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May 2, 2012

Superintendent's Message
Art + Science = The Well-Rounded Student

As a superintendent, as a parent, as a villager, there are many things that I appreciate and admire about our school system. One is the job we do in partnering with parents to help our students become well-rounded individuals.
I hope that you had the chance to see the production of Oliver! this past weekend. Those in attendance were treated to a spectacular event. And if you were there, you left with no doubt that our students are talented, hard working and absolutely amazing. On the stage was plenty of evidence of the well-rounded individuals to whom I refer. Those kids are obviously great actors and accomplished singers. But they’re also outstanding students. They are baseball players and basketball players. They are cheerleaders and field hockey players. They are in the school band and in our chorus. They volunteer to work at blood drives and to help at local food pantries. They take dance lessons and piano lessons. They are class officers and student council representatives. I heard someone say one time that the goal of education is to “help develop young people whom others would want to know.” Well, I guarantee you that we are developing young people who are a delight to know.
Education. It’s part art and it’s part science. And as a school district we do a solid job of balancing the Arts and the sciences. Last weekend’s Oliver! was a fitting example of our investment in the Arts. Tonight is yet another example as the seventh annual smART show throws open the doors of our school to the public beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Come to experience all things creative at OHHS in a festive, free, family-friendly atmosphere of exhibits, performances, and demonstrations. 
The theme for this year’s show is Juxtapose, an artist’s technique that involves the placing of contrasting objects or ideas next to each other for the sake of comparison and dramatic tension. Photography II students will be displaying images that juxtapose two strangers. The results are surprising, intimate, and beautiful.
As a play on words and a fun activity, Just a Pose invites everyone (including teachers) to take a “selfie” and email it to Let’s photograph the entire community! Send in pics of yourself, your family, your friends, your classes to celebrate 2014 – the year of the selfie. The images will be gathered into a slide show which will run on the hallway TV monitors throughout the evening and at the smARTy pARTy (see below).
Over 600 student artworks will be on display including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, photography, graphic design, and stained glass.  Grab a ballot, look carefully at the art and vote for smARTprize – the one artwork you consider to be the best of show. Enjoy captivating demonstrations on the pottery wheel, soliloquy readings by senior English students, and tasty treats in Café Sympathique in the sunroom. Music will be everywhere. AP Studio art students will be presenting their portfolios and talking about their inspiration, process, and products.
New this year - the evening will culminate with the smARTy pARTy – a fun social gathering for the school community on the front lawn of the school. Music (and dancing?) will combine with announcements of awards and contest winners and a few surprises. 
Don’t forget to check out the smART show website to see schedules and lists of activities and profiles of our student artists.
Now, as great things are happening with the Arts, we also have great things happening with the sciences. 
As I shared earlier this year, next year we will be bringing back our Industrial Technology program with a focus on twenty-first century themes. We’ve basically been calling this a STEM program because the course offerings have a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. I’m pleased to announce that our new STEM teacher is Patty Dowd.
Mrs. Dowd earned a B.S. in Physics and Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from Northern Michigan University. She received her Master of Science from the University of Michigan in their Atmospheric and Space Science Program.
She has been involved in many projects that utilize various STEM fields. She spent a summer working with a research team at the University of Notre Dame doing photoluminescent studies of quantum wells in semiconductors. As a graduate student at the University of Michigan, her primary area of research was using a computer model that simulated cloud formations on the outer planets.
At UM, she worked with Dr. Sushil Atreya, who has been involved in many NASA planetary missions. This gave her the opportunity to be involved with preparations for the Mars Science Laboratory mission that is currently operating on Mars (known as Curiosity) and the Juno mission that is currently on its way to Jupiter. In addition, she worked on a semester-long class project creating and launching a weather balloon that sent data back from a near-space environment. 
Mrs. Dowd’s husband, Troy, is a computer programmer at Owens Illinois. They have a three-year-old son, Caelum, and a family cat, “Pudge” (named after the former Detroit Tigers catcher). In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, SCUBA diving, camping, and going to Mud Hens games.
At Ottawa Hills, Mrs. Dowd will be teaching “STEM for Junior High,” “Modeling and Simulation I and II,” and “Robotics I and II.” She will also be supervising our Computer Programming courses. As she begins this new phase of her career, she notes, “I am incredibly excited about this opportunity to become part of the Ottawa Hills community. I have absolutely enjoyed how incredibly kind and friendly everyone I’ve met has been. I am especially excited that the STEM position will allow me to share the areas I’m most passionate about, and I will, essentially, have a  job where I get to play with things like robots all day!”
Our goal is to ultimately have an after-school robotics program that would allow students to compete with robots that they’ve created. However, students don’t have to wait for the start-up of our program. Some are already taking advantage the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in robotics by being part of an area FIRST robotics team. 
This past year, Ottawa Hills students Elizabeth Ruvolo, Anna Becker, Roman Langenderfer, and Patrick Giolando joined students from eleven other Toledo-area schools as part a FIRST Robotics Team. FIRST Robotics is for high school students and is a follow-up to Junior FIRST Lego League (grades K through 3) and FIRST Lego League (grades 4 though 8).
To learn more about what the students do in FIRST Robotics, visit their website at But in short, each year the team builds a robot to meet the requirements set forth by the league for that year’s competition. For example, this year, they had six weeks to build a robot that was able to harvest a gymnastic ball, “hand” it to another robot, toss it over a truss, and put it or throw it into a goal. During the build season, the students meet three days a week, working for three to six hours or more building and programming their robot in preparation for competition against other teams.
This year, the team competed in competitions in Windsor and Cleveland. In the past, they have competed as far away as Knoxville, Tennessee and Rochester, New York.  
DANA Corporation supports the team financially, but the team also raises funds by doing clean up during the three-day Greek-American Festival in Toledo each year and by winterizing about 200 lawn mowers each fall.
The team is coached by several engineers from DANA, a plan engineer from Johns Manville, and a teacher from Springfield High School. Parent mentors who also provide support include village residents Dana and Jamie Martin-Hayden and Kristin Kirschbaum and Dean Giolando.
Students are encouraged to consider joining the FIRST Robotics Team next year. Current 8th through 11th graders are invited to attend the team’s open house, to be held at the Dana Corporation on Tuesday, May 20, for 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. For more information about the open house, click here
So there you have it. At Ottawa Hills, we take Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and put in the “A” for the Arts. Some people call it STEAM instead of STEM. We call it lots of opportunities to create well-rounded young adults.

