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WGF @ WWW - 10 years in motion
WGF will celebrate its 10 years of existence with a mingle at World Water Week. Join at the SIWI booth in the Exhibition Area, Tuesday 25 August at 17.30. Please also join the range of events that we organize with partners:

WGF co-organizes a workshop on (Re-)thinking Governance (1, 2, 3 sessions) and events on Indigenous peoples and natural resources, Democratizing Water through Accountability, as well as Gender dimensions in water corruption and Water Integrity Global Outlook 2015.

List of events presented by WGF
OECD Water Governance Principles welcomed by Ministerial Council
As a member of the OECD Working Group on Water Governance it is with pleasure we announce that the OECD Water Governance Principles were welcomed by the OECD ministerial council meeting on 4 June, and are now publically available. Read SIWI's press release or consult the brochure on the Water Governance Principles. For further information, please contact Johanna Sjodin.
WGF Report on Climate Change Vulnerability Reduction
The latest WGF Report (No. 5) addresses Vulnerability Reduction and Portfolio Approach by addressing Key Aspects for Assessing Effective Water Adaptation Options in the Face of Uncertainties. It discusses two key aspects for assessing water adaptation options: first, vulnerability reduction as an alternative effectiveness criterion; and second, a portfolio approach to ensure the robustness of water adaptation options against uncertainties. The report suggests that more effective water adaptation options can be measured against the resulting reduction in the level of water vulnerability of the affected community. Considering the high level of uncertainties surrounding water adaptation and the long term nature of water infrastructure, the use of a portfolio approach is suggested to provide higher flexibility of water adaptation options and help decision makers avoid unnecessarily costly water investments.
“Accountability for Sustainability”- the WGF and UNICEF collaboration 
The WGF and UNICEF collaboration on Accountability for Sustainability continues. During the last couple of months, UNICEF HQ and WGF team have continued with technical assistance to country offices, with joint missions to Guinea Bissau and Burkina Faso. In Bissau, the WGF team participated in the WASHBAT Workshop, facilitating a specific session on Accountability, which was influential in the outcome of the sector analysis. In Burkina Faso, the WGF team provided inputs on how the service delivery model planned could strengthen accountability aspects. For more information please contact Alejandro.Jimenez@siwi.org 
Building Capacity on Water Integrity
On the African continent, the concept of Water Integrity is popping-up at different occasions, and the community of water integrity ambassadors is growing. The mission of these water integrity ambassadors is to increase the capacity of governments and public institutions in enforcing concepts of transparency, accountability and stakeholder participation in the water sector.
In the Middle East and North Africa region, the UfM-labelled project Capacity Building Programme on Water Integrity for the Middle East and North Africa, which is implemented by WGF and partners has been officially launched. This happened last month of May in Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt) during the IUCN-ROWA regional conference "Water and Nature Knowledge Sharing Forum", with the participation of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). The second regional training workshop was held back-to-back with this form, in cooperation with Cap-Net and AWARENET.

For more information please contact James.Leten@siwi.org or Alice.Jaraiseh@siwi.org
Integrity Management Training for Costa Rican Water Authorities
Two workshops were organised in Costa Rica in April, 2015, first to train Integrity Management Coaches and then to develop a Road Map for Integrity Management at the Department for Delegated Water Systems of the Costa Rican Water and Sanitation Institute (AyA). The trainings formed part of the collaborative programme on “Transparency and Accountability in ASADAS in Costa Rica” that is supported by UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI; UNDP Costa Rica; AyA and cewas.

For more information, please contact Marianne.kjellen@siwi.org or pilar.avello@siwi.org
Sanitation Governance
On the occasion of a Swedish Water House seminar on Sanitation governance – making the system work in February this year, WGF has developed an Issue Sheet on the matter. Sanitation is not only hampered by political neglect and insufficient funding; the success rates of sanitation projects is also problematic. This particularly affects the poorest people in urban and rural areas, with women being particularly vulnerable to the consequences of poor access to sanitation services, ranging from inconvenience and stigma to health problems and risks of violence. The issue sheet suggests that governance initiatives are needed to address the very fragmented and decentralised responsibilities in the area.

For further information, please contact Marianne.kjellen@siwi.org or Alejandro.Jimenez@siwi.org
Director's Note

Marianne Kjellén, Director, WGF

On the occasion of WGF’s tenth anniversary, there will not only be a social event at WWW, and a redeveloped website (soon to be launched); we also have a new logo: See the top of this update, the new logo showing people as well as the image of water – expressing the fact that working with water, we work with people!

Work continues on web-sites and communications about “Water Governance” and its continued relevance for the efficient, equitable and environmentally sustainable management of natural resources as well as water and sanitation services.  Advocating for good governance is more important than ever; in order to ensure long-term sustainability of investments in terms of serving its purpose and those in need as well as using resources in a judicious manner.

“Integrity” is our main entry point for good governance in the water sector, with capacity development as the main vehicle. The expanding core of WGF staff work continuously with the development of further training material and programme initiatives.

“Accountability” is the lead word for enhancing sustainability and good governance relating to WASH services. The collaboration with UNICEF is producing both hands-on practical materials and conceptual guides – to be presented at the upcoming Stockholm World Water Week. Joint us there! And don’t miss the social event Tuesday 25 August, 17:30, at the SIWI stand!
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