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Localising OLPC: From Names to Games

OLE Nepal has been working since 2007 on introducing ICT-integrated teaching methodology in Nepal’s public education system through its unique content-focused OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) programme. Why OLE Nepal picked OLPC XO laptops for its programme and how the XO and the Nepali education content got their respective Nepali names make for an interesting story and highlight what the project fundamentally stands for. It is a proud moment for us at OLE Nepal to reflect back and see how we have made this project our own starting with an implementation strategy that suits our needs and environment, to the localised content that Nepali school going children can easily relate to, all the way to the names of the different components involved that reflect the noble- yet intimately local- initiative. Full Story

Leadership Development: Missing Piece of the Puzzle

OLE Nepal’s experience over the past two years has shown that there is a strong positive correlation between committed and innovative headmasters, who demonstrate excellent leadership skills, and the successful implementation of OLE Nepal’s ICT-integrated education programme. Although most headmasters we have worked with are committed and have good intentions, most of them have not been trained specifically to have the leadership skills necessary to reach out to teachers and motivate them in adapting a completely novel teaching methodology. For this reason, we have decided to add a leadership component to our training programme starting this year. OLE Nepal’s leadership training will be conducted for headmasters, Student Management Committee (SMC) and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Chairs. At any school, the headmaster is responsible for ensuring that teachers are performing well on their jobs. This includes regular monitoring to make sure teachers have realistic yearly plans as well as daily lesson plans and also being firmly committed to keeping teachers motivated through professional development and interaction programmes. These become especially critical within the context of our programme given that we are introducing completely novel teaching-learning concepts that integrate ICT into daily pedagogy. We view the hardware and the content it contains as resources. The teachers are still the main agents in the delivery process. Therefore, the impact of the project will be hugely influenced by whether or not teachers ‘buy into’ the new approach and are motivated enough to use these resources to best effect. Good leadership is essential to making this happen. Full Story
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Leadership training component added »

Full year course with weekly plans completed for grade three English »

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OLE Nepal’s former Education
Director at the World Bank »

The deployment scheduled for this new academic year has been postponed due to adverse political climate. All the preparations have been completed, and the laptops will be rolled out soon in collaboration with the Department of Education. »

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