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December 6, 2013

Superintendent's Message
Green Bear Ball's Yellow Brick Road Leads to "STEAM" Projects

On April 12, 2014, you are invited to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City Ball” as the 14th Green Bear Ball is presented by the Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association and the Ottawa Hills Athletic Boosters. This year’s Ball will be held at the historic Valentine Theater from 6:30 p.m. to midnight.  
For those who are new to Ottawa Hills, the Green Bear Ball is an event held every-other year to raise funds that go toward supporting an initiative or project in our schools. For example, the one-to-one laptop program was supported with funds from the 2012 Green Bear Ball. The elementary playground was financed with 2006 Green Bear Ball funds. In 2002, the Green Bear Ball supported the building of the concession stand and restrooms at O.H. stadium. This year’s Ball will fund three different projects. The projects have a focus on “STEAM,” which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. We’ve spoken quite a bit lately about the importance of STEM education in our schools, but the “STEAM” concept emphasizes the need for the Arts as an integral part of the educational experience. Together, these three projects address each area of STEAM while also impacting all students in grades K through 12.   
OHHS Theatre Artistic Director, Darrin Broadway, notes that the first Green Bear Ball Project will  “make a 16-year dream come true” as the Ball will help fund the start-up of an elementary and junior high theatre arts program that will impact students in grades 4 through 8. A hint of this program will begin this year as the Ottawa Hills Music and Theatre Association (OHMTA) is pairing up with Mr. Broadway, elementary music teacher Kimberly Bright, and others to present “Acting Out” workshops. The workshops will be held on select Saturdays beginning in January and running through May. Workshop topics include “Expressive Speaking,” “Acting and Movement,” “Vocal Performance,” and “Technical Theatre.” (A copy of the registration form with much more information can be found here.) Green Bear Ball funds will be used to continue supporting this educational program next school year while also providing funding for start-up costs of a musical production uniquely involving students in grades 4 through 8. You can expect that production to hit the stage during January or February of the 2014-2015 school year, thanks to the 2014 Green Bear Ball. Mr. Broadway shares, “I am super excited about the opportunity to have educational theatre in the elementary and junior high. This is a great opportunity for our students to excel in theatre arts across all grade levels. Theatre education shapes lives, and this year’s Green Bear Ball will help us do just that.”
A second project will impact students in Kindergarten through third grade where three carts of iPad Minis will be provided for use in those grade levels. The iPad mini is an appropriately sized technology tool for younger students and the “touch technology” can provide access to apps with a variety of uses and applications in the elementary classroom. Rosalice Manlove, Director of Instruction and Technology, has compiled a list of “must have” iPad apps that address skills and standards in all core subject areas (to see that list for your own reference at home, click here). Mrs. Manlove notes, “Introducing iPad mini carts for whole classroom use, or in smaller clusters for work at academic centers in the classrooms, reinforces the use of technology as an educational tool beginning in the primary grade levels. In addition, the smaller embedded keyboard helps to develop early keyboarding skills for later application to full-size computer keyboards as the students grow and become more proficient with other technology tools.”     
The third project is the funding of Computer Based Lab (CBL) technology for our science teachers and their students in Grades 7 through 12. According to Science Department Chair, Mary Kate Hafemann, “A computer based lab generates accurate and reliable data that is collected by digital sensors and incorporates it into data tables and graphs. It is a powerful tool for collecting and analyzing lab results. The CBL makes data collection clean and easy. You typically get good results with CBL, and learning science through lab experimentation is all about getting good results.” Shown here are students Courtney Hylant and James Steven as they use CBL materials in coordination with their laptop to conduct an experiment for Honors Chemistry. 

The CBL complements our students’ laptops by integrating a variety of elements. A software program not only provides the data analysis but also can formulate the slopes and equations of lines. A variety of sensors can be used in almost any type of experiment.  Our teachers will be acquiring Vernier Lab Pro Interfaces and probes for their specific subject area to create a state-of-art CBL in every science room. Another CBL tool is LabQuest, which is a portable interface that can be used in the classroom or outside in collecting data for activities such as the Watershed Project or as the Physics class does motion experiments on the football field.

The proposed new CBL will expand our current CBL program with the most updated technologies, which are being used at colleges and universities. Mrs. Hafemann points out, “It’s great for students to have access to these tools so that they’re used to using the equipment when they enter college. The CBL materials won’t sit on the shelf. They’ll be used across all grade levels, 7 through 12, as they have applications in chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, earth science, organic chemistry, math and much more.” 