Bring the World to Your Home: Host an AFS Exchange Student

If you ask host families about the wonderful international exchange students that they have hosted through the years, they will tell you about the lasting memories and the warm friendships that they have developed with students from around the world. AFS students are hosted yearly by OH families-- students from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, India, China, Thailand, Argentina, and Venezuela.
Village resident and AFS community liaison Linda Sherry has hosted four times. Ask her about her students from Argentina, China, and Germany, or about her trip to Germany this fall to visit Max and Julia. Ask the Glossers about the close bond that continues years later between the Glosser boys and their Danish student. These students truly become a part of your family. This is the time of year that Ottawa Hills is looking for families interested in hosting next year's AFS international exchange students.
AFS is looking for a host family for Jeannette from Switzerland.  Jeannette is a 17 year old girl who loves sports. She enjoys running on a track team and playing volleyball. She describes herself as funny, helpful and motivated. Her teachers say that she is respected by everyone, that she is a group leader with a good attitude and cheerful personality. She has excellent grades in school and excellent English skills. The teacher who wrote her recommendation said that, "she would love to have Jeannette in her own family and in her school."
To find out more about hosting Jeannette or other wonderful international students please contact Linda Sherry at or leave a message at 419-539-6946. She will sort through hundreds of biographies to help you select a boy or girl that you feel matches your family's personality and interests

Brian Matters Challenge 5K

The BrianMatters 5k Challenge run/walk will take place tomorrow, Saturday, May 3, 2014. Registration opens at 7:30 a.m. at the Ottawa Hills High School stadium and the Challenge Race starts at 9 a.m. The course winds through the streets of Ottawa Hills. The deadline for early registration was April 28, but participants can sign up tomorrow morning.


A Night at the Opera

On Wednesday, April 23, 18 Ottawa Hills students, teachers and parents attended the Toledo Opera's performance of Faust at the Valentine Theater. The 1859 opera by Charles Gounod was set in contemporary times, which created a surprising juxtaposition. The opera, in French with English subtitles, escorted the audience through the timeless themes of good, evil, love and loss. Thanks to the Toledo Opera for hosting Student Night, and to Noreen Hanlon for organizing the outing. To learn more about the Toledo Opera, click here.

