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Director's note 
After having worked for three very interesting years as Managing Director for SIWI’s thematic areas and programmes, including Water Governance and the WGF, I am, again assuming direct responsibility for the WGF. Every day is a great learning experience and where my very knowledgeable, capable and dedicated colleagues are at the water governance frontlines, keeping public and private sector decision-makers on their toes. Leading the work of the WGF will allow me to directly be part of developing knowledge and policy on water governance and their practical applications in the real world.
Being at the doorstep to a new year means time for prospective views. In 2017, water governance will remain key to addressing water challenges, but it will take more efforts to work with it in constructive and meaningful ways to maintain its relevance. Some areas where I foresee a need for continued development on how we work with governance is in relation to financing and infrastructure investments. This will be valid in both rural and urban contexts, but due to the rapid urbanization in Asia and Africa and subsequent increased water demand for consumption of energy, food and consumer goods the urban space will be an increasingly important water governance entry-point. I welcome you to read more on this topic in my blog post Water governance and the new urban agenda. 

Season’s Greetings from myself and the entire WGF Team!
Håkan Tropp, Director, WGF 
Latest News
Water governance in Africa: Competing water demands 
"Governance for Situations of Competing Water Demands in Africa" set out to identify particular water governance related challenges and ways forward. Read the full story>>  
Building water integrity in Asia 
We're advocating for the importance of bringing in a sector perspective in anti-corruption work in Asia and the Pacific and explores opportunities for collaboration around water integrity in the region. Read the full story>>    
Accountability key to sustainable business model in rural water supply
WGF’s Pilar Avello provided technical advice in Burkina Faso about promising accountability mechanisms that could be incorporated to increase the sustainability and durability of the PPP business model. Read the full story>>   
New reports, briefs and training manual for MENA region
WGF has now released several new reports and briefs based upon the learnings made in the Regional Capacity Building Programme on Water Integrity in the MENA Region. Read the full story>> 
A new tariff policy for Tajikistan
Drinking water tariffs in Tajikistan are still based on the principles of planned economy. As a result of heavy subsidization during the Soviet Era, water conservation and willingness to pay full-cost recovery tariffs have not been institutionalized. A new policy is under discussion, which will ensure better services and sustainability. Read the full story>>  
Project Manager for WASH governance team 

We're looking for a project manager to manage and develop activities on governance of water supply and sanitation services. The job is focused on the provision of policy and technical support on WASH issues. Find out more>>   
Corruption is the elephant in the room 
December 9th marked International Anti-Corruption Day. A day to bring awareness to the losses caused by corruption and the fight to end it. Pilar Avello and Josh Weinberg discuss the crippling realities of corruption in the water sector. Read the full story>> 
Inspiring discussions about gender in urban WASH
Urban WASH and gender water practitioners from Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar, Tanzania and Uganda took on the challenge of identifying activities that could engage women and men more equally. Read the full story>>   
GoAL WaSH mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tariff setting was presented to stakeholders of various levels of government, over 20 water utilities and Assembly of Association of Communal Employers in an effort to help save the 80% of water utilities in the region that are at risk of bankruptcy. Read the full story>> 
Four regional alumnae workshops about water integrity in the MENA region
WGF's James Leten and Pilar Avello carried out a mission to Jordan to facilitate the last of four Regional Alumnae Workshops, together with GWP and IUCN. Read the full story>>  
Conclusions from World Water Week 2016
WGF utilized the conference to put the spotlight on some of the most burning governance issues. The team co-convened several seminars and events, held bilateral meetings with key stakeholders and took the opportunity to exchange and share knowledge with the plethora of experts present. Read the full story>>  
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