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Saturday, February 27, 2016

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  • A319/A320 Flight Attendant Jumpseat Reassignment - LUS
  • Scheduling Violations - LUS

A319/A320 Flight Attendant Jumpseat Reassignment - LUS

Effective Tuesday, March 1, 2016, all Legacy US Airways jumpseat positions on A319/A320 aircraft are changing to align with Legacy American’s A319 jumpseat positions.

In addition, alignment of jumpseat positions prepares the move from the Legacy LUS "alphabetical" identifiers to the Legacy AA "numeric" identifiers when cross metal flying is implemented in 2017. For example, A-FA to FA 1, B-FA to FA 2, C-FA to FA 3, and so on.

The following procedures are not changing as part of this alignment:
  • Boarding Positions
  • Safety Demo Positions
  • Service Responsibilities
  • Planned Emergency Duties
Questions? Contact the APFA Safety & Security Department at

Scheduling Violations - LUS

APFA has recently received numerous calls and emails from Flight Attendants regarding Scheduling violations. This was particularly prevalent during the past two Winter storms. As you know, the Contract requires the Company to record all telephone conversations between Flight Attendants and Crew Scheduling. The complete language can be found in the 2013 Red Book Contract in Section 10.R.  
In order for APFA to follow up on each issue, it is necessary to provide the Company specific information so the recordings can be retrieved and listened to.  
It is highly recommended that each time you talk to Scheduling to document the following information: 
  • Date
  • Time (and Time Zone)
  • Scheduler’s Name
When provided with this information the Union can quickly follow up to resolve the issue.  

Questions? Contact the APFA Scheduling Department at
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