Jenkins Selected to Be Melvin Scholar

Junior Lauren Jenkins was selected to be a Melvin Scholar through the Ohio Academy of Science. At the State Science Fair, Lauren presented her research paper on Comparisons Of Horse Shoe Wear On Dirt And Synthetic Racetrack Surfaces.  Lauren will have the opportunity to represent Ohio at the 2015 American Junior Academy of Science meeting in San Jose, California next February. A few years ago Lauren began her research during a summer program under the supervision of Dr. Susan Stover PhD, MD at UC Davis and continued her work with assistance from science teachers Jeanine Bailey, Jeremy Nixon, and retired teacher Kathy Singler. Lauren has been a participant in the State Science Fair and the Ohio Junior Science Humanities Symposium at BGSU. Congratulations, Lauren. 

Biology Students Use Microscope to Look At Mitochondria

Students in Mr. Nixon's biology class used the University of Toledo's $500,000 confocal microscope on Friday, April 25. Graduate students Sarah Hynek, Martin Torres, and professor Dr. Kristin Kirschbaum were at OHHS to set up and run the remote experience. Students were able to see various reproductive cells of the fruit fly. The high-powered confocal light microscope allowed students to see the cell shapes, nuclei, centrioles, and mitochondria. Ottawa Hills is grateful for our community partnership and for the assistance from Kristin Kirschbaum, Village resident and UT professor.

Science Olympiad Teams Compete at State Finals

Ottawa Hills joined Science Olympiad teams from around Ohio as they converged on the campus of Ohio State University on Saturday, April 26 for the state finals. Junior Olivia Koury and sophomore Maeve McBride placed 2nd in the Write It! Do It! competition for the Division C team. Top finishers for the Division B team included eighth graders Enna McBride and Emma McMurray in Write It!Do It!, Urvish Patel and Daniel Liu in Metric Mastery, and Will Koury and Daniel Liu in Meteorology.

Division C participants included: Darcy Davis, Maddie Freeman, Olivia Koury, Nadine Ayad, Robert Dixon, Emory Leinweber, Anna Callahan, James Steven, Kristen Berry, Maeve McBride, Shana Capur, Aidan McMurray, and Noah Dewhirst. The Division B included  Rahul Bais, Spencer Colton, Daniel Liu, Emma McMurray, Enna McBride, Urvish Patel, Renae Goik, Meg Muir, Randall Johnson, Joe Boesel, Steven Randall, Nathan Card, Nolan Greeley, Will Koury, and Sam Assi.

Many thanks to advisors Jeremy Nixon and Brandon Aigner. Appreciation is also extended to parent Karen Colton, who handled many of the logistics for the teams, and to all of the parent volunteers who assisted students with individual events. Thank you also to the Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association for their continued support of the Science Olympiad program.

Congratulations our Science Olympiad teams on a successful season! Stay tuned for details about Science Olympiad for the 2014-15 school year.  

State Finals for National History Day

Congratulations to this year’s participants in the state finals for the National History Day competition in Columbus on April 16. Four entries advanced from the regional competition in Bowling Green in March. Receiving honorable mention, freshman YiYi Han presented a gripping documentary entitled "Rights and Responsibilities: Women in Islam." To view the documentary click here. Freshman Riley Carson presented her moving documentary entitled "The American Disability Act: Forgotten People of History." Returning to state competition for a second year, an Ottawa Hills first, was sophomore Margaret Nichols with her research paper "Hela Cells: The Living Legacy that Aroused the Discussion of Consent." Sophomore Audrey Rotman displayed her exhibit "The Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan: The Shot that Impacted Gun Control." Congratulations to all of our students who qualified to present their projects at the state competition!
National History Day makes history come alive for students by engaging them in the discovery of the historical, cultural and social experiences of the past. Through hands-on experiences, project-based learning, and research-based writing, students become more informed and are better prepared to shape the future. Thanks to social studies teachers Ms. Jessica Temple and Mr. Stephen Bobak for bringing the National History Project to our students at Ottawa Hills. For more information National History Day click here.

March Madness Takes on New Meaning for 8th Graders

Students in Kristie Steven’s 8th grade English classes participated in their own version of "March Madness" this year. In the first semester, the 8th graders read a combined total of over 700 books! Each student chose their favorite to present to their class and voting took place in the form of a March Madness Bracket. The final four books were voted on by the entire 8th grade.  The winner of the first annual "8th Grade Book Madness," was The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

Geoffrey Beans Plays in North-South All Star Game

Senior Geoffrey Beans represented Ottawa Hills in the 2014 North-South All-Star basketball game at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, April 27. The game is sponsored by the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association. Geoffrey was chosen by the OHSBCA to participate in this prestigious event. Though the South team beat the North team, Geoffrey scored 16 points in the game and was recognized after the game for being named the 2014 Division IV Player of the Year.  Congratulations, Geoffrey! 


