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APFA Hotline - June 22, 2013

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APFA Board of Directors Meeting
The Board continues to meet this week in DFW. As always, members in good standing are welcome to attend the open portions of the meeting. APFA's professionals were in attendance earlier in the week to brief the Board on several items including the 3% equity piece. US Airways CEO Doug Parker, along with Steve Johnson, US Airways Executive VP of Corporate and Government Affairs, addressed the Board members on Friday and thanked the AA Flight Attendants in particular for their support in getting this merger done. Doug Parker said he expects AMR to exit bankruptcy in August/September and for the merger to be completed within 18 months. The minutes of the meeting will be published on APFA's web site per the APFA Policy Manual.
In accordance with the APFA Constitution, the Board appoints two negotiators (one domestic, one international) and the President appoints two negotiators (one domestic, one international). The Board appointed Randy Trautman, IMA, and Margaret Barnes, DFW to the APFA Negotiating Team. APFA President Laura Glading appointed Lenny Aurigemma, JFK, and Debbie Dent, ORD, to the APFA Negotiating Team. These four negotiators will join the two negotiators recently elected by the membership.
Recap on Senate Hearings on US Airways Merger
The Senate Subcommittee on Aviation held a hearing in Washington this past Wednesday regarding the American-US Airways merger. It was the third and, in all likelihood, last Congressional hearing on the issue. Representatives from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Government Accountability Office and the Consumer Travel Alliance testified alongside Doug Parker of US Airways and Gary Kennedy of AA. APFA members, including APFA Legislative Representative Julie Frederick attending the hearing along with Glen Hayataka, IMA; Deb Roland, DCA; and Juan Carlos Ayub, DCA.
Not surprisingly, the issue most Senators are focused on is service to DCA. The government is closely examining the market share the new American would hold at DCA and may force the new American to divest some of its slots before completing the merger. Members of Congress worry that small and medium sized markets would lose direct service to the nation's capital as a result. Although no final ruling has been made, members of Congress have made clear they do not want any cuts to DCA service.  
New York and Chicago Town Hall Meetings
Laura Glading has been invited to speak at the LGA and JFK Town Hall meetings on June 26th. All Flight Attendants are invited to attend. LGA's meeting will begin at 12:30 on the 3rd floor conference room, and the JFK meeting begins at 2:00 in the managing director's conference room. Also, on July 10, Laura will be speaking at the Chicago Town Hall meeting beginning at 1:00. The exact location will be announced in the near future.
472 AA Flight Attendants
Over the past week, APFA's ContractSchedulingRetirementEAPCommunications, Legislative, SafetyCabin ASAP and Health desks have helped more than 470 AA Flight Attendants who either called or emailed APFA Headquarters with questions. If you have questions about any of the above topics, you can email the above departments separately, or call (817) 540-0108.
Retirement Seminars - LAX and DFW
Next month, Patrick Hancock, IDF will be conducting APFA Retirement Briefings at the following bases:
LAX July 22, 1300 - 1530 and July 23, 1100 - 1330 in the Flight Service Conference room
DFW July 26, 1400 - 1630 in the Yandry Center across from Gate A2.
Please bring your pension estimate from JetNet. There will be a special section at the end for those leaving under the VEOP.
ATTENTION Massachusetts Flight Attendants!
Congressman Ed Markey is running for Senate and he needs our help.  He stood with Flight Attendants when we needed him most sponsoring legislation to support "No Knives Ever Again" on our planes. Now we need to stand with him.

The election is Tuesday, June 25th. With just a few days left make sure you go to the polls and vote for Ed - and ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. Visit his web site at to see how you can help get out the vote!
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Leslie Mayo
APFA National Communications Coordinator
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