2015 Graduation Info!
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Batizado 2015

 Our 22nd Annual Graduation Event Celebration
This email is to inform students and parents about the details of our 22nd annual student graduation (aka “Batizado”).  The ceremony will take place on Saturday, October 3rd from 11:00am-2:30pm at the Orlando Museum of Art.  There will be workshops, tests and other events leading up the main event.

Batizado Overview

So what exactly is a "batizado," anyway? 

When joining a Capoeira group, you or your child will eventually have a chance to take part in a batizado, the annual graduation ceremony. The batizado is essentially a belt test event and ceremony, which involves playing a game of Capoeira with one or more mestres or high-level capoeiristas whom graduate the student to their next cordel.

This is spectacular ceremony brings in hundreds of spectators, students, and masters from United States and Brazil for this one-of-a-kind event. The batizado is an exciting day for you and/or your child as he or she child demonstrate his/her efforts of the past year in an exciting day full of entertainment and excitement!

Each year, Mestre Lazaro does his best to make the batizado a fun and exciting event for all participants.  Many expenses are included in making this event so special.  These expenses typically include: renting a space for the event, purchasing travel and hotel accommodations for visiting Mestres from Brazil and the US, paying visiting Mestres to teach workshops, new uniforms and cordels, and other expenses.  Because of the many expenses involved in the batizado, there is a fee for all participating students. 

Information for Children

Children: $170
This includes the following: new uniform, cordel test, workshops, & 2 admission tickets for parents/guests. 
The test will take place Saturday September 26th from 10:00am – 3:30pm at the academy.  On this day, your child will be tested on all the requirements needed to earn the next cordel.  

Information for Adult Students

Adult: $250
This includes the following: new uniform, cordel test, & all workshops.
The test will take place Sunday September 27st at 11am at the academy.  On this day, you will be tested on all the requirements needed to earn your cordel.  

Everyone please notePAYMENT DEADLINE: Payment deadline is August 14! **If you have paid in full by July 31st you will receive a $15 CBP gift certificate/credit, which can be used on tuition, uniforms, or instruments (non batizado items). Payments received after the deadline are subject to late fees.
**Attention families with 3 or more members; please speak to Gine about family discounts. 


Fundraising for Batizado

Over the next few months we will be having batizado fundraising activities.  These events are extremely fun and effective; we will keep you updated one what is happening! Also, we always look to the Orlando business community for sponsorship.  As students as a whole to take on a great portion of making this event as grand as it is; we do seek out sponsorship to share the cost.  If you work for a business or know of one who would like to be a sponsor please let Gine know.  We have great advertisement opportunities for all our sponsors! 

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