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Friday, March 24, 2017

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  • New Alternative Uniform Orders - LAA/LUS
  • Clarification on Cross Metal Boarding - LAA/LUS
  • Standardization of TSA Pat Down Procedures - LAA/LUS
  • Winter Storm Stella and IPP - LAA
  • Connecting Doors in Adjacent Hotel Rooms - LAA/LUS

New Alternative Uniform Orders - LAA/LUS

Flight Attendants who wish to order the new alternative uniform from Aramark can do so now through May 21st, 2017. As a reminder, anyone who feels uncomfortable wearing the current collection may place an order even if they have not experienced a reaction. Ordering information can be found on Jetnet.  

Marcy Dunaway
APFA National Secretary

Clarification on Cross Metal Boarding - LAA/LUS

At this time, the Company is not planning to utilize Flight Attendants to assist in boarding on cross metal (i.e. LUS Flight Attendants on LAA aircraft or LAA Flight Attendants on LUS aircraft.)

This could be coming in the future, as all Flight Attendants will be cross metal trained by April 30, 2017; however, the Company has informed APFA Safety and Security that this is not currently in the works as Flight Attendants will not be able to cross metal fly until FOI, due to constraints regarding CATS/Sabre communication.

Cross metal boarding by line Flight Attendants will not take place until AA officially notices APFA, at which time we will provide an update.

Noëlle Weiler
APFA National Safety & Security Chair
Standardization of TSA Pat Down Procedures - LAA/LUS

Please see the recently added link on the APFA Safety & Security Department page on the APFA website for more information.

Winter Storm Stella and IPP - LAA

We have been receiving many calls from Flight Attendants affected by Winter Storm Stella who have yet to see their Interim Pay Protection (IPP) projected on their HI1s. APFA has reached out to Pay Comp and they have advised us that they will be catching up throughout the weekend and will have them posted by April 1st.

Daniel Koukes
APFA National Scheduling Chair

Connecting Doors in Adjacent Hotel Rooms - LAA/LUS

We have had several Hotel/Transportation Debriefs submitted regarding assigned rooms with connecting doors to the adjacent room. Flight Attendants are to be assigned rooms that have effective sound-proofing. Please submit a Hotel Debrief Form if you are assigned rooms with connecting doors.

Also, visit The Hotel Page for Hotel News You Can Use.  We have changes posted for the month of April.

Andrea Marie Plevritis
APFA National Hotel Chair

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