Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions

We have only until April 15 to make this happen...

Dear friend.
We need you. Now more than ever.
The Parliament of the World’s Religions is faced with a single financial challenge that will determine whether we can continue to exist.

We need to raise $150,000 by April 15 in order to carry on the work of convening people for peace, justice and interfaith understanding. 
Why are we in this position? 
  • Just months before the Barcelona Parliament in 2004, 191 people were killed and nearly 2000 injured in Madrid train station bombings.
  • The attendance of the 2004 Parliament suffered, and CPWR was faced with a last minute need for a substantial loan to produce the event.
  • A life-changing Barcelona Parliament carried on, bringing people together to overcome fear through interfaith action.
  • For many years, details of the loan were contested, until a Spanish court judgment of $276,600 slowly came to the US Courts. 
  • On March 21, the US Court upheld the judgment against the Parliament.
  • We were initially advised that we had at least three months, but court papers served last week gave us only until April 15, 2013. 
In anticipation of a judgment, and to preserve and protect the rich history of the Parliament, CPWR had already raised $126,000. Now, we simply need to raise $150,000. In a few short days, by Internet, direct solicitation and board efforts, we already have an additional $35,000 in hand. 
YOU can help. With this off our backs, we are freed up! We can continue our important work toward peace and harmony, and we will:
  • Convene the next Parliament event in Latin America
  • Widen our connections and keep encouraging local interfaith events
  • Celebrate our deep 120-year history
  • Honor our leaders and MOVE FORWARD TO A FUTURE WITH HOPE
This is the hour that we must come together. If you care about the Parliament, NOW is the time. 

Please give generously. Go online and make your tax-deductible donation* today: - or - 

Your gift of at least $100, or whatever you can give, helps move us toward the future. 
*Hope Builder donors will receive discounts to the next Parliament event and other local interfaith gatherings.

We are profoundly grateful.
Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid                          Dr. Mary Nelson
Chair of the Board                                        Interim Executive Director

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