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Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - JCBA Update - LUS Edition
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  • Report Times for LUS Flight Attendants
  • Changes Concerning Leaves of Absence
Last week we updated all Flight Attendants on pay protection, rescheduling, and items that we expect will be implemented later in 2016. This week, we’d like to remind you of some of the items being implemented in the near term as well as effective with the New Year. To avoid any confusion, we’re sending separate editions of this update to the Flight Attendants from each legacy airline.

Want to read what was sent to legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants? Click Here

Report Times for LUS Flight Attendants

Effective with the December bid month, the report (sign-in) times for LUS Flight Attendants will change as follows:

The above report times are consistent with the JCBA. We anticipate aligning report times for LAA Flight Attendants in 2016, however updates to FOS (the legacy American flight operating system) require more lead time than those in CATS. 

You may recall that beginning with the October bid month, we reduced the report times for legacy US Airways after RON (only). The above new report times at pairing (sequence) origination complete the alignment process for legacy US Airways Flight Attendants.

Additional information concerning IPD briefing and position determination will be coming soon.

Changes Concerning Leaves of Absence

Below, we’ve outlined changes to leaves of absence for LUS Flight Attendants. Since we primarily adopted the LUS Contract language in this section, the majority of changes will affect LAA Flight Attendants. 

Personal Leaves 
Personal leaves will only be available, upon request, to Flight Attendants with compelling and unique circumstances. Requests will be made via an online form and evaluated Flight Service Administration (PHX).

Educational Leaves
Educational leaves will be available upon request and if staffing levels can support granting them. Requests will be made via an online form and evaluated by Flight Service Administration (PHX).

Medical Leaves 
Before using disability benefits, you’ll be required to use all available sick hours.

Family Leave (FML) 
If you have a family leave for your own illness, you’ll be required to use sick time (if you have available sick time). 

Additionally, if you’ve been designated for a family leave to care for someone else, you’ll be required to use your current year vacation. You can request to use specific vacation days. If you do not express a preference, the Company will use filler days. If no filler days are available, then the Company will use vacation time from blocks of less than 7 days starting at the beginning of the year. If the total vacation days used to cover a block leave is less than 7 days, you’ll be paid at the daily rate of 3:30. 

If you only have vacation time in blocks of 7 or more days, the Company will use that vacation time and your rate of pay for each day will either be 3:30 or 4:00 – depending on the length of your FML. FML designated in blocks of less than 7 days will be paid at 3:30 per day. FML designated in blocks of 7 or more days will be paid at 4:00 per day.

Other Employment While on Leave
For non-medical/injury related leaves, you are not required to obtain permission to obtain employment outside American Airlines.

On a Medical or Injury leave? You’ll need to complete a form that is available on Jetnet – which is subject to approval by your manager.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress via email and we’ll also post in the Crew Connections page on Jetnet as well as the APFA website

Until next time,

Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee

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