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Welcome to the Mozilla Summit 2010!
We're excited that you are going to be joining us in Whistler for the 2010 Mozilla Summit with hundreds of your fellow Mozillians from around the world! As a leader and principal contributor, you have been invited to represent a key component of our technology and products or one or more of the the communities that we serve.

We'll have more details about the Summit to share soon, but as you think about how you hope to contribute to the event, we encourage you to reflect on how the Web has succeeded in becoming such an integral part of our lives in just ten short years. The Web has captured the imagination and attention of the world, transforming the way we learn, the way we do business, the way we entertain ourselves, and the way we connect and interact with each other.

What is it about the Web that has made it so successful and pervasive, and what can we continue to learn from its success, especially when approaching hard problems, new ideas, and in identifying the next frontier? How can we better reflect the immense energy and inventiveness of the Web? And what would it mean for us to Be More Like The Web?

With only five weeks to go, the Summit is fast approaching and there's still lots to do. Every week you'll receive this newsletter with up-to-date information on travel, logistics, and even more opportunities to get involved and help make this the best Summit ever.

Schedule & Events
Kicking off with a Welcome Reception on Tuesday night, the Summit is going to be three full days jam-packed with activity. We'll be starting each morning with an early breakfast and continuing on until late in the evening each night. By Saturday morning everyone should be simultaneously inspired, excited and thoroughly exhausted. (The upside is that you'll sleep well on the plane -- even if you're crammed in like a sardine.)

The Summit wouldn't be the Summit without plenary sessions, lots of scheduled breakout sessions, and plenty of time for impromptu meetups, discussions, and hacking opportunities. We'll also be mixing things up a bit with a Science Fair, daily Lightning Talks, and our first Mozilla World Expo.

The schedule is still a bit of a work in progress right now, but we'll share all the details once we get things finalized a bit more.

No one will be passively attending the Summit. That's not how we do things here. At the Summit everyone will be an active contributor and everyone will have one or more responsibilities. So start thinking about what role you'd like to play.

Starting today, we're accepting proposals for Science Fair exhibits, Lightning Talks, and Breakout Sessions (see below). And stay tuned for details about the World Expo, as well as other opportunities to help coordinate and ensure that the Summit is a huge success. For example, we're going to be asking people to sign up for everything from greeting your fellow Mozillians at the airport, to helping run the Science Fair and other events.

Travel Notes
All International travelers have been contacted. If you are traveling from the U.S. or Canada, the travel agents are well under way with those bookings. All travel will be finalized by Wednesday, June 9th.

If you are traveling from a country that requires you to have a visa to get into Canada, you should have already received your travel as well as your visa information. If you have not, please email

More detailed updates on travel and logisitics will be sent out as we get closer to the Summit.

Science Fair
Do you have a phenomenal demo you want to show off to your fellow Mozillians? Are you working on an experiment or idea that needs feedback or testers? Do you need help with an awesome project you're working on?

At the Summit you'll have your chance to show off what you've got and talk with your fellow Mozillians about it face-to-face!

We're setting aside part of one afternoon for our first ever Mozilla Summit Science Fair, where participants will set up their laptops and demos in a single large area of the hotel that will have an array of high-top tables, chairs, power-outlets and LCD panels. Everyone else will wander around the exhibits, stopping to chat, watch demos, ask questions, and generally just dive in, talk about stuff, and vote on their favorites.

If you want to participate, please head over to the Summit Science Fair Sign-up Sheet and fill in the form as soon as you can. There are a limited number of slots available which will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, with sign-ups ending on June 15th.

Lightning Talks
Do you want five uninterrupted minutes where you have the full and undivided attention of everyone at the Summit? Need a chance to tell people (very quickly) about something you're working on, thinking about, or need help with? This is your chance!

The Summit schedule will include daily Lightning Talk sessions where you will have a chance to give a 5 minute presentation about something you're working on, thinking about, or experimenting with to a room full of your fellow Mozillians.

Lightning Talks will be hosted by a moderator who will hold each presenter to a five minute time limit. While there's obviously no time to respond to questions during the Lightning Talk sessions, Summit participants are encouraged to find and chat with each Lightning Talk presenter afterwards and throughout the course of the Summit.

If you want to participate, please head over to the Summit Lightning Talks Sign-up Sheet and fill in the form as soon as you can. Lightning Talk slots will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, with sign-ups ending on June 15th.

Breakout Sessions
Roughly half of the Summit schedule has been set aside for Breakout Sessions, and everyone is welcome to submit session proposals.

All Breakout Sessions will be limited to 45 minutes, including Q&A/Discussion time, and a variety of room sizes will be available.

There will also be time and space available for spontaneous, unscheduled breakout sessions or continued discussions throughout the course of the Summit.

If you want to lead a Breakout Session, please head over to the Summit Session Proposals Sign-up Sheet and fill in the form as soon as you can. We'll be accepting session proposals only until June 15th.

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