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Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - JCBA Update - LAA Edition
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  • Voluntary Leaves of Absence 
  • Educational Leaves of Absence 
  • Flight Attendant Operational Integration
  • Clarification from the Last JSIC Update

Want to read what was sent to legacy US Airways Flight Attendants? Click Here

Voluntary Leaves of Absence (aka the “new” Bid Leaves) – effective 1/1/2016

Unlike bid leaves which may be offered and taken in increments of at least seven days up to a full contractual month, VLOAs are normally offered for an entire bid period. There may also be occasions where we’re able to offer a partial month option.  Additionally, preference will no longer be given to Flight Attendants who are requesting a leave in conjunction with their vacation.

VLOAs will be awarded by crew base in seniority order as follows:
  1. Lineholders requesting full month VLOAs 
  2. Lineholders requesting partial month leaves (1st thru 15th or 16th thru 30th) 
  3. Reserves requesting full month VLOAs 
  4. Reserves requesting partial month leaves (1st thru 15th or 16th thru 30th) 
Note: Be sure to only bid what you’re willing to hold. If your first preference(s) is a partial month bid leave, but your second or third choice is a full month bid leave, you’ll be awarded the full month leave even if partial month leaves are awarded.

Just like with bid leaves, Crew Planning will administer the VLOA process and will communicate any VLOA options for the following month prior to the opening of the bidding period. 

Please note that the bidding process itself will change and beginning for VLOAs offered in January, 2016 you’ll bid for them via a web-ballot and not through Sabre. 

The HIPVD functionality for Bid Leaves in DECS has been discontinued. 

Make sure that you do not attempt to bid for a VLOA in DECS.

Click here to access the new VLOA ballot.

As part of the transition, last spring we implemented the seniority accrual, benefits, and travel privileges components of VLOAs.

Educational Leaves of Absence (ELOAs)
In the coming weeks, you may request a leave of absence for a class(es) commencing on or after January 1, 2016. If staffing levels at your base permit, you may be granted an ELOA that starts on/after January 1 and finishing no later than May 31, 2016.
Be on the lookout for a message from Flight Service Administration with instructions on how you can apply for an Educational Leave.
If granted an ELOA, it will be contingent upon you providing proof of enrollment prior to commencing the ELOA as well as proof of course completion within 30 days of returning to work. Examples of proof may include invoices that show course enrollment or a transcript of your classes.

When will “FOI” (Flight Attendant/Full Operational Integration) occur?

While we don’t have an exact date just yet, based on the work we are doing to achieve FOI, we’re estimating it will occur in 2nd quarter 2017. To reach FOI, several things have to happen including the migration of legacy US Airways Flight Attendants into FOS – the legacy American crews system.

Clarification from the last JSIC update

In the Sick Accrual section we incorrectly stated that the increase from 3 to 3 ½ hours per month was the second of a series of four scheduled increases. It’s actually the first in a series of three increases. We apologize for the mistake and appreciate you pointing that out to us.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress via email and we’ll also post in the Crew Connections page on Jetnet as well as the APFA website

Until next time,

Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee

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