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NAHBS Newsletter #4
 2010 show: Richmond, Va. Feb 26-28

This Issue Contains: 

 NAHBS 2010 Seminar Schedule

Doriano DeRosa - My Life in The Industry - Friday 25th Feb  10:00 AM
Lora Van Dixhorn - Insurance Tips, Trade Secrets - Friday 25th Feb 11:30 AM
Gary Prange - So You Want to Mount Decals? - Friday 25th Feb 1:00 PM
Tom Kellogg - The Secrets of Frame Finishing - Friday 25th Feb 2:30 PM
Steve Garn - TIG Welding for Fun and Profit - Friday 25th Feb 4:00 PM

Craig Calfee - The Calfee Sizer fitting method - Saturday 10:00 AM
Butch Boucher - All Things Titanium - Saturday 11:45 AM
Nick Crumpton - Carbon Fiber Myths, Facts & Design - Saturday 13:00
Dwan Shepard - Tandem Frame Design - Saturday 2:30 PM
Brent Curry - Bike Cad Tips and Tricks - Saturday 4:00 PM

Carl Strong - The Business of Framebuilding - Sunday 9 AM - 11:00 AM
Doriano DeRosa - My Life in The Industry - Sunday 10:00 AM
Peter Mooney - Lugs and What I Know About Them - Sunday  12:00 PM
Jeff Bucholz - So, you want to build bikes? - Sunday 1:30 PM
 Shimano signs as NAHBS title sponsor
 With the show growing and gaining each year, what we have been looking for is a good title sponsor to help the show continue increasing in stature. Enter Shimano. We have been fortunate to have Shimano's support of NAHBS since 2006 in San Jose. Sometimes it has been as a sponsor and exhibitor, sometimes just as an exhibitor.  Their commitment to the handmade industry through support of NAHBS has been steady over the years, and many of the builders have welcomed the opportunity for technical discussions with the Shimano staff. According to show founder and director, Don Walker, "Shimano's spirit of innovation and commitment to a top quality product Shimano's Dura Ace cranksetputs them very much in line with the values of the handmade industry. These guys totally get the handmade world. Dustin Brady and his crew get a huge kick out of coming to the show and checking out all the cool designs and innovations - let's remember, Shimano has been an innovator in road, track, mountain and city bicycles. As a former - and prospective - track racer, I still have have an affinity for the Dura-Ace 10mm equipment. I currently ride with the new Dura-Ace on my track bike. They built their name on looking at what was out there and making it a lot better, and that's what we're about too. We're very excited that they're coming in as our title sponsor, it makes it possible to build the show and make it a better experience for everybody."

 Support bike building in developing countries at Calfee's Bamboosero booth 
"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, he feeds his family for a lifetime; teach him make fishing gear, he creates jobs for his neighbors..." 
So goes the slogan on the website for Craig Calfee's newest business,  It adds "Substitute bicycles for fish and you've got the idea behind Bamboosero."

Bamboosero is a group of independent bamboo frame builders that is spread across the developing world.  Craig Calfee taught his techniques for joining specially treated bamboo with epoxy soaked wraps of natural fiber to people from Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, The Philippines, and other countries.  Each builder works with their own local bamboo and local fiber.  They impart their own style to the frames and offer them for sale to the local market or through  Every frame is stress tested and all export frames are inspected by Craig Calfee or one of his specially trained representatives.  The Bamboosero concept allows bamboo frames to be made available at more affordable prices, and creates jobs and the capacity for a fledgling bicycle industry in developing countries.

Bamboosero is using NAHBS to showcase the best of what each builder can produce.  Visitors to the Bamboosero booth will have the opportunity to vote on the best of the group.  This will motivate all the Bambooseros to refine their craft and stretch their boundaries of what is possible.

The Bamboosero crew in Accra, Ghana. Photo courtesy Craig Calfee.

Thank you all for reading our newsletter! The next one will be in about two weeks from now.
We look forward to seeing you in Richmond, Va., 26-28 Feb. 2010
Be sure to check the NAHBS website for the latest news, tell all your friends to join you at the show, and get a 25% discount by purchasing your show tickets online!
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