ‘bug’ of sorts. We have only just found that an email address that many of you use had been set up wrongly and many emails that have been sent in the last couple of months have ended up in cyberspace! Our wonderful computer techs have managed to recover most of them (over 2000), but if we haven’t responded to you this is the reason, not because we were ignoring you! So please accept our apologies.

cricketIf you have any outstanding enquiries, this address is all fixed now.

Back in Stock

Scissoroos’s are back!
scissoroo scissorsThe Scissoroo is a uniquely Australian pair of scissors featuring the iconic Australian kangaroo. They are designed in Australia and made in Italy, the perfect gift for you or a friend or just to complete your collection.

Country Bumpkin Classes

Our lovely new teaching room is ready and waiting for some exciting classes this term.

We have weekday classes and some exciting master classes with your favourite tutors including Susan O’Connor and Anna Scott.

There are also some great beginner’s classes which would make a great present for someone who you would like to share your passion with.

Click here to view and download the class brochure. Phone 8293 8600 or email for more details or to book your place.

class calendar 2011

Discontinued Colours for Spring Sonnet

Anna Scott’s beautiful green blanket, Spring Sonnet has been incredibly popular but unfortunately we have just found that 3 of the colours Anna used have been discontinued.
She suggests substituting with the following:
The discontinued colours are Paternayan 801 dk marigold, 802 marigold and 805 ultra lt marigold. Suggested Paternayan substitutes are 801 = 494, 802 = 811, 805 = 701.

Spring Sonnet blanket

Group Subscriptions
Save 20%

Did you know that you can gather your friends together (5 or more) and take out a group subscription and save 20% off our normal subscription rates? This option is perfect for your Stitch and Chat group or Guild. All you need is one address for your magazines to be sent to anywhere in the world. If you would like more information email Aimee.

ASE current issueInspirations current issue

Just quickly...

If you have any queries regarding Beating Around the Bush 2012 please email Sally.

link to Paris class information

The l’Aiguille en fete is just over a week away and then not long after, the classes start with Susan in London and Paris. If you would like to book, please email Chelsea. For more information visit our website.

Wishing you another wonderful week of stitching!

The Country Bumpkin Team

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starstuck Chelsea


One of our local soccer stars from Adelaide United
Nigel Boogaard dropped into Country Bumpkin today,
here is our youngest member of the CB Team Chelsea
with him... she was just a little star struck!