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April 8, 2015
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It’s official: today, the FAA handed American Airlines its Single Operating Certificate. In the eyes of the federal government, our merger is complete. As a result, today we are all American Airlines Flight Attendants.
Although this is a big and important step for our merger, there is still a lot of work to do to combine our workgroups and implement our joint contract. Dozens of union reps from each of the legacy airlines are putting in long hours in order to get this work done, and to get it done right. In fact, look for a combined acronym list in a Hotline later today from the JNC, which should help us all speak the same language. I am awestruck by the dedication of these Flight Attendants and all that they have already accomplished. Please join me in thanking them once again as their work continues.
There will be more milestones and more changes for our membership, but let’s take a moment today to congratulate ourselves on how far we have come. 25,000 of us worked together to make something incredible happen. It wasn’t easy and it certainly hasn’t been perfect. However, when you consider all the potential pitfalls and all of the opportunities we had to fail or fall apart, this merger is a tremendous success story. Today’s announcement is a tangible symbol of that success.
Congratulations to all of the Flight Attendants of the new American Airlines.
In Unity,

Laura Glading
APFA National President

ABOUT APFA: The Association of Professional Flight Attendants, founded in 1977, represents the more than 25,000 active flight attendants at American Airlines. In November 2011, American’s parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Throughout the bankruptcy trial, APFA President Laura Glading served on the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee where she advocated for the American Airlines Flight Attendants. In February 2013, American and US Airways announced their intention to combine the carriers and on December 9, 2013, AA exited bankruptcy and the merger was final. Achieving a merger inside bankruptcy is unprecedented in the industry and would not have occurred without the efforts of American’s labor unions, particularly APFA.

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