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Monday, November 30, 2015
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Additional Compensation Taskforce Update

Last week, the Additional Compensation Taskforce (ACT) met with Cindi Simone, Managing Director of Labor Relations, and Paul Jones, SVP General Counsel. The team demonstrated why the Company should provide a holiday bonus to the Flight Attendant workgroup. Aside from the obvious, which is this year’s record breaking profits, the team reiterated many other points repeatedly cited by our Flight Attendants. Unfortunately, after elevating the request to American CEO Doug Parker, we were rebuffed once again. 
The ACT will continue to pursue a meeting with Doug Parker to make our appeal to him directly. In addition to Union leadership, Doug needs to hear from line Flight Attendants. He needs to understand that by doing the right thing, he can continue to build a positive, mutually respectful, and trusting relationship with our workgroup. The team firmly believes the first step in improving employee morale is for our CEO to properly acknowledge and recognize the contributions from our Flight Attendants, and their vital role in the continued success of this company. The ACT remains committed to urging Doug to do the right thing, and share the profits of such a successful year. Stay tuned for how you can assist in this effort. 

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