OLE Nepal's quarterly email newsletter provides current news and information about the organization and its activities. OLE Nepal works to provide high quality education for children in Nepal.
Youth Volunteers in Action
Rahul and Subarna spent two months in Bajhang, supporting teachers and students in discovering the true aptitude of technological resources combined within our education system. Read more on what they have to share. Youth-Volunteer-in-Action.png

What are we planning!
After celebrating the festivities, we are again back in action. See what’s been planned for next few months. What-are-we-planning.png
ep.png Exploring Digital Library
More schools are exploring their new educational tools to improve the learning abilities of the students. Find out which schools are now using our digital library resources.

What’s new in E-Pustakalaya!
Our Pustakalaya is mounting, day by day. Explore more on what’s new in E-Pustakalaya.

OLE-Nepal-at-events.png OLE Nepal at events
Amidst demanding schedule, OLE team found some time to participate in couple events, giving ourselves opportunities to reach out to people. See where we were.

e-paath.png ep-icon.png
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