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A Tribute to the Crew of USAir Flight 1493
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We, like life, can be imperfect and so we take this opportunity to resend our tribute to Bill Ibarra and the crew of USAir Flight 1493 with a correction. The tribute is no less heartfelt.

APFA is proud to honor LUS Flight Attendants Bill Ibarra, Deanna Bethea, Vance Spurgeon, Patricia Hodges, as well as Captain Colin Shaw and First Officer David Kelly. Twenty-four years ago this week, on February 1, 1991, these crewmembers evacuated USAir Flight 1493 after the tower cleared the 737 to land on the same LAX runway that SkyWest Flight 5569 had been cleared for takeoff. Onboard an aircraft engulfed in flames, these Flight Attendants evacuated and saved the lives of as many of their passengers and crew as possible. Bill, Vance, Patricia and David survived with serious injuries that took years to heal. Thirty-four people perished in the accident that day including Captain Colin Shaw and Lead Flight Attendant Deanna Bethea.

Years have passed, and today Bill Ibarra is an integral part of APFA's Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Program. He assists his fellow Flight Attendants who have been involved in traumatic events in the workplace. Bill is a shining example of human resilience in the face of tragedy and APFA is proud to have him as a part of our team.

Bill, we honor you and express our sincere gratitude to you and your crew for your bravery. You are an example of true courage and hope to all of us. You are our heroes.

APFA National President Laura Glading
APFA National Vice President Marcus Gluth
APFA National Secretary Jeff Pharr
APFA National Treasurer Greg Gunter


ABOUT APFA: The Association of Professional Flight Attendants, founded in 1977, represents the more than 24,000 active flight attendants at American Airlines. In November 2011, American’s parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Throughout the bankruptcy trial, APFA President Laura Glading served on the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee where she advocated for the American Airlines Flight Attendants. In February 2013, American and US Airways announced their intention to combine the carriers and on December 9, 2013, AA exited bankruptcy and the merger was final. Achieving a merger inside bankruptcy is unprecedented in the industry and would not have occurred without the efforts of American’s labor unions, particularly APFA.
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