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February 2016 E-Newsletter

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2015: A Year in Review

Transition US has published its 2015 annual report. Have a look!


What's Happening in Transition... 

Repair Cafe in Pasadena Gathers Community to Fix What's Broken
Transition organizers in this SoCal initiative have developed a project that's getting some well-deserved buzz. Repair Cafe brings people together to transcend our disposable culture, mending things instead of throwing them out. Video.

Seed-Saving Initiatives Protect Genetic Diversity and Build Comunity Resilience
Seed-saving projects are springing up all over the Transition map, including a seed exchange in Sebastopol as well as a new seed bank on the Mendocino Coast. Here's a list of 15 additional seed-saving projects and what they're doing to promote biodiversity and healthy foodsheds for future generations.

Report on Inter-National Hubs Gathering Shows a Strengthening Global Transition Movement
Representatives of Transition groups from around the world continue gathering to build a more vibrant movement. Read this report (and these international poems) from the 2015 Hubs Gathering.

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Stories from the Movement 

Critically Acclaimed 'Demain' (Tomorrow) Brings Transition to the Masses on the Big Screen
Recently described as "March of the Penguins for localists," this film by Cyril Dion and Melanie Laurent (which features the Transition Movement and interviews with Rob Hopkins), has been seen by more than half a million people in France alone, and has now won the Cesar Award (French equivalent of the Oscars) for Best Documentary. Read more.

Lessons from the Holocaust for the Era of the Sixth Extinction
Diane Monroe's family survived the Holocaust. How can we leverage their lessons to weather the unknown changes which may await us? "The depth and meaning of your life... are intertwined with the challenges and turmoil of our times."
Full story here. 

Transition Streets: Local Government, Resilient Renters, and the Magic of Meeting Your Neighbors!
TUS recently convened a conversation of inspired community leaders who are implementing Transition Streets across the US. Read the meeting takeaways here.

'ABQ Hours' Looks to Relocalize Economy
The newly formed ABQ Hours Exchange, a partner of Transition Albuquerque, allows members to exchange services without money. One community at a time, we are building the alternative economy. This is what Bugs Bunny might call taking a 'right toyn at Albuquoyke'!

Interested in starting a Transition Initiative? 
Browse the US initiatives map and learn more about becoming an Official Transition Initiative!

Webinars and Online Events

Nature as Teacher, with Pandora Thomas
Wednesday, March 16,  2016 - 11:00am-12:15pm PST
What is the flow of energy that our communities need to create a better future? In this powerful talk, Black Permaculture Network co-founder Pandora Thomas will share how our relationship to nature makes the best teacher, both in ecological design and in effecting just and sustainable societal change. With a multi-media presentation, Pandora will show us how to grow social justice in our movements along with the nourishment we all need to thrive.

Bridging the Urban Community with the Global Economy, with Fred Brown
Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 11:00am-12:15pm PST
Join Transition Trainer and local economic development practitioner Fred Brown of Pittsburgh, PA, to explore how Transition Towns can bridge the urban community with the global economy, using principles of “economic gardening” – a strength-based approach to community development that spans diverse socioeconomic strata.

LAUNCH Online Transition Training
April 12-May 31, 2016 
Take part in the original training for transition, adapted for the web. Join UK-based Transition Trainer (and Transition Town Totnes co-founder) Naresh Giangrande, along with an international community of emerging transitioners, for an info-packed 8-week online training on how to set up, run and grow a Transition Initiative.

See all upcoming events >>

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Social Action Toolbox Presents: Your Study Guide to the Cooperative Movement
TESA, the Toolbox for Education and Social Action, has published a new Study Guide to the Cooperative Movement. Also check out their conscious Monopoly-spinoff board game, 'Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives,' in which players work together to overcome obstacles for their collective success. On with the evolution!

Deeper into the 'Capitalism Versus the Climate' Convo
This new action paper by Local Futures contrasts the characteristics of globalization and localization. You can find our movement in the 'solutions' part of the report. Local Futures is also promoting the new film, "The Economics of Happiness." 
Watch the trailer here.

CommonBound 2016 Conference
with the New Economy Coalition

The fourth international conference of the New Economy Coalition will be held in Buffalo, New York from July 8-10, 2016. CommonBound will convene New Economy leaders from around the world, including representatives from NEC's 132 member organizations, to enhance our work in building the alternative economy. Learn more and register here.

Thriving Communities Conference this March in the Pacific Northwest
Water and Community is the theme of this year's Thriving Communities Conference at the Whidbey Institute in scenic Puget Sound, from March 17-19. More information here. Also check out these great Thriving Communities videos!

100% Renewable Energy in 10 Years: What We Can Do
YES! Magazine explores actual, practical steps we can take to transform our energy economy into one that is totally clean and renewable. Top tip: Start with the easy stuff. Read the full article here. Also check out this new story on small-town resistance to Big Oil. We are the ones we have been waiting for!
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