Campbell Streak-Jensen Shares His Heart…And His Hair!

Last Thursday, OHES fourth grader, Campbell Streak-Jensen, paid it forward. Campbell had decided to grow his hair for Locks of Love, a charity that collects long locks of hair to make wigs for people who have lost their hair from cancer treatment. Campbell’s act of kindness was recognized by 13 Action News. 
A story about Campbell's contribution can be found at 13 ABC. In it, reporter Lissa Guyton shares, “It all started when Campbell was just seven years old. He and his family have known a number of people who have both won and lost their fight against cancer." Campbell's mother, Caroline notes, "He's very aware of others who don't have as much as we do in all kinds of circumstances and this was one thing he could do to help others."

Guyton also shared in the news report that Campbell was able to donate 10 inches of hair and he says it feels good to finally have all that hair off his neck. The hair cut came just in time for Campbell's baptism at church that coming weekend.

Campbell says, "It makes me feel nice and happy, really happy." What he did is no doubt going to make someone else very happy too!

Second Graders Travel Back in Time

On Wednesday, April 23, the second graders spent their day exploring the Sylvania Historical Village. The children were excited to learn how daily life has changed from the past to the present.  They stepped back in time into a one room school house and a log cabin.  The students also enjoyed learning about early forms of transportation and how photography has changed over the years.  The favorite activities of the day were making hand-dipped candles and churning fresh butter.  Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to help chaperone the second graders and be a part of this wonderful day.

Third Grade City Comes to Town

The third graders recently explored concepts of economics and local government by creating their own unique classroom cities. Student teams each made a business come to life from idea to marketplace in just a few short weeks. Parents and fellow classmates enjoyed shopping and haggling in all three cities this year:  Bricksburg (Mrs. Atherine's class), Gritty City (Mrs. L-K's class) and Five-Star City (Mrs. Wolff's class).

What is That???

Sixth grade students practiced their microscope skills last week by comparing plant and animal cells.  Students made wet-mount slides of onionskin cells and looked for basic observable organelles. They compared these to pre-made animal slides.

OH Happenings

5/2/14 Friday
4:30 PM Boys Varsity Tennis @ Wauseon HS
5:30 PM
7:00 PM
Girls JV & Varsity Lacrosse vs Northview HS
OH Stadium
6:00 PM smART Show
Junior High & High School
5/3/14 Saturday
9:00 AM Boys Varsity Tennis
OH Invitational
OH Tennis Courts
11:00 AM
1:00 PM
Boys Junior Varsity Baseball Doubleheader vs Start HS
OH Baseball Field
11:00 AM
1:30 PM
Boys Varsity Baseball Doubleheader vs. Archbold & Start
High Schools
@ Archbold HS
12:00 PM
2:00 PM
Girls Varsity Softball Doubleheader @ Rogers HS
7:00 PM Girls Varsity Lacrosse vs Western Reserve Academy
OH Stadium
5/5/14 Monday
4:30 PM Boys Varsity Tennis vs Central Catholic High School
OH Tennis Courts
5/6/14 Tuesday
4:30 PM Boys Varsity Tennis vs Rossford HS
OH Tennis Courts
4:30 PM Coed Varsity Track and Field Tri-meet vs Northwood HS & Emmanuel Christian School –
@ Northwood HS
4:45 PM Boys Junior Varsity Baseball vs Cardinal Stritch HS
OH Baseball Field
4:45 PM Boys Varsity Baseball @ Cardinal Stritch HS
4:45 PM Girls Varsity Softball @ Cardinal Stritch
High School
6:00 PM Boys Varsity Lacrosse vs. Perrysburg HS
OH Stadium
5/7/14 Wednesday
4:30 PM Boys Varsity Tennis @ Whitmer HS
6:00 PM Boys Varsity Lacrosse vs Bowling Green HS
OH Stadium
7:00 PM NHS - NJHS Inductions 
HS Auditorium
5/8/14 Thursday
4:30 PM Coed JH Track and Field @ Maumee Valley Country Day School
5:00 PM Boys Junior Varsity & Varsity Baseball @ Blissfield Schools
5:00 PM Girls Varsity Softball vs Wauseon High School
OH Softball Field
5:30 PM
6:30 PM
Girls JV & Varsity Lacrosse vs Notre Dame HS
OH Stadium
7:00 PM OHMTA Meeting
HS LMC Library
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