Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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February 2016 Vacation Monthly Rebid Now Open - LUS

The following Vacation days are open for the February 2016 Monthly Rebid (MRB):

The CatCrew screens are:
  • Option 45 – Monthly Rebid Update
  • Option 46 – Monthly Rebid Display
Enter your bids in the Update screens using the standard American date format MMDDYY. Review and print your protective bids from the Display screens. Always read the message at bottom of the screen after you enter data.

February 2016 MRB closes at 21:00 Mountain Standard Time (MST) on Thursday, December 17. Results will be posted in CatCrew on Friday, December 18 at 21:00 MST.

If you have any questions, please call Flight Attendant Vacations at (480) 693-1913 or (480) 693-1936, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.
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