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Saturday, January 23, 2016

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  • Last Trip of the Month Pay and Credit - LUS
  • Crew Substitution Pay - LUS
  • Return to Domicile - LUS
  • Working on Pay Protected Days - LUS
  • Inclement Weather Policy - LUS
  • Crew Scheduling Contact Information and Hours - LUS
Last Trip of the Month Pay and Credit - LUS

Winter Storm Jonas may have affected your last trip of the month or last series of trips in a bid month. If your trip cancels, be aware of the pay and credit guarantee language found in the 2013 Red Book on page 10-43 section 10.L.1.   

"When a Flight Attendant's last series of trip(s) in a bid month is cancelled in its entirety, or when a flight attendant is illegal through no fault to originate her/his last trip of the bid month, she /he  shall be paid and credited for the entire pairing(s)."

"When a Flight Attendant becomes illegal after origination (whether such illegality is known prior to or after origination) for a portion(s) of her/his last trip of the bid month, she/he must originate such pairing and shall be split off at the latest point the pairing passes through her/his domicile and she/he remains legal. If the pairing does not pass through the Flight Attendant’s domicile prior to her/his becoming illegal, she/he shall be split off at the point of illegality. In either circumstance, she/he will be paid and credited for the portion(s) of the pairing for which she/he was illegal."

"If a Flight Attendant is unable to originate her/his last trip of the bid month because the origination has cancelled (whether known prior to or after report), the Company may request the Flight Attendant to split onto such pairing, and the Flight Attendant must split on, subject to the following conditions:
  • The split must occur prior to the completion of the first scheduled duty period of such pairing.
  • The Company’s request must be made pursuant to Paragraphs J.
  • The Flight Attendant shall be pay protected for the cancelled portion(s) of such pairing.
  • If the Company does not make such request, the Flight Attendant shall be released and pay protected for the entire pairing.
"If a Flight Attendant is legal to originate and to complete her/his last trip of the bid month, but some portion(s) of such pairing are cancelled, she/he will be pay protected for the cancelled portion(s) but will be obligated to fly the portion(s) of the pairing that are not cancelled."

"After origination, a Flight Attendant on her/his last trip of the month may be rescheduled in accordance with Paragraph J.6."

To ensure you are properly compensated for the pay protections mentioned above please submit an electronic Crew Duty Pay Claim (PE-80) form for processing.
Crew Substitution Pay - LUS

A Flight Attendant, who is rescheduled in accordance with Paragraphs J.3. or J.4., above, will be guaranteed the pay value of her/his originally awarded or assigned pairing, as published in the electronic bid package or actual time, whichever is greater, excluding canceled segments. A pairing which does not appear on the electronic bid package, e.g., ferry flights, extra sections, etc., will be pay protected to the posted value of the pairing prior to its award or assignment. This pay protection will also apply to a Flight Attendant who is replaced as a result of a crew or equipment substitution.

To ensure you are properly compensated for the pay protections mentioned above please submit an electronic Crew Duty Pay Claim (PE-80) form for processing.

Return to Domicile - LUS

At the time of rescheduling, the Company shall make every effort to schedule such Flight Attendant crew to arrive back in their domicile no later than the time she/he was originally scheduled to return. 

In no event will the Flight Attendant(s) be rescheduled beyond her/his originally scheduled return time unless the Company has unsuccessfully made every effort to provide Reserve coverage to continue the pairing from that point without causing a delay or cancellation.

Working on Pay Protected Days - LUS

At her/his option, when receiving guaranteed pay protection Flight Attendant may elect to fly another pairing on or over the released day(s) without losing pay protection. Code ZZ5 advises Claims of a guaranteed pay protection; therefore, if a release Flight Attendant elects to fly or selects another activity over the period of guaranteed pay protection she/he will be paid for both activities.

Inclement Weather Policy - LUS

The following is a review of Flight Service’s inclement weather departmental policy:  
Prior to a predicted severe weather event, Flight Attendants should make every effort to plan ahead and determine the best method for getting to work. Should the Flight Attendant be unable to drive to work due to hazardous road conditions, he/she will notify Crew Scheduling and a Personal Day will be noted on the Flight Attendant’s record. The Flight Attendant is then required to contact his/her Flight Service Manager to advise of the Personal Day. If the day was determined to be a qualifying severe disruption day at the base, the Flight Service Manager will change the day from Personal to Unable to Commute and a notation as to the reason for the Unable to Commute will be made.  
Please Note: Failure to contact the Flight Service Manager prior to the last day of the month will result in the Personal Day remaining on the Flight Attendant’s record. 

Crew Scheduling Contact Information and Hours - LUS
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