Thriving Thursday & First Friday Tour
The Secret to Thriving in Your Demanding Life
Join us Thursday 3/1 at 6:30-8:00PM

Each year life keeps asking more of you. Don't you agree? You want to do more, people expect more from you with a 7 day work week, faster technology, and (fill in the blank _________)
Yet you try to do it all!  How well are you really doing?
Your body doesn't lie.  What are the signs that your body needs support in order to THRIVE?
Come learn how to not only "keep up" but to THRIVE with all the demands of living in 2012. 
Dr. Peg will present a fun, interactive and informative workshop with current groundbreaking information on health and healing,  including a demonstration of Network Care in action.  Great opportunity to deepen your care or introduce someone to its benefits.

Learn how you can FIND RELIEF from pain or discomfort, GET ENERGIZED, BE FLEXIBLE, MOTIVATE YOURSELF  and so much more with the this state of the art spinal care.

Space is limited to 10, please RSVP to or call 831 420-1212 by Thursday at NOON.

First Friday Santa Cruz Art Tour at Evolve Wellness Studio, March 2nd 6:00 - 9PM
This Month - CLARE CASSIDY, Deaf Photographer

Join us this Friday March 2nd as our series continues - Artists on Posture.
For centuries artists have used and relied on posture to express and create the feeling and moods of characters, portraits, scenes and the like.
As a part of Santa Cruz First Friday Art Tour Evolve Wellness Studio will be showing various artists’ work conveying this idea.  You will also have the opportunity to explore your posture with Dr. Peg and its expression of your consciousness, feelings, and perspective on life. Spiritual, health, and scientific studies show that posture is an integral link to your emotional experience, health and outlook.
Join us!

Clare Cassidy comes from a family of 7 children, 6 girls and a brother and she is an identical twin herself. Clare currently teaches at a Deaf school to high school students. She teaches Literature and Visual Journalism. Photography, for her, is a hobby and her favorite subjects are her three boys and her dog, Abby. She carries her camera everywhere and her eyes literally see photo ops every second. Taking pictures is her way of relaxing and escaping reality from time to time.

**Sign Language Interpreters Provided and Dr. Peg also signs.

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