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Unleash your inner Van Gogh

- it's #museumselfie time!

We know you love engaging with art, but did you know that January 21st is #museumselfie day? Rather than just taking a snap of yourself in a museum, try something a little more creative. You could recreate some of the most famous self-portraits in the world in a museum with VanGoYourself - perhaps even in front of the real masterpiece!

As always we love seeing what new and creative twists people spin onto classic works of art, like this recreation by Maria and her paper beard. People just love turning themselves into Vincent Van Gogh! How would you transform yourself?

Got that loving feeling? Channel it with a romantic recreation

With Valentine's Day soon upon us, why not recreate the passionate Idyll by Symbolist painter Lawrence Koe? All you need is a spark of romance and a special someone to create a tender memento - click on the image and get ready to pucker those lips! You might even get to appear on our homepage.

VanGo Your Pets!

VanGoYourself users Hendrick and Laura both had the same idea when they saw their pets lazing around. Their poses may not be exactly like Adonis but we love the humour of these images!
Chris and Francesco are co-workers who love recreating famous paintings in their NYC offices. Check out their blog, Fools Do Art and see if you can do better with VanGoYourself!
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