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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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December PBS Bid Award Update #4 - Repairs and Remedies - LUS

APFA continues to work every day with the Company towards remedies and solutions due to the outcome of the December PBS Bid Award. After discussing remedies with the Company, both APFA and the Company were able to come to a mutual agreement for those LUS Flight Attendants with pairings originating during the last half of December.

All trips originating between December 15 and December 31 will be paid at a rate of 150% (100% pay and credit; 50%  pay, no credit). This includes every trip, regardless of how it was acquired, flown by a Lineholder or Reserve during this time period. As communicated last week, Flight Attendants who have been notified by the Company regarding their mis-awarded trips will continue to be paid at a rate of 300% (100% pay and credit; 200% pay, no credit) for those trips flown.

December 15 through 31 is the most critical scheduling time frame, as well as the most desired time off by Flight Attendants. While there is no perfect remedy, these additional pay provisions, along with the increased flexibility to trip improve, are important measures that were negotiated due to the circumstances surrounding the bid award. APFA and the Company will continue to work together as the discussions regarding the PBS system and necessary actions moving forward are our number one priority.
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