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The Parliament Newsletter
Dr. Katherine Marshall
Katherine Marshall, a major speaker at the 2009 Parliament, is Executive Director of World Faiths Development Dialogue.
Moral and Practical Challenges: Fighting Poverty and Seeking Global Equity
by Katherine Marshall

My organization, the World Faiths Development Dialogue (WFDD), focused at the Parliament, from start to finish, on orchestrating a complex poverty and equity seminar that involved over twenty distinct events. We emerged with a hope that these many different encounters and exchanges did serve an important purpose: to bring a far wider group of religious communities into the global debates about poverty and equity, and to enhance the commitments of leaders and communities to act.

WFDD’s work centers on why global development institutions should care about religious views, and what religious communities offer, actually and potentially, in meeting the challenges of global development. As we wrestled with these demanding and complex issues and views, we had six topics in our minds that present particular challenges and opportunities.  Many themes that were broached during the Parliament touch, more or less directly, on these threads.  Click here to read the full article.

Online Peacebuilding Tools
Georgetown’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs has created "Knowledge Resources," a compilation of online tools and educational resources to explore the dynamics of religion’s role in culture, society, and politics. Whether you’re a student, policymaker or advocate for the interfaith movement, you can learn more here:
  New Release: Indigenous Peoples' Report
A historic gathering of Indigenous Peoples occurred at the 2009 Parliament. A formal statement from those gathered is now available to the public for the first time. Read it here.
Council Ambassador Program
Established prior to the Melbourne Parliament, the Ambassador Program is committed to building the interfaith movement and the mission of the Parliament. Today, over 120 Ambassadors represent the Council in 19 countries. CPWR is now creating an Ambassador Advisory Council to serve as a liaison between CPWR and the Ambassadors-at-Large. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador or would like to nominate someone you know, contact
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It is because of your support that our work is possible. The movement is growing, and the Council is moving forward with current programs and new initiatives. Please consider supporting our work with a contribution.

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Partner Cities Network
The Partner Cities Network is growing as cities around the world mobilize to act in solidarity on issues that impact their local communities. Stay tuned for more on this dynamic, grassroots movement that is bringing cities together.
  CPWR Seeks Interns
The Council is currently seeking individuals with a passion for the interfaith movement for a Fall 2010 semester internship. Click here to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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Council Updates
  • Executive Director Dirk Ficca traveled to New York in early July to attend meetings for the U.N. Decade for Interreligious Dialogue Steering Committee.
  • In July, Executive Associate Amelia Perkins and Communications Director Alisa Roadcup attended the 47th Annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Convention in Rosemont, IL to discuss the theme “Nurturing Compassionate Communities: Connecting Faith and Service.” The Council’s Chair of the Board of Trustees, Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, presented at the conference, as did Sheikh Ali Gomaa, the current Grand Mufti of Egypt.
  • In July, Board of Trustees member Helen Spector attended a World Affairs Council of Oregon meeting with a group of Iraqi Sunni clerics from the Anbar region. The exchange highlighted how different political and religious contexts affect what is possible in interfaith and intrafaith opportunity, and the impact of war on the lives of everyday people and the leadership of their mosques.

Parliament in the Press
  • At the Washington Post, Prof. Robert Thurman, President of the Tibet House in New York, cites the Parliament for the World’s Religions while discussing interfaith’s role in current events. Read more...
  • Desmond Cahill, Melbourne Program Director for the 2009 Parliament, was recently named in the Queen’s Birthday honors list, receiving the Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to intercultural education and the interfaith movement. Read more...
  • Freeman Trebilcock reflects on the Parliament of the World's Religions as a catalyst for the youth interfaith movement in Australia at The Journal for Inter-Religious Dialogue. Read more...
  • Rev. Dirk Ficca is quoted in a recent Chicago Tribune article that examined Chicago’s efforts at interfaith and social action. Read more...
  • The Dallas Morning News highlights potential themes for the Dallas-Fort Worth bid to host the 2014 Parliament. Read more...
  • Guadalajara, Mexico held a press conference as part of its official bid to host the 2014 Parliament. Read more...
  • Brussels, Belgium recently launched a Facebook page to support its bid to host the 2014 Parliament. Read more...
  • Shambhala Sun Space conducts an interview with CPWR Communications Director Alisa Roadcup to discuss Buddhist presence at the 2009 Parliament in Melbourne. Read more...
  • The Roanoke Times mentions the Parliament of the World’s Religions in an article on the current methods of interfaith engagement. Read more...

*Editorial Correction. In the July e-communication, Beatitudes Society intern, Emily Rostkowski was incorrectly cited as a graduate of Chicago Theological Union. The correct reference is Catholic Theological Union. We regret the error.


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