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Thursday, January 19, 2017
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It’s a new year and we’ve hit the ground running. Here are some highlights of things we’ve been working on in the first couple of weeks in January:
  • Established a regular cadence of updates from Flight Service Training for 2017

  • Completed a high level review of the JCBA training initiatives (contract changes on which Flight Attendants will need training)

  • Worked with Flight Service Training to establish a “train the trainer” program for our FOI training specialists. These are your fellow Flight Attendants who volunteered to be resources on PBS and other systems that will be implemented prior to Flight Attendant operational integration (FOI). They’ll also be available to answer questions about upcoming work rule and policy changes as we continue implementing the JCBA

  •  Reviewed business requirements for deadheading and reserve open time assignment (ROTA) with our project managers and IT partners

In this edition:
  • Vacation buyback (LUS)
  • Code 59 pay
  • Pay and per diem increases
  • New year, new roles

Vacation buyback (LUS)

The annual vacation buyback began on Jan. 8 and closes at noon (CT) on Jan. 22.

With vacation buyback, you’ll have the option of selling all or a portion of your vacation time back to the company in exchange for pay, no credit (you’ll receive payment in June). Awards are in seniority order up to the maximum allowed per base.

The buyback must occur prior to the opening of the vacation bidding period (details to come later, but it will be in February) in order to maximize the vacation options available for bid.

Participating in the buyback program? You should know your award by Jan. 28.
Check out Wings for all the details.

Code 59 (aka actual out time)

This type of pay comes into play in the following situations:
  • You’re delayed at the gate awaiting pushback or taxi out because of airport ramp congestion
  • You’re delayed at the gate because of de-icing performed at the gate
  • You're delayed at the gate because of de-icing performed off the gate
  • You’re delayed, after pushback, because of maintenance that’s performed after gate departure, but before takeoff

The key thing to remember about code 59 pay is that the aircraft must be ready for immediate departure in all respects except for clearance from ramp or ground control. The captain will establish this time and you’ll receive the greater of:
  1. The scheduled block-to-block time OR
  2. The delay time + the actual block time

How long before I’ll see code 59 pay on my activity record (HI1/Catcrew)?

It can take up to seven days for your schedule (HI1 or Catcrew) to reflect this pay. If it’s been at least seven days and you believe you’re owed code 59 pay for a particular trip, please contact your flight service manager who can investigate the claim with the appropriate chief pilot’s office.

Pay and per diem increases (Jan. 1, 2017)

When will I see the money in my check?

LUS - You’ll see the increase in your Jan. 30 check (your 37 ½-hour advance) and in your Feb. 15 (true-up for January) check – which will also include your per diem increase for trips you flew in January.

LAA - You’ll see the increase in your Jan. 13 (mid-month/ 35-hour advance) check. You’ll also see it reflected in your end of January paycheck. Remember, your end of January check will be a combination of hours paid at both the old (true up of December flying) and new (second 35-hour advance for January) rate. The end of the month check paid on Feb. 28 will also include your per diem increase for trips you flew in January.

New year, new roles

We're happy to announce Becky Lafferty-Simpson has joined the team as the newest company JSIC member. Becky is no stranger to the Flight Attendant world - having started her career as a TWA Flight Attendant. She's held various positions over the years including Flight Service Manager, Flight Attendant Training Manager and Business Analyst. Becky's background and most recent position as an IT Lead implementing our JCBA will allow her to hit the ground running as our new Manager, Flight Service Contract Administration.
Becky replaces Keith McCarty who recently joined the Internal and Labor Communications team. In his new role, Keith remains closely tied to our group. He'll now focus full-time on leading the company's communications on FOI and the JCBA as well as partnering with the APFA JSIC members on our joint updates to you.

Alin Boswell , APFA JSIC member
Linda Haertling, APFA JSIC member
Julie Hedrick, APFA JSIC member
Vicki Balistreri, APFA JSIC member



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