Sunday, August 9, 2015
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FMLA Policy Change

APFA and the Company have been in discussions regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) policy changes, and continue to work through issues that have developed as a result of these changes.

APFA was informed that there was an IT glitch with 394 LUS employees' FMLA applications. We have been told that all outstanding FMLA applications were completed last week. The cases in question were received, but were not able to be accessed by the admin group, which resulted in the delay of processing the FMLA forms. Initially, we requested that a list of all Flight Attendants affected by the delay be released to APFA so that we could ensure that no Flight Attendants would be progressed under the attendance policy. Due to confidentiality concerns, and the fact that forms were processed concurrently with all LUS employee FMLA forms, the Company is unable to provide the names of Flight Attendants affected. If you have experienced a delay in processing your FMLA and your attendance record is in question, please notify your Local Base President so that they can work with Flight Service to confirm the status of your FMLA and adjust your attendance record accordingly.   

In addition, we have scheduled a meeting to address our objection to the "late" notification from AA Management regarding the new policy of recoding Intermittent FMLA. The new timeline for filing FMLA has changed from 15 days from calling off sick/clearing the sick list to 2 days from your return to work. If this policy change has impacted your ability to recode an absence to FMLA, please contact Paul Frishkorn at

APFA and the Company have meetings scheduled next week to continue discussions with these issues.

Cathy Sharp
APFA National Health Chair
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Brian Clark 
APFA National Communications Interim Chair

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