Chairing this year’s Ball is Beth Rotman. If determination and commitment to the cause have anything to do with it, Beth and her team will present an incredible Green Bear Ball experience. Attendees will enjoy some of the traditional GBB activities, such as the silent auction, which features items donated by Toledo-area businesses, student art, and “community experiences” involving many of our staff and faculty members (how about buying the chance for your child to be “Superintendent for a Day?”). The live auction will feature, among other things, the chance to buy a three-night stay in a Trump Tower condominium in Las Vegas and a shadowing experience with Cleveland Cavaliers courtside reporter, Allie Clifton, as she interviews players and coaches during an NBA game.
No one will go hungry, as grazing stations will be provided by Giorgio’s. Music for the dance will be provided by the band, “Velvet Jones.” The band will entertain the crowd with a “wide repertoire of music ranging from 60's rock classics through today's favorite songs, with stops at every era of rock in between.” This year’s event will also feature a reverse raffle. Only 200 tickets will be sold at $100 each, with the final ticket, drawn by reverse auction emcee, Jack McBride, awarding the holder $5,000.  
Those reverse raffle tickets will be sold by ticket ambassadors when they also begin selling Green Bear Ball tickets January 15. GBB tickets are $90 each, but the price is $80 if you get your tickets before March 15. Susan Croy and Kathy Lathrop are chairing ticket sales and can be contacted to purchase tickets if you don’t hear from a ticket ambassador.
How can you get involved? If you’d like to advertise in the program book or make a patron contribution, contact Lisa Lay at 419-466-3467. To donate an item to the silent or live auction, contact Julie Kowalczyk at 920-265-5649. Any questions regarding the Green Bear Ball can also be directed to the committee’s email address at
The Green Bear Ball is an Ottawa Hills tradition. It’s an event that brings the entire Village together to celebrate our community and our children. Make sure to get your tickets to be part of this year’s affair. An evening at the “Emerald City Ball” will convince you that, indeed, there’s no place like Ottawa Hills. 

Kistler Ford Partners with OHSPA 

Visitors to this year's Fall Festival held on September 28 had the opportunity to "Drive One 4UR School" by test driving a Ford. For each test drive, Kistler Ford made a $20 donation to the Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association to be used in support of school projects funded by OHSPA. At halftime of Tuesday night's boys' basketball game, Bobby Jorgensen, owner of Kistler Ford, was on hand to present a check for $3,060 to Fall Festival Chairs, Vanessa Prince and Joyce Stengle, and high school principal Ben McMurray. Many thanks to Bobby Jorgensen and Kistler Ford for this generous donation. And thanks to all who took the time to test drive a Ford at this year's Fall Festival! 



Students Curious and Enthusiastic about Energy 

Junior high school students from Nicole Silvers’ class spent last week finishing up a unit on energy through a study of electricity. Students experimented with circuits to create the following: infrared detectors, strobe lights, color-changing LED, lighted and glow-in-the-dark fans, and fiber optic communication. In addition, the students learned to use their iPods, MP3 players, and voice-activated devices to control a color organ. Prior to using the snap circuits, students studied both series and parallel circuits. Students used the pieces of the snap circuits to make their own large circuits.  Large circuits are made up of combinations of smaller series and parallel circuits. Students placed the components of the snap circuits, including batteries, wires, and switches together with devices such as LED lights, motors, and speakers to perform a specific task. According to Mrs. Silvers, “Students had fun experimenting. It was a great culmination to our energy unit.” 

Crêpes for a Cause

French Club officers sold crêpes on the Arrowhead last Monday and raised $101.00 for an organization that supports medical mission trips to Africa. Dr. John Geisler and his sons Michael and Matthew plan to take a trip to the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) in February. Michael, Matthew, and their dad will be volunteering through the 1040i organization whose mission is to partner with businesses and individuals to provide health, water and education to countries in Africa and Central Asia. To learn more about 1040i visit their website by clicking here.

OSU and UM Rivalry is Alive and Well

Students and staff donned the colors of their favorite team on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in anticipation of one of the biggest and best rivalries in college football. Thankfully, the tension in the hallways wasn’t like it was on the field. Despite the predictions, the Wolverines gave the Buckeyes a run for their money and the teams treated us all to an exciting, nail-biting game. Pictured are staff members Jenny Gill, Hanlon, and Kate Hunyor showing their true colors.

Students Assist with Camp Experience

Each year several high school students are asked by sixth grade camp advisor Sandy Sterling to act as camp counselors and assist with the outdoor education program at Camp Storer. OHES principal Kori Zake appreciates having the older students mentor the younger students during the experience. This year’s camp counselors included: Alex Boesel, Elizabeth Longthorne, Kara Kime, Hannah Moreau, Dan Reilly, Jake Swafford, Peter Graham, and Brandon Bales. Many thanks to our camp counselors!  


A Note From Mrs. Zake About Sixth Grade Camp

Dear Families,
Each year, Ottawa Hills 6th graders enjoy 3 days filled with new adventures, team building activities and opportunities to enjoy their peers and develop new friendships in a relaxing atmosphere at Storer Camps. I had been to Storer Camps as a child with my own 6th grade class, and was even a camp counselor, but that was years ago. I really didn’t know what to expect on this trip with our OH 6th graders...

