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Our interfaith movement has tripled in the last ten years, not just in the comfort of our safe, local neighborhoods, but also in conflict zones.


Just around Christmas, interfaith inspiration has led to:


While the media remains busy with negative news, our interfaith movement contributes to life through prayers, loving relationships, cultural bridge-building, mutual support and social cohesion.


The full potential of our interfaith movement, nevertheless, remains untapped. A Harvard survey of interfaith organizations found that the number one challenge all interfaith organizations face is funding.


It is a challenge the Parliament also faces, and you have rewarded our transparency with generosity that has liberated us. We are stronger today - programmatically, financially, and organizationally. Now we ask you to allow us to build on this year of great success.



Here is Our Report to You:



  • With your contributions and the sacrifices of our current and the former Trustees, I am happy to report the following:

    • We have reduced our long-standing debt by $650,000 in less than a year.

    • We now have only 35 percent of the historic debt left, which is payable in an organized manner in three years.

    • Our development work is fully funded with a full time staff to professionally build a financial base - for the first time in the Parliament’s history.

    • We have passed our 2014 budget with only a $37,000 deficit and with full confidence in your support to make up the difference.



  • Our social media network now is the largest of all the major international interfaith organizations.

  • Ten highly-esteemed new members have been elected to our Board of Trustees including Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Dr. Arun Gandhi, two Hindus, one Jew, one Sikh and five Christians.

  • We now have a dedicated staff team, a bit larger than last year.

  • Our entire team is more engaged, with weekly staff meetings, and with the Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee meeting five times more often than the past, we are stronger internally.

  • We are the first international interfaith organization to have a woman, Dr. Mary Nelson, as Executive Director, and she has been amazing in her focus to take this organization forward.



  • Five former Chairs and Executive Directors of the Parliament came together to celebrate 120 years of the Parliament in Chicago this November.

  • Our Executive Director, Dr. Mary Nelson and the former Executive Director Rev. Dirk Ficca have signed an agreement to bring closure to all issues regarding his departure.

  • With Dr. Nelson, I visited Brussels, the formerly proposed site of a 2014 Parliament. They continue to do an amazing amount of interfaith work which the Parliament supports, even though the Parliament could not take place in Brussels due to the European financial crisis.


Building the Future

  • We have developed a strategic plan to build on our success. Next year you will hear of several new initiatives.

  • The Parliament has been awarded DPI-NGO status by the United Nations, reflecting its important work at the UN since 1993.

  • Our Campaign Against Hate was an astounding success:

    • We did five webinars against hate presented with leading organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center,  the Anti-Defamation League,  the Sikh Coalition, the Compassion Games, and the Tectonic Leadership Center;

    • We organized training for over 100 New York interfaith activists in a day of tools, learning and relationship in collaboration with Interfaith Center of Long Island, the Interfaith Center of New York and Hofstra University;

    • We organized 4 Phone-based summits of regional and national faith and interfaith activists to learn from each other;

    • About 12,000 new Facebook participants joined in under the banner of Faith Against Hate campaign through sharing hundreds of messages of inspiring interfaith.

  • Training Religious Leaders for a Multi-Religious World has been a program which is dear to our hearts. So far 15 seminaries and divinity schools like Harvard, Yale and Claremont-Lincoln have been important participants. We are currently exploring how to expand the program.  Please see the full report attached here.

  • We have revamped our Ambassadors’ Program and are doing the same with the Partner City Program.

  • The Parliament is making serious moves to develop a cooperative relationship with other major interfaith organizations.  It is sad to say that while we work to develop harmony among the faith communities, the interfaith organizations themselves do not have much history of working with each other. We are determined to change that.

  • The Women’s Task Force continues developing interfaith partnerships with organizations including UN-CEDAW, UNCSW, and Women of Spirit and Faith to build networks of support at the nexus of religion and women’s issues.



As hate is rising, we must rise with love.


Human beings are one and their loving relationships have the potential of overcoming hate. But this movement must be strengthened.


The interfaith movement encourages, facilitates, and celebrates human relationships across faith communities, so to stand up for the common cause with compassion.  Thanks to your commitment, interfaith today is a growing and thriving movement today.


Please donate today to support the mother of the interfaith movement, the Parliament of the World’s Religions, which literally launched the interfaith movement 120 years ago.




Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid


p.s. The Next Parliament. Yes. I knew you would ask about it. Wherever I go, people ask about when and where. But one thing we have learned is not to announce anything unless our attorneys have given the okay and the contracts are signed. Suffice to say that there are several cities interested and we are diligently working with them.


p.p.s Please download here the extensive work which we are doing training religious leaders today for the multi-religious world, and, please...


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