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Investing in Hope for impoverished children in Vietnam who are going to school because of you.

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December 13, 2013


8th Grade English Class with Teacher Tuyen

Cam Thuy, former teacher and principal with two former students

November 20th is a very special day at Anh Linh Love School.  It’s Teachers’ Day and although it is celebrated throughout Vietnam, the students at Anh Linh have special reasons to celebrate and express their respect for their teachers.

Students begin preparing a week in advance to create poems, songs, gifts and artwork to show their thanks to their teachers.  They also present them with flowers and food.  The teachers wear their traditional ao dai to show how important the occasion is.

Every year former students of Anh Linh come back to pay their respects to the teachers who have had such an impact on their lives.  This year a special day was set aside to invite many former students and teachers to meet and catch up.  Kim Ngoc, Anh Linh’s principal wrote “It makes the teachers so joyful to see their former students being mature, successful and happy”.

This year, one of our students, Tran Thanh Hieu - sponsored by the generosity of Lisalan Thai - wrote about his feelings regarding being at Anh Linh School.    Here it is, translated for us.


Every year, the Teachers’ Day, which is on the 20th of November, is an occasion to express our thanks to our teachers.

Anh Linh School is my home and my second house. In this school, there are many benefactors who help us to have a good place to study.

Every morning, we have a banana or a glass of milk at break time, so that we feel well to continue to study. At lunch time, we have delicious meals which are prepared by Mrs. Que and Mrs. Bach. And we also have polite uniforms which are made by Mrs. Hien.  Especially, we have a lot of teachers who have taught us how to read, how to write and what we should do so that we can become good people.

I also have a best friend Huy, to talk and play together.  If I don’t go to school, I will miss it very much.

I promise that I will study hard to make our teachers and benefactors pleased.

Tran Thanh Hieu. Gr 3

A Message from the Executive Director

The four months since I joined Bridges to Learning as Executive Director have been intensive and rewarding.  The fall months are critical months for our organization for fund raising, budgeting, sponsorship renewal and meeting our obligations to Anh Linh Free School. The activity has been nonstop since August, consuming time and resources of our Board of Directors, volunteers, the co-founders, Jerilyn Hirsch and Bob Mac Murdo and of course myself.  The results, however, have been very rewarding.

The October 4th Bridges to Learning Gala, our largest and most important event of the year, was a resounding success.  216 ticket holders exceeded our attendance expectations and their generosity resulted in the highest gross revenue in years. The generous amounts generated by the auctions and the Sponsorship Appeal were driven by the knowledge that the revenues are devoted to the children of Anh Linh School.

Equal results on a smaller scale were achieved by the Vietnamese Community Gala held November 2nd.  This was a successful and important evening for Bridges to Learning as the revenue far exceeded the previous year’s event. The funds generated will be instrumental in helping us meet our goals for supporting the many programs at Anh Linh School.

Sponsorship of Anh Linh School’s children is the biggest source of our support revenue. Year-end renewal efforts are underway and I am pleased to say we are seeing a surge of renewals.  It is so inspiring to see so many people motivated to take action. To the children we all serve, the sponsors’ support means more than you can possibly imagine.  The children are so grateful for our Sponsorship program and to their individual sponsors.  Increasing our sponsorship program is our highest priority in 2014.

In January I will be joining our co-founder Jerilyn Hirsch for my first visit to Vietnam and to Anh Linh School. Visiting the children and teachers at Anh Linh School will be so important for me to see firsthand how the support from our sponsors, donors and volunteers is changing the lives of so many of the children at Anh Linh School.

Have a joyful holiday and a Happy New Year.

A Gift to Remember

It is that time of year when many of us scurry about trying to find the perfect gift for the special people in our lives.  What about bringing another child into your life?  The sponsoring of a child is a gift.  It will provide you, your children, parents and grandparents with memories of helping another who doesn’t have a bed to sleep in, clean clothes, decent food to eat, and many with no family to care for them.

Your sponsorship can change that – and change your lives.  It could be a way for your children to learn of another culture and the joys of making a difference in the life of someone far less fortunate.

Become a Bridges to Learning sponsor and give a child a gift for their future.  It is very easy to do – and is a tax deduction available yet this year!


Tet Festival

Tet is the common name for the Vietnamese New Year (Vietnamese: Tết Nguyên Đán). It is by far the country’s most important holiday, and is a bit like combining Christmas, New Year’s, and your birthday into one celebration.

Like Chinese New Year, Tet takes place on the first day of the first month of the Lunar calendar. This usually translates to late January or early February on the Gregorian calendar. In 2014 Tet will be celebrated on January 31.  2014 is the Year of the Horse.  People born in 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, were born under the sign of the Horse, and said to be animated, active and energetic. 

We will be providing more information about activities surrounding this event at a later date.

Visit to Ahn Linh School

Perhaps you would like to send a note or picture to your sponsored child at Ahn Linh School.  If so, please let Jerri and Robert know so they can get it from you before Friday, January 10th (they leave on January 13th).   The kids love to hear from their sponsors and learn more about their “family connection”!

Year end!

There is still time to make your donation and qualify for a tax deduction for 2013!  It’s very easy to do right on line at:  Any amount helps to give to provide Ahn Linh School with needed supplies, food and clothing.  You really do make a difference, and we thank you!!

Wishing Everyone a
Merry Holiday Season and a
Happy and Successful 2014!


Bringing hope to impoverished kids in Vietnam

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