Click here to read Mrs. Zake's entire letter!

Reaching the Peak in Fifth Grade

Dr. Von Sigler, father of fifth grader Eric Sigler, shared his mountain climbing experiences with the students this week. After reading an engaging nonfiction selection on Mount Everest, students had many questions about mountain climbing. Dr. Sigler was able to bring this story to life by sharing authentic pieces of equipment along with a wonderful slideshow. Hats off to Dr. Sigler for an informative presentation!

What is in a Debate?

November was the perfect month for our fifth graders to learn more about government. After learning about monarchies, dictatorships, and democracies, students applied their knowledge through government projects. These projects included flipbooks, posters, plays, PowerPoint presentations, songs, poems, brochures, and written reports. The fifth graders showed their enthusiasm for learning by completing outstanding examples of quality work.
To learn more about how important issues relate to citizens, students researched the current issue of whether the national voting age should be lowered to 16 years old. Students researched both sides of the issue and then took a position based on their research and personal convictions. During a mock debate, students were able to share their viewpoints and try to persuade the other side. Students were excited to participate in their class debate. Great job, fifth graders!

Ottawa Hills Elementary Students Have Character

Congratulations to the following students in morning kindergarten and grades 1-3 who showed exceptional citizenship throughout the month of November:  Rohan Padhye, Emily Mack, Olga Isailovic, Skylar Silk, Lucas Toma, Reece Hill, Emily Drummonds, Gray Begeman, Quinn Bernath, Maddie Benson, Race Kowlczyzk, Parker Conlan, Molly Rybarczyk, Daniel Sweeney, Lily Berenzweig, Henry Cohen, Warren Lampkowski-Sowle, Daniel Beck, Kathryn Allen, Ali Sedige, Will Sherman, Emilio Duran, Liam England, Rley Swenson, Liam Silk, Ella Berenzweig, Elizabeth Lathrop Not pictured:  Karis Connelly, Anushka Argawal.

Photo two recognizes students in afternoon kindergarten and grades 4-6:  Hugh Wagoner, Haley Craver, Roger Xie, Robbie Heuring, Molly McCracken, Eva Frost Murnen, Bryn Smith, Eleanor Szyperski, Teddy Perozek, Megan Findley, Junbo Chen, Sam Lathrop, Madison Sprenger, Kyler Charles, William Becker, Yelia Yu, Yale Miller, Tim Sprott, Clare Isabell, Claire Webne, Ben Brancatto, Drew Hoffman, Ignacio Garcia-Mata, Nikko Martinez and Sarah Davis.  Not pictured:  Emily Shawaker.

Happiness is…

Happiness is an amazing concert by our 5th and 6th grade bands and Brown Bag Chorus! It was a magical night at the high school auditorium as students finally revealed all they had been working on since September. It was a night for parents to be proud and celebrate the talents of their children, and for other OH families to see the amazing potential of the students in our district.  Thank you to all of you who came out to support our students!

OH Happenings

12/6/13 Friday
6:00 PM
7:30 PM
Boys JV & Varsity Basketball vs Danbury HS
9:30 PM Boys Varsity Ice Hockey vs Lake
12/7/13 Saturday
10:00 AM Boys 7th Grade Basketball vs Kateri Catholic Academy
11:00 AM Girls 7th Grade Basketball vs Kateri Catholic Academy
1:00 PM Boys 8th Grade Basketball @ Kateri Catholic Academy
1:00 PM
2:30 PM
Girls JV & Varsity Basketball vs Delta High School
2:00 PM Girls 8th Grade Basketball @ Kateri Catholic Academy
3:30 PM
5:00 PM
6:30 PM
Boys Freshman, JV & Varsity Basketball @ Southview HS
9:30 PM Boys Varsity Ice Hockey vs Springfield HS
12/9/13 Monday
4:30 PM
5:30 PM
Boys 7th & 8th Grade Basketball vs Swanton
OH Elementary Gym
4:30 PM
5:30 PM
Girls 7th & 8th Grade Basketball @ Swanton
5:00 PM Boys Freshman Basketball @ St. Francis DeSales  HS
12/10/13 Tuesday
8:15 AM OHSPA Meeting
Community Room
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
Boys 7th & 8th Grade Basketball @ MVCD School
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
Girls 7th Basketball vs MVCD School
OH Elementary Gym
6:00 PM
7:30 PM
Boys JV & Varsity Basketball @ Emmanuel Christian High School
12/12/13 Thursday
7:00 PM JH Winter Concert
HS Auditorium
7:00 PM OHMTA Meeting
HS LMC Library
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