Saturday, January 9, 2016

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The APFA Board of Directors Outraged at the Unethical Conduct of the Ex-APFA National President, Laura Glading
We, the APFA Board of Directors, have been informed of acts we deem as blatantly disrespectful and unethical by the ex-APFA National President. In what can only be described as reprehensible behavior, Laura Glading has reportedly formed a consulting firm that has been retained by American Airlines.
We view her traitorous actions as having cast a dark shadow on the credibility of our entity and to those of us who passionately work to better the work environment and fair treatment of our Flight Attendants. Additionally, the very fact that our company would enter into any business relationship with the ex-APFA National President we believe underscores the disdain they have for our organization and any future relationship. 
When Laura Glading resigned her position, many speculated that she would eventually pursue employment elsewhere and some even predicted that it would be with American Airlines. In reaction to the announcement of her resignation, and to reiterate the conflict of interest that pursuit of any such opportunity would be perceived, the BOD drafted resolution #2 on October 6, 2015 that reads, in part…
“Whereas, it’s imperative that the line between Union and Company be firmly defined,”

“Therefore, be in resolved:

All leaders are strongly discouraged from accepting employment with American Airlines Group, or any of its subsidiaries, in a management capacity, not including jobs related to Flight Service Training, for a period of 2 years from the date they left office. “

The APFA Board of Directors will be meeting in DFW next week to explore any and all options arising out of the improprieties that have occurred. An APFA Hotline will provide meeting information, all members in good standing are invited to attend this “On the Record” meeting.
Your Base Presidents are committed to working for you and to ensure no further harm will be brought to the Union or the membership by this treasonous partnership. We are committed to fight any injustices, both direct and covert, that are levied against APFA and our Flight Attendants.


About APFA: APFA is a strong and independent Union comprised of 25,000 hard-working Flight Attendants of American Airlines. Like any organization, opinions and interests are varied. What makes APFA unique, though, is its highly democratic process which allows members to make their voices heard through the direct election of their Union representatives and voting power on all Constitutional changes. APFA is proud of its membership’s diversity, passion, and advocacy.

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