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Merry Christmas from Finbar's  & The Caseys!

The last few times I've gone to write the December newsletter, I get about halfway through the first paragraph before I remember to check last year's letter so that I don't end up accidentally writing the exact same thing.

I just did that now. The first three sentences of my first draft were within six words of being exactly the same as last year yet I have no conscious memory of being here before. Business is good, kids are great, best year ever, etc... all true (incredibly!) but I find it fascinating that I would rewrite the same thing, word for word, year after year thinking it was new material.

I guess I come by it honestly though, my dad once bought the same Celine Dion CD (remember those?) three times. He spent much of his career traveling a lot and has been known to re-buy the same book at the same airport on consecutive trips. Even funnier is that he could read the whole book again, and enjoy it, and not realize it until he found the previous copy on his nightstand when he got home.

I feel like all those times I made fun of him for this kind of thing might be coming back to haunt me. I feel like all those times I made fun of him for this kind of thing might be coming back to haunt me.

Oh well, at least I'm reliving a truly wonderful life. No seriously, we really are... Pamela and I are so thankful to our friends, family, patrons and staff who make our lives such a pleasure and so much fun. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

The Caseys

Holiday Hours:

Finbar’s will close at 4pm on Christmas Eve
and reopen at 11am on Dec. 27th.

We'll be open late on NYE
and closed on New Year's Day. Cheers!

And finally...

Congratulations Darlene Macaulay!

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Always a Pleasure,
Michael & Pamela Casey

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