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Friday, August 26, 2016

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  • Hot Cabin Report Form on APFA Home Page - LAA/LUS
  • Upcoming KCM Changes for LUS Crewmembers - LUS
  • ID Scanning at the Gate – LAA/LUS
  • APFA Website Links for Reporting Issues - LAA/LUS

Hot Cabin Report Form on APFA Home Page - LAA/LUS

As reported in an earlier hotline, APFA continues to advocate for a lower maximum cabin temperature for passenger boarding. In an effort to provide documentation to support our position we would like to remind you to please submit all cabin heat events on the Hot Cabin Report Form recently added to the APFA Home Page. 

Upcoming KCM Changes for LUS Crewmembers - LUS

As you may have already heard, the Known Crew Member (KCM) databases for LUS and LAA crewmember photos were combined this week.

On September 1st, LUS crewmember information will also be updated to show American Airlines as your airline affiliation and you will begin using your AA employee number to access KCM.

ON or AFTER September 1, 2016, LUS crewmembers should check their profile at: to verify that your airline affiliation and employee number have been properly updated:

Under Manage Account, select the Verify Employment link. Your profile should show your airline as AA and the employee ID as your AA employee number listed on the front of your ID badge. (If so, no further action is required)

If your profile still shows US Airways and your legacy US Airways badge number, you will need to update the information to reflect your carrier as American Airlines and enter your AA employee number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT update your profile prior to September 1st. Updating your profile prior to September 1st could result in being denied access through KCM.

After September 1st, ALL crewmembers will access KCM using their AA employee number.

For LAA crewmembers there is NO action required. Continue to access KCM as you always have.

ID Scanning at the Gate – LAA/LUS

Several months ago at LAA, the Company introduced the LUS procedure of scanning crew member ID’s at the Electronic Gate Reader (EGR) as a way for gate agents to verify and check off crew member names in order to access the jet bridge/aircraft.

There has been much concern over the purpose of this policy. To be clear, scanning of crew member ID’s is simply an automated way for agents to verify which working crew members have been cleared to access the aircraft. It replaces the manual process of checking crew member names off a printed crew list.

It is not a replacement for signing in, nor is it intended to be used as a way of tracking crewmember arrival time at the gate. If the EGR is inoperable, gate agents will revert to the manual method of verification.

APFA Website Links for Reporting Issues - LAA/LUS

As always, APFA welcomes feedback and we appreciate it when you take the time to utilize the online reporting tools on the website. They help us track and document issues that affect our membership daily and provide us with evidence when making a case to get them addressed. Please keep them coming.  

Hotel Transportation & Debrief Form 

Reassignment/Rescheduling Form

Crew Scheduling Feedback Form

New Uniform Reaction Report Form

Hot Cabin Report Form



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