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  • Flight Attendant Feedback Forms - LAA/LUS
  • Call out Pay - LAA
  • Make-Up (MU) Procedures Under Interim Pay Protection (IPP) - LAA
  • Minimum Call Out Time for Reserves - LAA 

Flight Attendant Feedback Forms - LAA/LUS

Thank you to those who have submitted Crew Scheduling Feedback and Reassignment/Rescheduling forms. They help us tremendously in tracking issues that we need to address with the company. The feedback forms can be found on the homepage of the APFA website and are handled differently than regular emails to the Contract and Scheduling Departments. Please continue to use the website forms to report any issues you are having. Please note that due to the high volume of reports, we are not able to respond individually to each report, however please be assured that each report is read in order to determine if an actual violation of the contract occurred.

Crew Scheduling Feedback Form

Reassignment/Rescheduling Form

Call Out Pay - LAA

As a reminder, Flight Attendants are eligible for Call Out Pay if (s)he reports to the airport for a trip but does not fly. In order to receive this pay, Flight Attendants must contact Crew Schedule/Crew Tracking prior to leaving the airport. If one person calls for multiple crew members, make sure that each crew member speaks directly with the Scheduler/Tracker.

Make-Up (MU) Procedures Under Interim Pay Protection (IPP) - LAA

There continues to be questions concerning what steps to follow in order to qualify for pay protection under Interim Pay Protection  (IPP). Please consult the procedures listed on Page 18 of the LAA On-Duty Contract Guide (ODCG) found here or on your tablet.
Key points to remember:
  1. Once your trip cancels, you must make contact with Crew Schedule before leaving the airport. They can either deadhead you to pick up the value of your trip/sequence, assign you to airport availability for up to 4 hours beginning at the time of cancellation, reschedule you to another trip/sequence, or hold you for Days Originally Scheduled to Fly (DOSTF).

  2. If held for DOSTF, your name must be on the MU list for all DOSTF’s in order to qualify for pay protection, regardless of legalities.

Minimum Call Out Time for Reserves - LAA 

Reserves are required to report within two (2) hours from the time s/he is notified of a sequence by Crew Schedule. As an exception, Reserve Flight Attendants at co-terminal bases shall be provided three (3) hours call out time. (Example: MIA, PBI, & FLL are all provided three (3) hours call out)
Once Crew Schedule has established contact with the Flight Attendant, (s)he will have two (2) hours (three (3) hours at a co-terminal base) to report to the airport. The report time is no longer based on sign-in or departure times.

If the scheduler assigns you a trip that has a departure time of less than two (2) hours (three (3) hours at a co-terminal base) and, as a result, you do not make the flight, Crew Schedule may assign you to airport standby, give you another trip, or keep you on Ready Reserve. Your guarantee stays intact. If you make the trip, but miss sign-in time, you will not receive a Late Report and your pay and credit will be as if you had signed in with the rest of the crew.

If you receive a Late Report or a Miss Trip for an assignment given with less than two (2) hours (three (3) hours at a co-terminal base) call out time, notify your Flight Service Manager (FSM). If the situation can't be resolved, contact your local base leadership or the APFA Scheduling Department at

(JCBA 12.H)

Daniel Koukes
APFA National Scheduling Chair

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